Cafe 151

With Chino’s approval, this was an unprecedented victory for Li Yalin. In addition to his excitement, he even wanted to pick her up and spin her around to vent his excitement.

Fortunately, even though he was very excited, he can still maintain his sense. He knows that Chino is a shy child. If he really picks her up, she might put some distance again after all his effort.

So, let’s clean up the room together!

For the new guest of Rabbit House, Li Yalin was actually a little curious. In the original plot, he never hear of any distant relatives of Kafuu’s family. Who will this new guest be?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question will not be revealed until some time ago.

Since he was recognized by Chino, she no longer felt strange when calling him onii-chan. This change was quickly discovered by the keen Cocoa, and she complained a little about it.

Don’t look at her carefree attitude, she’s actually quite attentive. Especially about Chino’s changes, she was the first person to find out.

For this reason, Li Yalin took a lot of effort to appease Cocoa and promised to help speak nice things about her in front of Chino in the future.

Luckily she’s an energetic girls and can be tricked easily, he’s able to convince her without a hitch.

In short, the peaceful daily life continues. Li Yalin also living a really comfortable life. His game are selling well online. He can just sit back and wait to collect the money. For his manga, the sales of the new issue of Weekly Young GONGON has broken the record again. As the magazine talented mangaka, his fame and prestige have risen again.

As his editor, Otosuna Mihari seems to be having trouble recently.

“I said Mihari… don’t run to me if you are too tired, go home and rest.”

Seeing Mihari’s tired face and the thick dark circles on her eyes, Li Yalin tried to advice her.

Although he don’t know what happened to Mihari recently, her body wouldn’t be able to take it if this goes on. Her appearance reminds him of his grinding for several days.

“It’s okay Yalin sensei! I am your editor, so I should handle everything for you!”

Otosuna Mihari was very tired, really tired, but even so, she still came to Rabbit House as always.

As his editor, he wasn’t sure whether to praise her or tsukomi her.

No way, Otosuna Mihari is under a lot of pressure. As a newcomer, she is supposed to take charge of one or two new mangaka, which is not a bad thing. But whoever thoughts she has become the editor of the talented mangaka Li Yalin.

This is not only her opportunity, but also a pressure for her.

Can such a newcomer be able to take care of Yalin sensei?

There was constant criticism among colleagues, even if no one questioned her up front, she still walked on thin ice. The competition in the workplace was very cruel, especially for newcomers like her, who had to accept all kinds of challenges.

In order to be a qualified editor, Otosuna Mihari has been studying hard lately, staying up late every day before going to bed.

However, this is not the main reason why she is tired to this level.

Due to the explosive sales of Weekly Young GONGON’s, the magazine chief editor Minano Matome won the bet with the publisher, thus gaining more power.

Recently, Minano Matome is no longer satisfied with a manga magazine. She wants to control more resources and develop in many ways.

Game! Novel! Anime!

This is the direction that Minano Matome wants to develop next!

Fortunately as well as unfortunately, Minano Matome regarded Otosuna Mihari as someone she can trust and want to nurture her. For this reason, she added more work for Mihari.

Novel publishing, this is the task she assigned to Mihari. After all, before joining Weekly Young GONGON, she also served as the editor when she was an Elite publisher, and more or less have some understanding about novel project.

It’s just that Otosuna Mihari is still a complete newcomer even if she used to work for publishers. Now she suddenly tasked in publishing novels. What can she do?

Where can she find the author?

How do grab resources from the seniors in the head office?

Mihari expressed her despair.

But she still couldn’t refuse the job, she could only work hard listlessly. As for the result, it was a matter of course to fail and fail again.

There is no way. Those famous and established authors have a fixed team, which is not something that a newcomer can dig. But for newcomers, nine out of ten people fail to meet the publishing requirements, and the other one has various problems that needs to be solved.

To express it in one word – difficult!

“I see, it must be hard for you.”

Li Yalin and Mihari has a very good relationship. Regarding Mihari’s troubles, he only needs to ask her a little bit, and her bitterness will continue to pour out.

She has been under too much pressure recently, and she is really too tired. She may not be able to hold on if she didn’t find a place to vent.

For Mihari’s pressure, Li Yalin also responded with sympathy.

This is probably the so-called corporate slave.

As an otaku in his late twenties, Li Yalin was not unfamiliar with the work culture, but he was not as overworked as Mihari. Although the constant work from 9am to 5pm is very boring, he has a fixed work hours. Always goes to work and leave the work on time, never considered arriving early or leaving late.

If he put himself in her shoes, I’m afraid he would have resign if his job was like Mihari’s back then.

In contrast, she was really admirable.

So… what can he do to help her?

Write a novel?

Before being transmigrated, Li Yalin’s world certainly had a lot of classic novels. It can cause a sensation if he take them into this world with low cultural and entertainment level.

But he doesn’t have the writing style to copy those classic novels, not to mention that he can’t remember the general plot in details at all.

It was beyond his grasp.

“What’s more, I had no idea what Minano chief editor is thinking about. She want to open up an a new genre of novel, and also wants to ignite the novel market, it simply impossible!”

Mihari was full of resentment towards her boss. Prior to this, she finally found a new author who met the publishing requirements. She thought that she was finally able to complete her task, but after she sent it to Minano Matome, she directly labeled it as unqualified.

Hopeless! It’s really hopeless!

If not for her love for manga, she might have thought of ​​resigning with her unwillingness do this job.

But now…

How long can she persist in this situation?

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