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Aosoi Shiiko’s words put a lot of pressure on Li Yalin. Only five to eight months are left. Can he really take everyone out of this world?

This was only the first crossing world task he experienced, and he didn’t know when it was actually completed. As time goes by, the remaining days will really not be many.

A few months, I am afraid it will pass in a blink of an eye.

What if he can’t take everyone away?

Does he have to watch these lovely girls be infected by the virus and eventually become walking corpses?


He won’t allow that to happens!

Li Yalin can’t imagine the girls becoming zombies, so he must solve this problem as soon as possible!

Vaccines against zombie viruses must be developed at all cost!

Although he was very impatient, Li Yalin also knows that Aosoi Shiiko has reached the limit. It is already quite remarkable to study zombies and antidote alone to reach such a level, and it was very difficult for her to continue to develop follow-up antidote.

She is not a god, and she doesn’t know what direction the virus will evolve in the future, just wait until the virus evolution is completed before studying it, wouldn’t it be too late?

Could it be… they can only go to Randall Corporation?

Going to Randall Corporation is a big risk. Li Yalin knows this well, but for the sake of the girls’ future, he feels that he needs to take this risk.

He can only do this since it’s the only way to save everyone.

Wait a minute… is that really the only way?

If it is a zombie virus vaccine…

“If… my body is fully immune to the zombie virus, can a vaccine that kills the zombie virus be extracted from my blood?”

After saving the imouto Ruu-chan of Wakasa Yuuri, Li Yalin received the virus immunity physique rewarded by the system. After possessing this physique, let alone the virus evolution, even if he is bitten by a zombie, he will never be infected into a zombie.

Can this prove that the elements against zombie viruses can also be extracted from his blood?

Regarding this matter, Li Yalin did not intend to mention it to everyone, after all, it was his secret.

But now, he feels that he can’t hide it anymore. If he can save everyone, he doesn’t mind making some sacrifices.

Of course, this sacrifice is limited to blood. If it was to cut off a few of his body parts, then he would rather hurry up to complete the task and strive to take everyone away before the virus evolves.

“You are completely immune to the zombie virus?”

Li Yalin’s sudden words made Aosoi Shiiko’s eyes widened. The infectious ability of the zombie virus is quite terrible, especially blood infection, and there is almost no cure.

She even thinks that in the end this virus can evolve into airborne transmission, and then there is no need to be bitten by a zombie, just breathing into the air would immediately get infected.

But now he actually said it himself that he is completely immune to the zombie virus. What does this mean?

His body has been specially modified?

In the next moment, Aosoi Shiiko’s look as if she was looking at pork in a vegetable market which made Li Yalin cant help but take two steps back. Shouldn’t he bring up this matter? He always feel that the onee-san expert interest has been fully raised!

“I have been bitten by a zombie, but there is no sign of infection at all. This can prove that I am immune to the zombie virus?”

Keeping a certain distance from Aosoi Shiiko, Li Yalin must thinks a better way, but he can’t take it back after saying all these, so he can only continue to explain.

After all, he can always finds an excuse to prove that he is immune to the virus.

“Are you sure you have been bitten by a zombie? Have your blood been in contact with the virus?”

Although Li Yalin explained it this way, Aosoi Shiiko still stared at him, even stood up and walked in front of him a few steps, as if she wanted to see him thoroughly from the inside out.

“Well, that’s right.”

Although Aosoi Shiiko didn’t care about her appearance, she’s still an onee-san beauty after all. Li Yalin really didn’t know how to respond when she came near him.

But he can’t retreat anymore. There is a wall behind him. How can he continue to retreat?

No way, just watch as you want, anyway, after telling the story, he is ready to be studied.

It’s just… there is a bottom line even for research!

It’s okay to take a blood test, but he didn’t agree to take off his clothes to dedicated himself!

“I said… even if it’s a blood test, you don’t have to take that much, right?”

Yes, Li Yalin’s bottom line is blood testing, but the problem is that Aosoi Shiiko drew more than a dozen tubes of bloods in one go, which adds up to at least 70 or 80 milliliters, which immediately caused several black lines to rise on his forehead.

Boy, she might continue to draw out his blood if he didn’t stop her.

What do you think I am?

Blood bank?

That’s enough, you idiot!

“For laymen, don’t just interrupt me, just wait for the result.”

With Li Yalin’s blood, Aosoi Shiiko immediately devoted herself to the research, ignoring everything around her.

And her attitude really pissed him off. Li Yalin really wished that the system would give him a virus expert gift package, and instantly crush that woman down!

Damn it, what so amazing about expert?

I’d like to see what you can come up to!

With Aosoi Shiiko focused on her work, Li Yalin also moved a stool and sat in the corner of the laboratory quietly watching her research. He was here to wait for the results!

“How is this possible… what is in this blood? Why can it kill those viruses?”

Aosoi Shiiko was studying carefully, yes, but in the middle of the study, her brows wrinkled and she couldn’t loosen it for a long time.

Weird, too weird, Li Yalin’s blood can kill the virus, but she can’t detect the cause at all. It’s like the blood is the natural nemesis of zombie virus, which makes her puzzled.

However, there is one thing Aosoi Shiiko can be completely sure of.

Standing up in front of the experimental instrument, turning to Li Yalin, Aosoi Shiiko took a deep breath and then opened her mouth in a very serious tone.

“You are not human!”

“You are not human! Your whole family is not human!”

Seeing her so serious, Li Yalin thought she wanted to say something, but it turned out that this woman actually cursed him!

I’m not human?

Did I provoke you?

Although Li Yalin has a good temper, he can’t be scolded for no reason, right?

“No, no, I think you have misunderstood what I mean, I mean, you are not a human being.”

Seeing Li Yalin’s counterattack in frustration, Aosoi Shiiko immediately waved her hand, trying to explain what she meant.

But her explanation… what the different from before?

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