Cafe 15

Chapter 3!


With the completion of Cat Eye chapter 3, Li Yalin fell directly on the chair. This high-intensity work was really tiring. In just a few days, he drawed 3 chapters for a total of more than 120 manga page, he can be described as a benchmark model in the manga world.

Who can be as fast as him?

Who can be as hardworking as him?

Well, Li Yalin wouldn’t be so diligent if it weren’t for the money urging behind. After all, this way of drawing manga so desperately is really not what ordinary people can do.

“Yalin-san… you really need to rest.”

Chapter 3 is completed, Chino is still the first witness. But unlike before, Chino is not watching this work alone, this time there is Rize to accompany her.

No way, Rize is really fascinated by this manga. It would be okay if she could only read the series on the internet. But now that the author and the manuscript are in front of her, how much regret she will have if she missed this?

In fact, when she knew that Li Yalin had actually created Cat Eye’s chapter 3 the next day. She was stunned by his swiftness, and couldn’t wait to read the chapter 3 immediately.

She really wanted to know the next plot.

Differs from Rize’s expectations. After reading chapter 3, Chino did not indulge in the story of chapter 3, but showed a worried look towards Li Yalin.

Recently, he was too hard on himself. His body may not be able to bear it if he keep doing this!

For the sake of Yalin-san’s health, Chino felt that it was necessary to remind him seriously that he should get some rest!

“Okay, I will take a good rest tonight. I will rest after we have done eating barbecue.”

Chino’s eyes are very serious and very stubborn. If Li Yalin cannot give her a satisfactory answer, she will definitely not give up.

Although the time spent with Chino was not long. Li Yalin could understand the concern from her eyes, so he chose to compromise.

He couldn’t refuse Chino’s kindness. At the same time, he also knew the importance of a good body. Even with the system in his body, his mental and physical fatigue value reached a critical point, his body may collapse if he did not take a rest.

Since this is the case, he’ll do as she says.

“Right Rize-san, would you like to join us?”

After he give his promise to Chino, Li Yalin’s eyes turned to Rize again.

As usual, Rize should have finished working. But in order to see Cat Eye chapter 3 as early as possible, Rize didn’t go home until this late night.

It’s already dark ourside and just the right time for dinner. If he eat barbecue with Chino, is it really okay to leave Rize alone?

The financial department of the website is very powerful. The payment of the manuscript fee is very timely. The manuscript fee of more than 100,000 is enough to relieve Li Yalin’s urgent needs. At least it’s more than enough to invite Rize and Chino to eat barbecue.

Anyway, the time is so timely, let’s just go together.

“I… is it really okay?”

Li Yalin’s invitation made Rize very emotional. He is now the idol she admires and the author of her favorite manga. She can’t easily refuse his invitation to eat together.

But their relationship isn’t that close yet. Suddenly invited to eat barbecue makes Rize unsure if it’s really okay.

Is this really okay?

“It’s just a common meal, nothing fancy.”

Looking at Rize wistful expression, Li Yalin knew that she would not refuse. He just found a good barbecue restaurant from his mobile phone and will take the two girls to eat there.

Such a happy decision!

“Then… Thank you Yalin sensei, I will tell my family now.”

Li Yalin made a direct decision with a wave of his hand. With Rize’s heart tempted, she naturally agreed with a half push.

But with friends to eat outside, Rize must first notify the family. This is a respect and politeness to family members.

During the time Rize was calling, Li Yalin and Chino were also preparing for the final closure. When Chino’s father still live here, Rabbit House would become a bar at night. But now, as long as the night come, Chino will close the store on time.

After all, few customers will come to drink coffee at night.

But today…

With a doorbell sound, a figure pushed open the door and walked in. It’s quite rare for customers to enter the store at this time.

“Welcome to… umm, I’m very sorry customer, we are closing the store soon.”

When she saw the customer in the door, Chino subconsciously greet them. But she also realized that it was not the time to receive customers now.

Although she shouldn’t drive customers outside, she cares more about Li Yalin’s body.

Yes, Chino wants to finish dinner as soon as possible, and then let Li Yalin take a good rest. If she continues to receive guests, she really does not know when Li Yalin will take a rest.

“Is Li Yalin sensei here?”

If it is a regular customer now who come, they will leave immediately after hearing Chino’s words. But unfortunately, the other party is not an ordinary customer. On the contrary, the other party called Li Yalin names and even called him sensei.

This is surprising.

Li Yalin’s settings in this world are ordinary students. Being called sensei is only from manga related Cat Eye.

This is not a difficult thing to understand. After all, when he uploaded his work, he filled in his real name and contact information, but…

Li Yalin remembers that he seems to only fill in his real name, contact phone number and bank card account on the website, but he didn’t filled in the real address. So how did the other party find him here?

Looking closely at the other party, Li Yalin found that the other party turned out to be a girl wearing light gray OL suit with a blond hair. She looks very young, at most not more than twenty years old. The facial features are very beautiful and can be said to be a beautiful bishoujo.

Is also such a beautiful OL bishoujo that come Rabbit House and called Li Yalin’s name. Li Yalin feels the need to understand the actual situation.

“Hello, I am Li Yalin, do you have any business with me?”

Stepped forward to the girl, Li Yalin wanted to know why the other party come to find him.

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