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It was not because of Uomi’s aggressiveness that he created a social media account, but Li Yalin himself felt it was necessary.

In addition, he didn’t have any resistance in using his reputation to attract students. It’s better to say that he was already prepared for this.

After all, his task is to use various methods to increase the popularity of Eiryou High School. It’s not possible to complete this task without paying a small amount of capital.

Anyway, his true identity will be revealed sooner or later, and it was also a good choice to borrow this identity to complete the task.

It’s just that he has just risen to fame now, and it was not a good time to immediately reveal his real identity. He wants to wait until his influence reaches a certain level to achieve the best effect.

At this point, Uomi coincided with his ideas to create social media account to attract fans.

And he also figured this out before he registered immediately, and even asked the loli chief editor to help with the certification.


It was really awkward for him when Uomi said she was his first fan.

Having just completed the registration and certification, Li Yalin’s follow was really pitiful. The first one on his fan list is Uomi’s social media account.

As expected of Uomi student president, she has quite a lot of fans.

Uomi Chihiro, Eiryou High School student council student president, follow: 13, fans: 213.

On Li Yalin’s side, his follow is 0, while his fans…

Eh? 137?

His only fan was Uomi before he refresh it, but now, how come there are more than a hundred more follower?

Blinking his eyes, Li Yalin tried to refresh again.


452 fans?

What the hell?

Did the system malfunctioning?

Or was it someone sell fans to his account by mistake?

After Li Yalin took a closer look, he finally realized that it was the loli chief editor who advertised him.

Weekly Young GONGON’s official social media: Congratulations to Lilin sensei for joining social media @mangaka Lilin.

Under this social media, there are hundreds of comments.

No wonder.

Looking at his mobile phone screen, Li Yalin thought for a while, then write a line of text on his social media and saved it.

[Hello everyone, my name is mangaka Lilin.]

“Wow! It’s a living Lilin sensei!”

“Lilin sensei! I am your fan! I love your Cat’s Eye to death!”

“Excuse me, Lilin sensei, can you give us some spoiler for the next plot?”

“A close-up photo!”

After sending his first comment in social media, the following comments seemed to explode. There were dozens of more in an instant, and it quickly broke a hundred, continuously increasing.

“It’s indeed Lilin sensei, I have been doing this for so long before I can have more than two hundred fans. Now in just a few minutes, your fans have already broken thousands.”

Uomi has been following Li Yalin’s social media throughout the whole process. She naturally know what just happens. Seeing the comments, her mood is quite complicated at the moment.

For Uomi, social media is also a very important means of publicity, she took a lot of effort to manage her account.

On the other hand, Li Yalin surpassed her in less than a minute. There was no comparison between the two.

She can only sigh, it was the top mangaka Lilin sensei after all, no wonder that miss chief editor wanted to get his new work at all cost.

“Fan, huh… speaking of which, you are my first fan, so you’ll be the first one I follow.”

Li Yalin did not reply to the fans comments, because there were too many people, he could not replied to everyone.

However, not replying to comments does not mean that he has nothing to do. Click on Uomi’s avatar and click the follow button. In this way, mangaka Lilin’s social media follow has one more person.

Compared to the number of fans that rapidly breaking through a thousand and still keep increasing, his follow is very conspicuous.

Of course, he can’t just follow Uomi alone. After her, he also follow Weekly Young GONGON’s editor Otosuna Mihari, chief editor Minano Matome and the official social media.

However, his first follow is still Uomi.

“I am your first follow…”

Seeing her number of fans become 214, Uomi was stunned, an unspeakable feeling rose from her heart.

Yalin-kun’s first follow…

“Uomi student president, your plan is good, but I think it’s not a good thing if I reveal my identity too early. At this stage, the most I can do is to attract more fans’ attention.”

Uomi’s dazed did not last long, because Li Yalin’s words quickly brought her back to reality.

As he said, he can promote Eiryou High School on social media in the future, but not now. Mangaka Lilin can certainly attract the attention of a group of fans, but for him, this is far from enough.

This is just the beginning, and further efforts are needed!

“Well… I think so too, so you have to keep your activity to attract more fans.”

After coming to her senses, Uomi also nodded. At this point, she and Li Yalin had exactly the same idea.

Low-key development at this stage, and when the time is right, another outbreak will serve the best interests.

“Thank you… Yalin-kun…”

Turning her gaze to Li Yalin again, Uomi said her gratitude.

In fact, she also knew that there were some compulsive elements in her behavior, and he had no obligation to help her.

But he did not refuse, and even considered to help her!

How can she not say her gratitude to him?

“What’s to thank, it’s all for the school. And then again, Uomi student president, since we all plan to promote the school on social media, should the focus of future promotion be placed on the internet?”

Li Yalin certainly didn’t know what Uomi’s thoughts at the moment. He didn’t think he helped Uomi much. After all, it was his purpose and task to promote the school.

Thankfully Uomi doesn’t know the truth, otherwise, she won’t feel touched as she was now.

Li Yalin’s attention at this time has been diverted from social media.

Social media is indeed a good place for publicity, but that is for the future and won’t help much Eiryou High School for now.

But with this as the start, Li Yalin’s thinking naturally diverged. The internet in this world is developing rapidly, and all kinds of websites are readily available. Does this mean that the popularity of Eiryou High School can be improved through the Internet?

Well, this idea is pretty good!

So… where should they start?

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