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“Open up a new genre of novel…”

From Mihari’s words, Li Yalin could feel her full of resentment, but the new genre of novel in her mouth attracted his attention.

The culture and entertainment of this world are very backward, and novels are really nothing new in his eyes. You can basically see the ending miles away.

He might have to come up with new ideas every minutes.

Or… just think of an idea for Mihari and let her find a well known author to write the work?

With his inability of writing, it seems that he can only do this.

“Yes, Minano chief editor wants to publish novel that easy to read, even better if it can break through the current limited genre. How is this possible!”

Mihari didn’t know what Li Yalin was thinking, and was still complaining about her boss, but her words made Li Yalin’s eyes light up.

“Light novel?”

In this world, the concept of light novel has not yet appeared. Li Yalin did not expect that this concept would be proposed by Minano Matome.

Unexpectedly, the loli chief editor had such idea.

“Light novel? It sounds appropriate. Not to mention that no one can write it now. Even if there is, it would be impossible with a new editor like me.”

Shaking her head gently, Mihari was already lying on the table feebly. Now she is not only physically exhausted, but also mentally exhausted. She is really unable to fulfill the requirements of her boss.

It really hurts to see her like this.

Girl should take good care of themselves, don’t be depressed like that.

Rescue Eiryou High School side task: The second step in the creative path.
Task content: Draw the character design of ‘Sword Art Online’ main characters.
Task reward: Novel ‘Sword Art Online’ script creation (optimized version).
Task tips: The school will gain more fame after you become a famous high school students writer. This will improve your reputation and save the girls. There’s no reason to refuse the task.

Perhaps the system can’t stand it anymore. Just when Li Yalin felt that he should help Mihari to come up with idea to help her overcome the difficulties, the system suddenly released a new task for him.

The second step in the creative path?

Sword Art Online script creation?

Is this what he thought?

Li Yalin is of course very familiar with the famous SAO. Although this work is considered by some to be a masterpiece, the plot has also been criticized by some people, but to be fair, he really like this work.

The most important thing is that although the setting of virtual reality games is not uncommon in his world, but it was a unique and novel idea in this world!

Once this work is released, it will trigger a storm of virtual reality!


What the hell is this task tips? Did the system just take a jab at him?

It was obviously a side task to save Eiryou High School. Why does it feel like he was helping Mihari?

Well, he would be asking for rebuff if he keep fixated on the system. Since the tasks have been released, he had no reason to refuse.

“Yalin sensei, what are you…”

Originally, Mihari wanted to continue to pour out her bitterness, but Li Yalin turned around and sat on the workbench. Seeing him take out the pen and paper and started drawing, Mihari suddenly showed a puzzled expression.

Did she said too much and Yalin sensei don’t want to keep listening?

Speaking of which, she did complain too much just now.

When she remembered what just happens, Mihari couldn’t help but blush. As an editor, her job was to reduce the burden on mangaka and help their work. Instead, she added pressure to others.

What a disgrace…

Standing up hurriedly, Mihari wanted to apologize for her complaint just now, but when she came to Li Yalin’s side and just wanted to speak, the image that emerged in Li Yalin’s pen couldn’t help but attracted her attention.

This style of drawing…

So beautiful!

After the manga option reached adept level, Li Yalin’s drawing speed become very fast. Although he was drawing by relying on his memories, he had no hesitation at all.

The images of Kirito and Asuna were too deep in his mind, and with his proficient in manga options, he draw the characters very quickly.


Soon, SAO main character Kirito and Asuna’s character design were drawn. Li Yalin is also very satisfied with his work.

And just after he completed the two character design, the script creation of ‘Sword Art Online’ also appeared in his mind.

Almost instantly, his mind was filled with countless words, and various plots in the story appeared one after another. As long as he wanted to, he could write this work immediately.

Anyway, this doesn’t require any style of writing, just copy it according to the memory in his brain.

“Yalin sensei, is this the new manga’s character design?”

Most mangaka will start with character design when they create a new works. The two character design drawn by Li Yalin, in Otosuna Mihari’s view, are naturally the setting of his new work.

“How is it? This is the main character design in my new work.”

Although Mihari misunderstood, Li Yalin did not explain it to her immediately. He smiled and picked up the two character designs and handed them to his editor.

“It’s beautiful! Although I don’t know the genre of your new work, this drawing style alone is enough to attract readers!”

Even as a newcomer editor, Otosuna Mihari can see the huge potential of these two characters design. Once the manga is drawn with this style of drawing, she has a hunch that it will be a top work that is not inferior to Cat Eye!

At least for her, when she saw these two characters design for the first time, she was already in love with these two characters.

“As expected of Yalin sensei!”

At this moment, Otosuna Mihari made a heartfelt sigh. She likes manga, but is not good at drawing manga, so she became a manga editor and has been working hard for it.

Although it was hard and tiresome, but at this moment, she feels that all her previous efforts are worth it!

It’s really great to be the editor of Yalin sensei!

“My new work genre, huh.”

Seeing Mihari hold dearly the two character design, Li Yalin also raised his corner of mouth slightly.

Are you satisfied with just this?

The greatest surprises are yet to come!

After turning on the computer next to the workbench and creating a new document, Li Yalin began to tap the keyboard.

He just need to copy from his memory anyway. Typing is naturally easy, so on Li Yalin’s computer screen, a series of words entered like a stream.

And this also caused Mihari behind him to gradually widen her eyes.


What did she just see?

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