Cafe 154

Li Yalin is quite confident with this work Sword Art Online, Minano Matome won’t refuse to publish it as long as she is not stupid.

However, he knew that there was no need to rush for the publication of the novel tankōbon, so even if he wrote a small half volume yesterday, he didn’t plan to write the entire content of the first volume.

According to his plan, he can finish in three days. Anyway, he is not short of money now, so he want to take his time.

Without pressure, he don’t want to push himself too much.

He thought so, but he didn’t expect that Mihari was more active than he imagined. They can talk about this matter latter after she submits the article to the loli chief editor. Whoever thought she actually spoke with her boss at that very night.

And Minano Matome, the loli chief editor is a person who can act in unexpected manner. At noon the next day, she brought Mihari with her to meet him.

Today is not a weekend, that is to say, these two people appeared directly at the entrance of his class.

Their arrival caused quite a stir.

“A student from another school?”

“Doesn’t seem so. The blonde girl is not wearing a uniform, she seems to be an office lady.”

“What a beautiful girl.”

“That younger girl is her imouto?”

“They aren’t very similar, who are they looking for?”

Li Yalin had no idea about their arrival, the hustle and bustle inside and outside the class did not attract his attention. Right now, he was sitting in his seat, contemplating whether to go to the student council at noon.

Since the gaming club participated in the game show, Uomi student president has maintained a high-profile propaganda stance. Even the school magazine issued by news club have published numerous reports.

By the way, the most eye-catching in the school magazine is the cosplay photos of Haruka, Maki and Uomi, which caused Haruka a lot of trouble.

No way, Haruka was very popular even before. Now that she has such a beautiful photo, it will naturally bring her a lot of admirers.

According to incomplete statistics, Haruka probably receives more than double-digit love letters every day, and she has to take time to refuse dating requests from her admirers every day during lunch break.

For causing a lot of trouble to Haruka for helping him, Li Yalin always felt that he should find a chance to pay her back.

Of course, as the producer of Generation XTH, Li Yalin himself is also the focus of the propaganda. Seemingly low-key transfer student, independently produce a popular and trending game, there’s no way it can goes unnoticed.

For this reason, Li Yalin feels that he should keep a low profile in school in the coming few days. It doesn’t matter if he is high profile outside. In school, it is better to stick to the basics of being a student.

This time Uomi was looking for him, definitely because of school propaganda, which was also the reason for his hesitation.

It’s understandable if she promoting it outside the school. Why she promoting it so hard within the school?

It seems unnecessary.

“Yalin-kun, the two outside the door… seem to be looking for you.”

Li Yalin has been thinking about whether to go to the student council. He didn’t pay attention to the surrounding situation at all. Thanks to Haruka’s reminder, he saw the two standing outside the classroom.

But after seeing the figures of Minano Matome and Otosuna Mihari, his expression suddenly stiffened.

What the hell?

Why did the two of them come to his school?

“They are… your friends?”

Haruka was also a little curious about the two beautiful girls who appeared for Li Yalin. You should know that schools generally prohibit outsiders from entering, unless there is a real emergency.

So these two… what is their relationship with Yalin-kun?

Haruka is not a girl who likes gossip. But she doesn’t know why, she wants to know the identity of the two girls now.

“They are my working partners, I really don’t know how they got here.”

He pressed his temples very helplessly. He wanted to keep a low profile, but troubles keep coming to him.

Can’t they wait until after school if they have something? Why not just make a phone call?

Forget Mihari, Minano as a chief editor who manages everything every day, is there’s a need to come to school?

“Working… partner?”

His answer made Haruka a little difficult to digest for a while. Yalin-kun is already working?

The blonde girl is indeed dressed in professional attire. Although her face is immature, she is very formal and mature.

But the little girl with green hair… is she also his working partner?

“Forget it, I’ll go out to take a look.”

Continuing to press his temples, Li Yalin felt quite a headache at the moment, but he couldn’t let the two continue to stand at the door of the classroom, just go and see what they want from him.

After informing Haruka, Li Yalin reluctantly came to the door of the classroom under the watchful eyes of the whole class.

“Long time no see, Yalin sensei.”

Clearly is not in the workplace, but the tone of Minano Matome, the loli chief editor, is quite formal. But how she call him makes Li Yalin a headache.

Behind him, the classmates in the classroom are listening!

“Long time no see, Minano chief editor, let’s talk elsewhere.”

After greeting the loli chief editor, Li Yalin nodded to his editor. There are many people here, and he didn’t intend to expose his mangaka identity here.


“Are the two friends of Yalin-kun?”

Just as Li Yalin was about to leave with the loli chief editor and his editor, a familiar voice suddenly sounded beside him.

Uomi student president?

Why is she here?

Hearing Uomi’s voice, Li Yalin patted his forehead immediately. He was still entangled in whether to go to the student council, but then this student president-sama come to find him.

What a mess.

“Excuse me, are you…”

“I am the students president of this school and I also serve as Yalin-kun’s agent.”

“So you are Yalin sensei agent. I’m the chief editor Minano Matome of Weekly Young GONGON magazine. Nice to meet you.”

“Oh? Miss chief editor of Weekly Young GONGON?”

Listening to Uomi’s calling Li Yalin very intimately, and loli chief editor’s attitude is also more formal. Especially Uomi also calls herself as Li Yalin’s agent, which makes her to show her professional style.


When did you become my agent!

Don’t be so respectful to each other here!

This is school! Not a publisher company office!

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