Cafe 147

All tasks completed.

Looking at the words completed on the task list, Li Yalin couldn’t react for a while.

Is this done?

That’s right, Megurigaoka High School is already on the right track. Everyone can survive here without worrying about the attack of zombies and prevent the possibility of virus infection.

This is the living space for the girls, nothing wrong here.

So… it’s time for him to leave?

Since coming to this world, Li Yalin feels that he has undergone a tremendous change. Although he can’t say absolutely that he can kill with decisiveness, at the very least he can kill without hesitation when facing the enemy.

This was something he couldn’t imagine before.

But now, he was able to leave this world and return to that peaceful daily life.

The cute imouto in the Rabbit House, the gentle and considerate classmate in the next table, the haraguro students president who likes vulgar jokes…

Thinking back about those familiar faces, it made him seem like a world away.

Clearly only came to this world for a short time, but it was like a lifetime to him.

But now, he’s going to leave.

Although he had known that this day would come a long time ago, a feeling of reluctance filled his heart at this moment.

Yes, in this not very long time, he has fully integrated into this world, forming a bond with those girls fought together and work hard to survive.

The first time he met Kamiyama Akiko sensei, saving the pitiful Megu-nee, the energetic Yuki, the reliable comrade Kurumi, the cool-headed Yuuri…

Kei and Miki… Ruu-chan and her companions…

Those beautiful faces are like revolving lanterns in Li Yalin’s mind, including Hikarizato Aki and others who have just joined, Aosoi Shiiko who has a very melancholy character, and the onee-san curator Ryougawara Rise who take his breath away…

He really hate to part with everyone.

Are they going to be separated?

Yes, they will be parting soon, but… there’s no need to feel sad about it!

At the beginning, Li Yalin did not want to part with everyone, but after careful thought, he couldn’t help but let out a laugh.

Faced with parting all of sudden, he did feel a little sentimental. In fact, there’s no need to feel sad at all!

That’s right, don’t forget that the reward for this task is the single version of the crossing world ability, which means that after he completes the task, he can return to this world anytime, anywhere!

As long as he has this ability, he can come back again!

When to meet again, it is only between his thoughts. It is better to say that when he left this world, he can return immediately at that moment.

After thinking about this, Li Yalin’s thoughts became more clear, but he also knew that he can’t just leave and then return immediately. He didn’t know how the flow of time between the two worlds was calculated after the task was completed.

Therefore, he believes that he has to say goodbye to everyone seriously.

Of course, he can’t tell everyone the truth about his departure. Maybe he’ll have that opportunity in the future, but not now.

He can only find another excuse, pretending that he is going to find friends.

The girls were more or less panicked when they suddenly heard that Li Yalin was leaving, especially when he said that he didn’t know how long he was going to leave, it made many the girls at a loss.

Clearly everyone is living a good life, why is he leaving?

He is everyone’s backbone!

Although they didn’t want him to leave, since it was to find friends, the girls knew that they couldn’t stop him. Not to mention that he won’t be gone forever, so everyone was just reluctant to see him leave.

Regarding the dependence of a group of loli led by Takeya Yuki and Ruu-chan, Li Yalin calmed them for a while.

As for Kurumi and the others, as teammates who fought side by side with him, they all hope to act with Li Yalin. Now they are also qualified fighters who have experienced countless battles and are confident that they can help him.

Faced with this kindness, although Li Yalin was very happy, he could only politely refuse them.

After all, he wasn’t really looking for friends, he couldn’t take everyone away anyway.

In fact, he would really like to take everyone away.

Unfortunately, he had no way to do it.

In this way, Li Yalin left. After everyone woke up the next morning, they found that he had quietly left Megurigaoka High School.

“He leave just like that…”

Seeing the neat stack of bedding and the assault rifles placed on the bedside, the girls were speechless for a long time.

He leave so suddenly, and he took almost nothing, not carrying the commonly used weapons, not taking the food in the warehouse, and didn’t even use the vehicles in the parking lot.

He seemed to just disappear, just as he appeared magically.

“Will he come back?”

Since the beginning of this disaster, many girls have known Li Yalin, but in fact, no one really knows him.

It’s not that they doesn’t understand his character and personality, but no one knows his true origin.

He seemed to appear out of thin air, saving Kamiyama Akiko in this school that was once full of zombies, and then rescued Yuki, Kurumi and other girls, followed by Miki, Kei, Ruu-chan, Hikarizato Aki…

So far, everything he has done is for everyone, he found food for everyone, found weapons, and strengthened the school.

It was he who saved everyone, but after everyone was rescued, he disappeared out of thin air just like when he came.

The girls’ sixth sense is very keen. When getting along with Li Yalin, everyone feels something more or less, everyone did not ask him since he didn’t say them.

Yesterday when Li Yalin said goodbye to everyone, eveyone didn’t feel great. It was a hunch of facing a parting, as if they could not meet again.

When Li Yalin has disappeared, finally making everyone unable to hide their feelings.

No one can answer Yuki’s question.

Will he really come back?

Don’t know!

No one really knows!

“Onii-chan will be back!”

When everyone was silent, a childish voice suddenly broke the quiet atmosphere.

It’s Yuuri’s imouto Ruu-chan, the little girl saved by Li Yalin. Her expression is very earnest and also very serious.

Looking at everyone present, Ruu-chan said loudly. She believed that the gentle onii-chan would not abandon everyone!

“Onii-chan… but the hero for all of us!”

Yes, to everyone present, Li Yalin is their hero!

The hero will not abandon everyone!

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