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Did I go back…

After completing the task and returning to the original world, Li Yalin sees the familiar room, nothing changed just like when he left.

This is not surprising, because at the start of the crossing world mission, the flow of time on the plane he was originally on stopped, until the moment he returned, time began to move again.

Looking at the time on the watch, it just the moment when he left.

Time hasn’t changed, but he… have changed dramatically.

It’s really like a dream.

But it was a real dream!

Standing in front of the mirror in the room, looking at himself in the mirror for a long time, he finally sighed.

Now that he’s back, don’t think too much, and be your original self!

Without too much emotion, Li Yalin quickly moved into action. Although he had sterilized his weapons and clothing before returning, he still cleaned it again just to be safe.

The zombie virus is too terrifying, he doesn’t want to make this peaceful world turned into something similar to resident evil because of him.

After all the weapons and clothes were washed, he carefully put the General Blade in the closet, and put a P220 pistol in the drawer of the bedside table.

That is the weapon he has always carried with him, and it is a thought that belongs to the world of Gakkou Gurashi.

His old buddies are no longer useful after he back to this peaceful world.

So… you guys have a good rest first!

After completing the task, he got the single version of the crossing world ability. Li Yalin did a little research on this crossing world ability.

This ability is not without limit as he imagined. To cross the world, he must first ensure that his mana is full, and after crossed the world, it takes a day for the CD to refresh.

In other words, he cannot crossed as he wants, but the restrictions are not unacceptable.

As for the time flow of the two worlds, the system gave him an answer.

According to the system introduction, after Li Yalin completes the tasks, the flow rate of the two worlds will remain the same, that is, how many days he spends in his main world, the time pass will be the same in Gakkou Gurashi world.

After confirming this, Li Yalin was also relieved. He was most afraid of the acceleration of Gakkou Gurashi’s world time flow. Otherwise, a day passed here and that side passed a couple of weeks, that would be a tragedy.

The time flow is exactly the same, which is the best result.

So… let’s take a break first!

Having said goodbye to everyone, Li Yalin did not intend to return to the world of Gakkou Gurashi immediately, so he wanted to enjoy the long-lost peace for now.


Going out of his room and coming to the Rabbit House downstairs, Li Yalin feel a little trance. Although he understands that he has crossed back, he still cannot fully recover.

Especially when he saw the familiar purple twintail, he subconsciously called Kurumi’s name.


Hearing the voice behind her, Rize turned her head subconsciously. Of course she could hear that it was Li Yalin’s voice, but what does Kurumi mean? This is… someone name?

“No, it’s nothing. Rize, can you help me get me a cup of coffee. I stayed up late to work last night. I don’t feel good right now.”

After Rize completely turned around, Li Yalin finally realized that this is no longer the Gakkou Gurashi world. The girl opposite him is not the Ebisuzawa Kurumi he knew.

Even if their looks are really similar, they are still two people after all.

That is Rize, Tedeza Rize!

Rubbing his temple, Li Yalin knew that he was still a little confused, so he laugh it off to trick her, pushing his befuddlement to staying up late.

“I see, please wait a moment.”

Hearing what Li Yalin said, Rize didn’t ask too much. After a light nod, she walked into the bar to make coffee.

At this moment, Chino, with Tippy on her head, walked in front of Li Yalin, he saw her face tightened and looked very serious.

“Yalin-san, why did you stay up all night again? Didn’t I say you should take a good rest!”

Wow! Chino is angry!

Yes, Chino is indeed very angry. She has reminded Li Yalin more than once to organize his work and rest time, and don’t stay up late at night, or it would hurts his body.

But every time he agreed, he’ll keep repeating it, which made her frown, thinking that she should seriously criticize him.

She obviously only thirteen years old, but preaching in front of him like a little adult, Li Yalin only thinks his imouto is so cute!

Looking at her serious expression, he really had the urge to hold her into his arms.

Ahem… Don’t become siscon at this time!

“Sorry, the inspiration came suddenly last night. Chino should know that mangaka usually has to write down the inspiration as soon as possible, otherwise it will soon be forgotten.”

“I promise you! I’ll never stay up all night again! I didn’t lie this time!”

Although Chino didn’t look imposing when she was angry, she was more like a spoiled cute little cat. But Li Yalin also knew that she cared about him. It would only make her sad if he brush her off.

So at this moment, he also solemnly expressed his attitude, saying that he would never make the same mistakes again!


Seeing Li Yalin confessed his mistake in a good attitude, Chino also nodded gently. Although she knew he would definitely stay up late in the future, but at least he comply with her now.

As for the future, she has to continue to supervise him!

“Speaking of which Chino, didn’t we agree that you will call me onii-chan in the future? Why did you keep calling me Yalin-san?”

Chino stop speaking, but Li Yalin didn’t want to end the topic yet. As a siscon, when imouto doesn’t call him onii-chan, as the elder brother, how can he take it?

Absolutely can’t!

He didn’t know if other can stand it, but he definitely can’t stand it!

He hasn’t forgotten that before heading to Gakkou Gurashi, Chino once called him onii-chan, that shy little appearance and immature voice, it overloaded with cuteness that people can float to the sky!

That kind of satisfaction is still unforgettable for him, and he will continue to enjoy it in the future.

Chino wants to withdraw her remark?

Not a chance!

My dear imouto, you should call me onii-chan quickly, otherwise, onii-sama is also acceptable!

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