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“You are not a human being! Your whole family is not human being!”

Telling him he was not a human, and now she said he is not a human being, it would be strange if Li Yalin is in a good mood.

What the hell!

What does this woman want?

“I have checked your blood, the value on the instrument shows that you are a very healthy man. There is nothing wrong with that.”

Seeing she can’t properly communicate with Li Yalin, Aosoi Shiiko also sighed, she pressing her temple before continuing to explain.

“The problem now is that your blood can completely kill the zombie virus, but I had no idea why. Not only that, your blood will not conflict with any blood type. Think about it, you still think you are a normal human?”

Yes, with the equipment in hand, Aosoi Shiiko did a lot of experiments and got a lot of results, but all of these results puzzled her and she couldn’t get the answers she wants.

These unscientific results made her conluded that Li Yalin is definitely not a normal human!

“I said… it’s not the time to explore those at all, right? I just want to know if your can extract my blood to make a virus vaccine.”

Well, Li Yalin accepted Aosoi Shiiko’s answer. She was not cursing him, but even so, his head was still full of black lines.

He revealed his secrets, not to listen to these nonsense. He just want to know if a virus vaccine can be made!

“Not possible.”

For Li Yalin’s question, Aosoi Shiiko did not hesitate to give the answer.

She can’t studied it, how does she make a vaccine?

This is beyond her reach.

“You can’t make it…”

Aosoi Shiiko’s answer made Li Yalin very disappointed. He was expecting his immune system to be helpful in making vaccines. But the results was not as he expected.

It was not unexpected that she couldn’t find the reason why the virus get killed. After all, it was the physique produced by the system. It would be rather strange if it was that simple.

But for it to be completely useless, can he only pin his last hope on Randall Corporation?


Just when Li Yalin was disappointed, Aosoi Shiiko had a sudden turn around.

“But what?”

Saying something half-finished can really make people impatient. However, when Li Yalin asked back, he saw Aosoi Shiiko pick up a tube of blood from her test bench.

This is the blood left after the experiment, what does she want to do with it?

Before Li Yalin could asked again, Aosoi Shiiko had already told him the answer by action.

She did not hesitate to inject this tube of blood into her body!

“What the hell are you doing?”

Aosoi Shiiko’s move made Li Yalin eyes pop out from surprise. Directly injected his own blood? Is she wanna die?

Blood cannot be transfused randomly, because the agglutinogen contained in different blood types is different will cause the red blood cells to shrink and deform after meeting, which will lead to life-threatening.

Although Aosoi Shiiko said that his blood will not conflict with any blood, what if the result is wrong? Or what if the physique rewarded by the system cannot be integrated with ordinary people?

Seeking death!

This is seeking death!

Aosoi Shiiko’s movements were extremely fast, and he had no time to stop her, so he could only watch her put the tube of blood into her body.

“You just said that I am not a human… In fact you are not a human! You madman!”

Li Yalin didn’t know what to say about Aosoi Shiiko’s crazy approach.

“Anyway, the virus will mutate sooner or later. For me, it will be the same if I die sooner or later. If your blood allows me to have immune antibodies, then I will take it. On the contrary, it will just advance my death to a few months.”

Compared to Li Yalin’s speechlessness, Aosoi Shiiko was calm, as if she didn’t care at all.

Is this putting life and death aside?

No, she just a lunatic, right?

Well, in fact, her real madness is yet to come!

“Very good, as I expected, there was no rejection, and there was no discomfort in my body.”

“Hmm… although the fused blood cannot completely kill the virus, it can repel the virus.”

“No! No! It’s not just repel, the virus disappeared, although it is slow, it is indeed disappearing!”

“Ii’s not enough… let’s do it again!”

In the next hour, Aosoi Shiiko injected four tubes of blood into her body, and when the last tube was not enough for her. She took it from Li Yalin.

Although this approach is crazy, but as she expected, after fusing Li Yalin’s blood, she also has the constitution that is immune to the zombie virus.

Judging from the fact that the blood drawn from her body can kill the zombie virus, even if she is bitten by zombie, she will only be injured in the end and will not be transformed into a zombie.

Of course, this is just a theory and has no practical application. Although she wanted to try it herself to see if she could be completely immune to the zombie virus, her crazy idea was stopped by Li Yalin.

This should be enough already. In order to verify the theory and deliberately bitten by a zombie, are you stupid?

But… he never expect that his virus immunity physique could be an antidote to zombie viruses.

It’s a pity that the only one who can be the antidote is himself.

After a series of subsequent experiments, Aosoi Shiiko has concluded that after her body is fused with Li Yalin’s blood, it can indeed produce antibodies against the virus, but it cannot completely kill the virus.

In other words, once she is bitten by a zombie, although she will not become a zombie, the virus can only be killed partly, and the other part is dormant in her body. Once the immune antibody disappears, the virus will immediately break out.

Of course, this is not an unresolved solution. To completely kill the virus, just inject a tube of Li Yalin’s fresh blood, which is simple and convenient.

This shows that even if Aosoi Shiiko is injected with Li Yalin’s blood, it is impossible to have the same physique as him. It also proves that Li Yalin is the only antidote that can really cure zombie virus infection in the world!

This is both good news and bad news.

The good news is that he will no longer have to worry about virus infections in the future, and the bad news is that once the news goes out, Megurigaoka High School may immediately become a target.

It’s the only antidote in the world after all. Peoples will do anything to survive!

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