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“What a pity.”

After reaching this conclusion, Aosoi Shiiko’s face was full of regrets. It is true that with the joint efforts of her and Li Yalin, she did find an antidote to the zombie virus, but this antidote seems too precious, and can’t be mass-produced.

Li Yalin can’t keep drawing his blood all the time. It is absolutely impossible to save the world with this.

“Nothing to feel pity about, this is enough already.”

Unlike the regretful Aosoi Shiiko, Li Yalin is very calm, because he never considered saving the world from beginning to end, he just want to protect the girls around him.

As for what the world will become in the end, what does it have to do with him?

He is not a savior, saving the world should be left to the saviors.

“You are really calm, if I spread the news that your blood can cure the virus, what do you think will happen to you?”

Seeing Li Yalin acted so calmly, Aosoi Shiiko raised her eyebrows immediately, not knowing if she was upset about of his indifferent attitude.

“If you really do that, the survivors will probably rush to this school in droves. They will take me away and use me as a blood-making machine.”

Shrugging towards Aosoi Shiiko, Li Yalin certainly knows the consequences of his action. His blood is like Tang Monk meat. Although it cannot make people immortal, it is a life-saving medicine.

Once someone discovers this secret, Megurigaoka High School could be destroyed very easily.

“Aren’t you afraid that I will really spread the news?”

Aosoi Shiiko found that she couldn’t understand the man… or a boy in front of her. He clearly knew his own importance, and he should see through the dark side of human nature, so why is he so calm?

Is he so confident?

Does he believe that she will not disclose the news?

“If Megurigaoka High School is captured, I will become a blood-making machine, but you will all die.”

Against Aosoi Shiiko’s doubts, Li Yalin shook his head slightly.

Believe in Aosoi Shiiko?

No, he just believes in human nature.

Aosoi Shiiko is a smart person. She is very aware of the consequences of her doing. The emergence of a life-saving medicine will not really save mankind, but will accelerate the speed of mankind’s destruction.

And in the event of conflict, these girls from Megurigaoka High School would be the first to be eliminated, including Aosoi Shiiko.

So she will not reveal this secret, not only for the live of this safe place, but also for herself.

Li Yalin still has this confidence.

“Tsk… what an annoying guy. Eat more blood-enriching food later, I will arrange blood transfusion from tomorrow.”

Seeing that she can’t scare Li Yalin, Aosoi Shiiko was very upset pursed her mouth. She really couldn’t understand. He was just a high school student, why he can be so calm?

She can’t scare him, Aosoi Shiiko didn’t intend to continue talking nonsense, she knew exactly what she should do and how much Li Yalin cared about those little girls.

She knew that she was brought by Li Yalin to study the zombie virus in order to save these girls, especially after learning that his blood was immune to the zombie virus, she was even more sure of this.

Although he didn’t act cute at all in front of her, he did not have the inexperience and impulse that a boy of his age should have, but she had to admit that he was a good man.

Well, even if he was younger, he can definitely be called a good man.

This feeling is not bad.

Since it is his wish, help him to complete it!

According to Aosoi Shiiko’s research, to be completely immune to the zombie virus, one must at least be inject 10 ml of blood. So on her recommendation, Li Yalin drew 400 ml of blood at a time.

Except for the injection, the rest of the blood is sealed and refrigerated in case of emergency.

After all, blood injection is not foolproof, more spare blood is necessary.

Li Yalin agrees about this. Anyway, as long as it does not exceed 400ml, it will not harm his body. It can be regarded as a free blood donation. With his current physique, he can replenish the lost blood in a few days.

Soon, everyone at Megurigaoka High School learned the good news that Aosoi Shiiko sensei, a virus expert from Saint Isidore University, successfully developed a virus immunity medicine, which was verified by Li Yalin.

Although it cannot be mass-produced, it can be provided to every member of Megurigaoka High School. This news is undoubtedly a huge surprise.

Yes, everyone thought that the so-called virus immunity medicine was developed by Aosoi Shiiko. Although they were puzzled by the bright red color, they didn’t think it was blood.

This is the result of a pre-arrangement between Li Yalin and Aosoi Shiiko, and they will not tell everyone the truth for now.

Li Yalin didn’t feel that he had contributed much, nor did he intend to win everyone’s gratitude based on this. Moreover, once everyone knows the truth, if one day they accidentally disclose it, it will definitely cause trouble.

So this is the best result.

Now Megurigaoka High School has undergone tremendous changes under the joint efforts of everyone. The outer wall has been remodeled very firmly. Zombie or human won’t be able to break through easily.

In the campus, the division of labor is also very clear. Members of the university team led by Hikarizato Aki and Deguchi Touko have successfully cultivated a few vegetable plots on the playground. It will not take long for everyone to eat more fresh vegetables.

As for the girls in the high school group, they have shouldered the heavy responsibility of guarding the campus and going out to explore and search, which can be said to be an important force to protect everyone.

As long as they are there, Megurigaoka High School is an unconquerable fortress.

As for the group of loli in the elementary school group, given that they are still young, they should continue to receive education, so Sakura sensei and Kamiyama sensei still have to take care of them.

Of course, they occasionally go to the vegetable plot to help out and do what they can.

In addition, Ryougawara Rise, the librarian is here. Anyone can ask her for many things they don’t understand. Aosoi Shiiko can also help if someone get ill.

Unknowingly, Megurigaoka High School has been built into a perfect place to live. Compared to Saint Isidore University, this place is like a paradise!

He really didn’t expect that he could achieve this level.

Even more unexpectedly, this is actually the girl’s Garden of Eden recognized by the system.

Yes, with the improvement of Megurigaoka High School, Li Yalin’s mission is also completed, he finally created a living space for the girls!

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