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At the beginning, Mihari thought that Li Yalin was just writing the outline of his new work, but she feels something wrong after reading it.

This is not an outline! This is a novel in writing!


And… why he’s so fast?

Li Yalin entered the text without hesitation, which in Otosuna Mihari’s view is simply incredible.

Too fast! It’s too fast!

And this is…


Game that devours players?

Sword Art Online?


With the emergence of lines of text, Otosuna Mihari was quickly attracted by this novel story, a virtual reality game… 2022?

Is this a work describing games in the future!

As said before, the entertainment culture of this world is lower than Li Yalin world. Although there are some excellent works, due to the limitations of the previous framework, it was really rare for a novel with new writing that can push the conceptual boundaries.

Aside from mainstream literature, just talk about novels. In addition to passion and war themes that attract young people, only romance novels are more popular.

A novel about playing games?

It was something she saw for the first time.

Although she really like manga and don’t know much about novels, this does not prevent Mihari from liking this Sword Art Online work.

Li Yalin wrote in front of the computer, and she looked at it from behind, and this took three hours.


The writing lasts for three hours. Even if his physique has been strengthened a lot, it is still a high-intensity work for Li Yalin, especially with his fast typing speed, which adds a burden to his hands.

After writing up to the female lead Asuna appeared on the stage, he finally couldn’t hold it, he leaned gently on the back of the chair and took a long breath.

Typing is really draining him, not only his fingers are sore, but his shoulders and waist are also quite painful.

“Why don’t you continue?”

As soon as she saw Asuna’s debut, Mihari became quite interested in this character, who was described as having strength and beauty, but he stopped abruptly halfway through the writing, which of course unacceptable for her.

It’s like seeing the latest chapters in a novel, but the author leaves the readers in suspense at the critical moment, which is simply teasing them.

“I have promised Chino not to stay up all night, rather… Mihari, are you going to stay overnight?”

Seeing Mihari’s impatient expression, Li Yalin pointed to the digital watch on the room wall speechlessly. At this moment, the time pointed to 10 pm. Wouldn’t it just an all-nighter if he keep writing?

Although Li Yalin was used to staying up all night, when he thought of the serious and lovely appearance of his cute imouto, he decided not to worry her too much.

“I… I’m so sorry!”

Seeing the time displayed on the watch, and then looking at the night outside the window, Otosuna Mihari’s face turned rosy.

She bowed in a hurry, she never expected that she would stare at Li Yalin’s computer for so long.

After writing so many texts, Yalin sensei is already exhausted, but she want to keep reading, it’s not something she should do!

“Okay, I don’t mind. It’s already this late, Should I ask Chino to help you clean up a room so you can stay for one night today?”

Facing Mihari’s bows, Li Yalin waved his hand signaling her he didn’t care. He just didn’t plan to stay up late. Why she apologies?

“No, I don’t want to bother, that…”

Despite Li Yalin’s invitation, Mihari feel too embarrassed to stay, but in the next moment, her eyes turned to the computer screen.

It was a work that has never appeared on the market. Not only it has an impressive writing, but the subject matter breaks the current limit. It was something fresh. Even people who rarely read novels can read it with relish.

Even if she is not a real professional, she can still be sure that this is definitely a popular work that can be sold!

The most important thing is that this is exactly what she needs!

If she can, she really wants to sign this work without hesitation. She wants to be the editor for this work!

But the question is, is that possible?

This work by Li Yalin sensei is undoubtedly very good, and because of this, such work should be delivered to the best editor for publication.

She’s just a newcomer and have been extremely lucky to be in charge of Cat Eye. She can’t get too greedy.

But… she really want it…

Looking at the text on the computer screen, she hesitated.

“By the way, Mihari, as you have seen. This Sword Art Online is my latest work. It’s boring to always draw manga. I plan to write novels for a change of pace.”

“After I finish writing the first volume, you can ask the company for me if this novel can be published in tankōbon. If the price is reasonable, you can publish it for me.”

Her tangled appearance is very cute, although she has a flat chest, her face can make up for all the points she lost.

Writing Sword Art Online was his meant to help his editor. Looking at her, how could he not know what he should say now?

“For… for me to publish them?”

Mihari is very aware of her abilities, so in her opinion, the possibility that she can be responsible for Sword Art Online is very low.

But she never imagined that a pie would fall from the sky and smashed directly on her head.

The huge surprise made her eyes widened, she couldn’t believe what she had just heard.

Is that really okay?

Can she really be responsible for such an excellent work?

“We have become so familiar. Of course I would prefer to work with you, or… you don’t want to help me?”

Her shocked and delighted appearance is very interesting, which made him want to tease her. But when he looked at her again, she’s doing a ninety degree deep bow towards him.

“No, Yalin sensei, I am not helping you, I should be the one to thank you!”

Mihari is not an idiot, she knows very well in her heart that Yalin sensei clearly started to write this work after hearing her complaints.

Although she was shocked by his writing ability, more of it was the gratitude in her heart.

She’s really lucky to be the editor of Yalin sensei.

She was really happy to be sensei’s editor!

“Don’t thank me yet. No such works have appeared on the market, it’s still unclear whether it will be accepted by readers. As of now, show it to Minano chief editor to see if it can be published smoothly.”

“It can definitely be published! And it will definitely sell well! I like this the most from Yalin sensei’s work!”

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