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“Hehe, that’s a promise, onii-chan will help me capture Chino!”

Completely different from Chino, Cocoa calls him onii-chan without any burden. Of course, her ultimate goal is still to capture Chino. It was her greatest wish for Chino to call her onee-chan.

With such a siscon imouto, he really don’t know if was a good thing or not.

“By the way… onii-chan, I want to discuss something with you.”

Although he was helping Cocoa to capture Chino, Li Yalin didn’t know how to help her, so he could only verbally make a promise and will think about it later.

After this matter ended, just after Rize delivered him coffee, Chino who shyly escaped after calling him onii-chan reappears in front of Li Yalin.

Have something to discuss with him?


This is… life counseling?

“Of course, no problem!”

Although he don’t know what Chino wants to discuss with him, it was his obligation as a brother to help his imouto solve her troubles. Of course, Li Yalin agreed without hesitation!

Unfortunately, what Chino wanted to discuss with him was not the life consultation he imagined, but a letter.

“Dad sent… me a letter.”

“Uncle Takahiro’s letter?”

Seeing the envelope in Chino’s hand, Li Yalin was very surprised. It must know that this world is different from the anime world he knows. Many things have changed. For example, Kafuu Takahiro, who was supposed to stay in Rabbit House in the original plot disappeared inexplicably. It’s the biggest variable.

As far as he knows, Chino’s father left suddenly, and no matter how they looked for him afterwards, there was no trace. Chino and Tippy eventually received only a one hundred million debt collection letter.

But now Chino’s father has news! What does this mean?

Is he coming back?

Kafuu Takahiro who he never meet but has been involved in the system, is coming back?

At this moment, Li Yalin’s mood is a bit complicated. What is the content of this letter?

Chino did not intend to conceal the content of the letter, she handed it to Li Yalin for him to see with his own eyes.

This is indeed a letter from Kafuu Takahiro, and there is not much content in the letter, especially the reason for his departure, which is not written at all.

However, the other party mentioned the one hundred million debt and told Chino to ask her to seek help from Rize’s father. Kafuu Takahiro and Rize’s father have been friends for many years. He can help her clear the one hundred million debt.

It is estimated that Kafuu Takahiro did not expect that his family debt would be solved by Li Yalin.

In addition to the debt, the letter also mentioned another thing. Rabbit House will be welcoming another guest, who seems to be a distant relative of Kafuu’s family, but Kafuu Takahiro did not specifically introduce the identity of the other party, and does not mention whether it was men or women, or the age.

“So that’s the case, our family will ushered in new member.”

Reading the letter to the end, he was concern with some of the words. After reading it again in haste, Li Yalin couldn’t help but sigh.

Although Chino didn’t shown it, she still cares about her father’s whereabouts. Now she finally got some news, but didn’t get much explanation.

This letter must have disappointed Chino.

“That… Uncle Tedeza’s side… the money…”

Looking at Chino at this time, her delicate little face is full of entanglements. Truth be told, she’s very worried about her father, who has not revealed anything at all. Her father should be fine if he can sent her a letter, which made her less worried.

What she is really struggling with now is actually the one hundred million debt issue.

When she was in debt before, Chino could have gone to Rize’s father for help, but she didn’t do that because she felt bad to add burden to others.

And now, since Kafuu Takahiro has mentioned it, that means it shouldn’t be a burden to others.

So… whether to borrow another one hundred million and return Li Yalin money back has become a very tangled issue for Chino.


Seeing Chino’s furrowed brow and tangled appearance, Li Yalin cant help stepped forward, reaching out his hands to hold her cheeks.

“Who am I?”

Holding Chino’s cheek, Li Yalin stared at her beautiful eyes and asked softly.

“Yalin-san… onii-chan…”

Her cheek being held so suddenly, made her cheek to flush instantly. She had never had such intimate physical contact with a boy, Li Yalin is the first one.

However, Chino did not break free, just kept looking at Li Yalin’s eyes, first calling him Yalin-san, and finally changed to onii-chan.

“Yes! I am your onii-chan! We are a family, so why bother with money?”

Li Yalin knows what is Chino struggling with, she intend to borrow money from Rize’s father and then pay him back? Why bother with that?

Wasn’t my own efforts just for Chino? Why wait until now to borrow money?

So there is no need for her to struggle at all!

Money is not a problem at all!

“We are a family…”

Listening to Li Yalin’s words and looking at his firm eyes, Chino’s eyes flickered.


Having such an onii-chan, enjoying the feeling of being cared for by one’s family, seems pretty good.

“Okay, don’t think about so many things, hurry up and clean up another room. As Uncle Takahiro said, our house is about to welcome a new guest.”

Hearing the words of family in Chino’s mouth, Li Yalin’s face suddenly burst into a smile, because he likes Chino’s words.

Letting go of her cheeks, and then patted her little head again.

Since things have been cleared up, hurry up and clean up the new room!

“Yes! Onii-chan!”

Chino was still very shy when calling him onii-chan priot to this. But now, she called him very firmly.

Because she has completely acknowledge Li Yalin and truly treats him as a family member.

In Chino’s eyes, Li Yalin used to be the son of her father’s friend, a very caring and gentle senpai lodger. But now, she has truly recognized him as her elder brother.

The feeling of one’s family is completely different from before.

Regarding this point, Li Yalin can also feel it personally. Originally, he thought it would take some more time for Chino to fully acknowledge him, but he did not imagine that this surprise came so soon!

He finally recognized by Chino!


I finally have imouto!

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