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Headache, Li Yalin is having a headache now.

Especially when he saw Uomi’s shiny eyes, he knew troubles was coming.

He didn’t intend to expose his mangaka’s identity prematurely, and he never told Uomi about it. After all, Cat Eye’s influence is indeed not small, and it will grow bigger and bigger as time goes by.

Once Uomi knows, she will inevitably make a fuss about it, such as attracting students with his identity as a famous mangaka, which is not impossible.

But now, the loli chief editor arrival is a bad news for him.

With the cleverness of student president-sama, she must have discovered some clues, and with her obsession, she will definitely not give up unless she finds out the truth.

He can’t seems to hide it any longer. Anyway, he didn’t intend to keep it hidden. Just let her find out if she discovered it.

“Then Minano chief editor, why you had to come to school during work hours to find me?”

The conversation between them can’t continue at the door of the class. Otherwise, his identity is really going to be completely exposed.

Without any choice, he can only bring them to activity classroom of gaming club. Aoba and Nene are not here at the moment, just suitable for conversation.

After closing the door, Li Yalin sat in a chair casually. He didn’t say anything to Uomi student president at the side for the time being, he want to listen to what the loli chief editor want to say.

“Of course it’s about Yalin sensei’s new work!”

When it comes to work, Minano Matome quickly entered into serious mode. As she said, the reason why she would rush to Li Yalin is for his new work Sword Art Online!

“In any case, please Yalin sensei be sure to hand over the new work to us for publishing!”

After learning the news from Otosuna Mihari yesterday, Minano Matome made up her mind, she’ll get the copyright of Li Yalin’s new work at all cost.

She couldn’t even wait for the evening or noon to meet Li Yalin with Mihari.

“Minano chief editor, are you sure you want to publish it without reading the content of my new work?”

Looking at the loli chief editor in front of him, Li Yalin cant help bitter smile, she decided to publish them without even checking it. Isn’t she too arbitrary?

“No, in fact, Otosuna editor has already reported to me the general content of Yalin sensei’s new work, which makes me think that the outline of Yalin sensei’s new work is very novel and very consistent with my publishing concept.”

“The most important thing is that even if we put aside the content, I believe that a large number of readers will buy it just because Lilin sensei’s reputable name. Moreover, I am not worried about the level of Yalin sensei’s storytelling, Cat’s Eye and Generation XTH has already proven this.”

Faced with Li Yalin’s bitter smile, Minano Matome is quite confident. Yes, she has never read the content of his new work, but she is very confident in Li Yalin.

Among other things, the appearance of the pseudonym Lilin alone has already attracted the attention of a large number of readers. As long as the focus is on this aspect, the new book will sell well.

It’s precisely because of this that she rushed to find Li Yalin to sign the copyright.

“Unexpectedly, Minano chief editor also followed my game.”

Although he was ready for the loli chief editor exposed his identity in front of Uomi, but Li Yalin was still a little helpless.

He came up with pseudonym Lilin casually when he uploaded Cat Eye, but it was actually taken from the pinyin of his name, which has no special meaning.

But now, the name Lilin has a great influence in the industry. After all, being the author of Cat Eye, it will definitely attract a lot of attention.

Even in the class, some students who like manga would talk about the name, but they didn’t expect that the Lilin sensei they talked about was actually sitting next to them.

“After all, it’s Yalin sensei new work, and it is also a masterpiece that has created a new game genre. Of course I must pay attention to it.”

Minano Matome is not satisfied with the position of magazine chief editor. She is planning for all-round development of manga, novels, games, and anime. Of course, she cannot be unaware the game industry being a dark horse.

What’s more, this dark horse is Li Yalin.

“If Yalin sensei has a game project, we’ll be very happy to cooperate with Yalin sensei on the game.”

In the eyes of Minano Matome, Li Yalin has shown amazing talents whether it was a manga, game or novel, which is why she will give him such attention.

Co-publishing novels is only one aspect, the most important thing is Li Yalin himself!

“Game… let’s talk about it later.”

Feeling Minano Matome’s aggressive gaze, Li Yalin tried to laugh it off.

Game cooperation? Why not?

He wasn’t sure what system rewards he’ll get in the future. Who knows he might get another game later.

Didn’t they come to discuss publishing matters?

Can we talk about business?

Regarding the cooperation in games, Li Yalin play it off. Seeing that he had no intention in this regard, Minano Matome did not force it, and then turned the topic back to Sword Art Online.

In order to show sincerity and also to win Li Yalin, Minano Matome’s offer is full of sincerity.

20% royalties is an incredible figure to outsiders. Usually, royalties of tankōbon novels or manga writers are maintained at around 5%-15%, and only the real industry expert can get the highest 15%.

As for Li Yalin’s 20%, no one would believe it.

You know, when signed the Cat Eye contract, Minano Matome only gave the highest price of 15%, not at all the premium signing like now.

On the contrary, Minano Matome gave this figure, and she only obtained the publishing rights. The price of adaptation rights for games, manga and anime needs to be negotiated again later.

Is she planning to lose money to earn big?

Well, she won’t lose money, but Minano Matome wouldn’t be able to make much at such a price, she is simply gambling with everything is unknown.

Li Yalin knew the potential of Sword Art Online and naturally had confidence in himself, but Minano Matome didn’t even read the content. How could she dare to place such a bet?

It was the same when she signed Cat Eye last time.

Where did this self-confidence come from?

Seriously, he really couldn’t see through the loli chief editor in front of him, but since it’s good for him, why should he think so much?

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