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The loli chief editor gave such a generous offer. Of course, Li Yalin would not refuse it. What’s more, he only took out Sword Art Online for Mihari, so the contract was naturally signed smoothly.

Regarding the publishing of this novel, Minano Matome is in charge of everything, and the editor responsible for the novel, needless to say, must be given to his old acquaintance Mihari.

All in all, when the contract was signed, both parties were very happy.

“Lilin sensei?”

After signing the contract, the loli chief editor and Mihari left in a hurry. After all, there was still a lot of work to be done at the magazine, and they could not stay in the school for a long time.

And just after the two left, Uomi student president, who had been silent since the beginning, finally spoke.

Li Yalin’s heart stopped for a moment when she call him Lilin sensei.

“Unexpectedly, I didn’t expect that the famous Lilin sensei, the author of Cat’s Eye, was enrolled in our school.”

Before Li Yalin could figure out how to explain, Uomi’s voice rang again, and this time, there was a little resentment in her voice.


The grievance is so heavy!

“Yalin-san… Yalin otouto! Should you explain to your students president and onee-sama? Why did you suddenly become that Lilin sensei?”

“When did you become my onee-sama?”

Facing Uomi, Li Yalin’s forehead is full of black lines. Hey hey, don’t get any closer or we will be kissing!

Besides, when did I have another sister, and when did we become relatives?

“Anything wrong? You should be my otouto based on the friendship between our two families!”

Li Yalin subconsciously retorted, without realizing it, but in return Uomi’s sharp sight.

The man’s sixth sense is warning him that if he says nothing at this time, something bad will happen.

“Ah, it seems that I should accept the interview of news club tomorrow and announce some information about my fiance.”

As predicted!

Li Yalin knows very clearly, don’t look at Uomi’s tone at the moment as if she is joking, but in fact, she can really do such a thing!

Compared to integrity, few people seem to be able to fight Uomi. You can hardly imagine the power of this students president-sama!

It is foreseeable that if Li Yalin doesn’t say a word today, his news will be published in school magazine tomorrow, and the whole school will know everything by then!

Uomi student president doesn’t care so much, and Eiryou High School ethos is also relatively open. As long as she not blatantly abushing her power, sensei will not care so much.


Great crisis!

“Ahem … actually, there is nothing too much to say. After all, I just posted a manga casually online, and then I was picked by Minano chief editor and signed contract with Weekly Young GONGON. It’s that simple.”

Well then I will explain it to you if you want to heard them.

With a light cough, Li Yalin tried his best to make a simple narrative with a relaxed tone, as if everything was so natural, showing not much self-knowledge.

All in all, he was shifting the blame.

He didn’t think this was too important, so he didn’t need to say it in details. Isn’t this explanation enough?

“Is it that simple?”

Narrowing her eyes, Uomi stared at Li Yalin in front of her, as if to see him through.

“That’s it, otherwise what else.”

Facing Uomi’s aggressiveness, Li Yalin cant help took a step back and kept a certain distance from her.

Although he have tried his best to be more natural, he still feel awkward.

“Well… I’ll accept your explanation.”


She is okay with that?

Li Yalin didn’t expect her to let him go just like that. He thought she would keep pushing to give her more explanations.

She accept it just like that?

“Then… Lilin sensei, from today onwards, I would like to ask you for your advice.”

Well, it really isn’t that simple!

Just like Li Yalin thought, Uomi values ​​the identity of the industry’s top mangaka Lilin sensei. She has made up her mind to use this identity to promote the school.

“You want me to create social media account?”

That’s right, Uomi really wants to borrow Li Yalin’s identity to promote the school, but she also knows very well that Rome was not built in a day and can’t do things in a hurry.

So her first suggestion for Li Yalin is to create a social media account.

She didn’t plan to immediately promote Lilin sensei’s enrollment at Eiryou High School, but wants to gradually complete her goal.

Creating a social media account is an important link.

There are also blogs in this world, and naturally there are also social media. Although the level of culture and entertainment is low, the internet is developing rapidly.

On this point, Li Yalin is also very clear. After he transmigrated, he had to either grind his manga or game, even when he is free, he always helps in the store, so he doesn’t have much time to surf the internet.

He was a little dazed when she suddenly asked him to create a social media account.

“Yes! It’s social media, you don’t know what social media is?”

Seeing him dazed, Uomi thought he didn’t know what social media is. This is normal. Although the internet is developing rapidly, not everyone likes to go online.

It is understandable that one or two outliers occasionally appear.

It’s just… why the hell you look at me like some bumpkin?

Feeling Uomi’s gaze, Li Yalin only felt that he was despised, isn’t it just a social media! Isn’t that simple?

After taking out his mobile phone and inquiring about the most popular social media site in the world, Li Yalin completed the registration in a familiar way.

As for the issue of real-name authentication, he also called Minano Matome. With the help of Weekly Young GONGON, the authentication should be completed soon.

The authentication process is not very troublesome. Minano Matome who received the call asked her staff to contact the official social media staff immediately after receiving the call. In about ten minutes, Li Yalin’s real-name authentication were finished.

Mangaka Lilin, Weekly Young GONGON signed mangaka, the representative work ‘Cat’s Eye’, head portrait, Li Yalin didn’t plan to use real photos for the time being, so he just drew an anime character and posted it.

How easy and simple.

“Look, I already created my social media account!”

Holding the phone in front of Uomi, he shook it triumphantly, but at this moment, Uomi also picked up her phone and shook it in front of him.

“Well, I follow you too, as your first fan.”

First fan…

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