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With Li Yalin words, Chino’s little face blushed immediately. Although she had called onii-chan before, it was only the two of them at that time, and at best, Tippy who was a rabbit was added.

But now, there are so many customers in the store. Rize and Cocoa are also watching. It was really embarrassing for her to call him that way in front of so many people.

It’s not that she hates calling him like that, but…

It’s just too shameful!

Chino is both diligent and capable. She is a rare good girl. Her only drawback is that she is easily shy and blushes when she encounters small things.

Especially at this moment, under Li Yalin’s gaze, she didn’t know where she should put her hands, and her little head was also lowered, she didn’t dare to look at Li Yalin.

It’s just that Chino lowered her head so that Tippy, who had been lying on her head, suffered. Before he could react, he fell to the ground with a snap.

Fuck, it won’t break, will it?

Seeing that Tippy about to fall on the ground, Li Yalin stretched out his hand to pick it up. But his hands aren’t fast enough. He could only watch it face make an intimate contact with the floor.

Seeing it didn’t move for a long time. Li Yalin also murmured in his heart feeling guilty. Although Tippy was a human before, it is still a rabbit after all. Even if Chino is not tall, falling on the ground will not feel good, right?

Should he send it to a pet hospital?

“Smelly boy! Don’t even think of taking my granddaughter away!”

Just when Li Yalin wanted to check whether Tippy was injured, he looked at the ground again, Tippy suddenly raised his head to hitting him with a rocket header.

While in that motion, it shouted, sounded a bit annoyed.

“Hehe, I didn’t snatch Chino from you. You are grandfather and I am brother. Speaking of which you still took advantage of me, I complained, and you want to away my happiness?”

Tippy’s sudden attack did not have any effect, because Li Yalin had been prepared. As soon as the rocket head came to him, he immediately tilted his head and then grab Tippy’s body.

He knows that Tippy has been full of resentment towards him recently. Although he was thankful of him for saving Rabbit House, he also feels that he has taken Chino away.

Tippy feeling should be similar to that of father who married his daughter away, so it is understandable.

It’s just… obviously just brother and sister recognise each other, why an old man like you become so jealous!

“Smelly boy! Let go of me!”

In Li Yalin’s hands, Tippy struggled constantly. It’s a pity that rabbits are just rabbits. It is impossible to rebel against humans, especially Li Yalin is a human with 12 points in strength. With a little effort, Tippy won’t be able to move.

“Wow! Chino is using belly talk again! That’s awesome!”

Just as Li Yalin and Tippy were arguing, Cocoa also leaned in and looked at Chino in admiration with her watery eyes.

This silly girl still thinks that Tippy’s words were spoken by Chino.

“Okay… okay, stop making trouble… onii-chan…”

Seeing Cocoa approaching, no matter how shy Chino was, she could not let Tippy make trouble, otherwise he would really be exposed.

So at this moment, she also resisted the shyness in her heart, reached out to take Tippy from Li Yalin’s hand, and at the same time gently called him onii-chan.


Chino called him onii-chan again!

So satisfying!

Chino’s onii-chan, Li Yalin only feels that he has been purified. The killings experienced in the world of Gakkou Gurashi seem to be sublimated at this moment.

This feeling… is so cool!

It’s a pity that after Chino put Tippy on her head, because of being too shy, she turned around and fled into the bar quickly.

But this was enough for Li Yalin. In his opinion, after one time, there will be the second and third time. Sooner or later, he will let Chino get used to calling him onii-chan, and will let her call him onii-chan every day. Good morning onii-chan, good afternoon onii-chan, and good night onii-chan.

When thinking about it, it was very exciting, isn’t it?

“I’m so envious, Yalin senpai succeeded before me.”

Chino is running away shyly, but Cocoa is still standing next to Li Yalin. For Chino’s onii-chan, she’s quite envious and jealous.

Speaking of which, this little guy is also a siscon. Recently, she has been determined to make Chino call her onee-chan, but she keep failing every time.

But she never get discouraged, and every failure will only add more motivation to her.

The same is true this time.

“It looks like I have to work hard, I’ll do my best!”

Rolling up her sleeves, Cocoa is full of enthusiasm. She’ll give up everything for Chino!

Such a vigorous Cocoa is also very cute.

“How about this Cocoa, call me onii-chan in the future, and I will help you capture Chino, what do you think?”

Looking at such a cute Cocoa, Li Yalin in a whim felt that it would be nice to have another imouto. Chino, who is well-behaved, mature and easily shy, is a good imouto, but Cocoa is also good, right?

Of course, he just said it casually. He didn’t expect Cocoa to really agree. Although he got along well with Cocoa, he don’t think she would immediately call him onii-chan.

This is true from a normal perspective, but it is not the case.

“Really? onii-chan!”

Holy, just as Li Yalin spoke, Cocoa’s eyes lit up, and then called him onii-chan without hesitation, even Li Yalin couldn’t help but be stunned.

She called him onii-chan?

In order for Chino to call her onee-chan, Cocoa really would do anything.

“What’s wrong? Did I pronounced it wrong? I said onii-chan correctly, right?”

Seeing Li Yalin shocked, Cocoa also showed a puzzled expression. In her opinion, Li Yalin can make Chino willingly call him onii-chan, he can definitely help her capture Chino.

What’s more, she is a fan of Li Yalin. She likes both his manga and his piano. In addition, there are two onii-chan in her family, so she didn’t feel that uncomfortable about it.

Rather, the way she call him onii-chan is much sweeter than Chino.

“No… it’s nothing. Okay, I will recognize you as my imouto from today.”

Seeing Cocoa’s puzzled expression, Li Yalin slapped his forehead a little speechlessly. He shouldn’t speak without thinking. He hasn’t completely won Chino, and he still needs to help Cocoa?

However, the words has been spoken and she also called him onii-chan. It would just makes her sad if he take his words back.

Anyway, he enjoyed Cocoa calling him onii-chan, so let myself add another imouto!

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