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“Promote the school on the internet? Do you have any good ideas?”

It’s not that Uomi hadn’t thought about it. In fact, she had tried to promote the school, but the results were not satisfactory.

She is just a high school student president, she didn’t have much influence on internet.

Unless… there’s a novel ideas that can increase the popularity of Eiryou High School.

“Speaking of online promotion… the best way is school idol, right? I remember that the district high school revival plan also has this plan, right?”

Touching his chin, Li Yalin enters the thinking mode. In his opinion, only a few thing can attracts the attention of young people.

For online promotion, the school idol plan is undoubtedly a good direction.

“Although we have this plans, our school does not have talents in music and dance.”

Speaking of the district high school revival plan, Uomi also nodded slightly. She was also involved in the plan. Naturally, she was very clear about the school idol plan.

It’s a pity that Eiryou High School is a school that focuses on sports clubs. Except for sports clubs, the ghost clubs had nothing to show for.

For example, the light music club is in name only, it had no musical instrument, let alone club members.

So they had no way to create a school idol.

“Is it… this is really troublesome.”

Thinking of the state of the club in Eiryou High School, Li Yalin also had a headache. When he read the school’s club information, he could only give up.

It can’t be saved!

Should they give up?


Daily task: Save light music club (1).
Task content: Revive the light music club.
Task reward: Entry-level guitar options, entry-level popular singing options.
Task tips: Reviving the light music club is just the beginning. Please work hard to recruit new members. The system will release follow-up tasks as appropriate.


The system release tasks at this time?

Just as Li Yalin was considering whether to give up this idea or try to discover music talents in the school, the system suddenly issued a daily task.

Save the light music club, the system is really considerate, knowing when to come out to fight the fire, but… (1)? This means there will be (2)(3)(4) in the future?

From the task tips, once her revived the light music club, the new members must be selected carefully, as the system has said, it will release follow-up tasks as appropriate.

It was not a troublesome task, and he had no reason to refuse.

Unfortunately, it’s just an entry-level guitar and popular singing options. He’ll be more happy if he gets proficient or adept level.

Li Yalin had become accustomed to get proficient or adept level skills from system. He feel conflicted from getting entry-level.

He might have to level it up for it to come in handy.

Besides… is it just guitar and popular singing? How much can he recall about the songs before transmigrated?

Rescue Eiryou High School side task: The third step to creative path.
Task content: Upgrade the guitar options and singing options to adept level.
Task reward: A selection of Japanese songs encyclopaedia (1).
Task tips: As long as you persevere in training, you can get rewards. Keep grinding.


The system publishes daily tasks. As long as he revive the light music club, he can get two entry-level options. Although this is good, Li Yalin still feels a little unsatisfied. He felt the reward didn’t match the work he need to do.

The cover songs from this world is not enough to attract attention. If we talk about classics, we must also talk about the world before he was transmigrated.

Speaking of singing, Li Yalin would occasionally go to KTV before being transmigrated, but it just an amateur level. Regarding the lyrics, there are few songs that he can remember completely.

Originally, he was still wondering whether or not to translate the few songs he knew into Japanese, but then the system issued a second task to him.

And save Eiryou High School side task!

The third step to creative path?

A selection of Japanese songs encyclopaedia (1)?

System! You are really good to me!

But… what the hell it mean by keep grinding?

Is this tsukomi?

It must be!

“No other way…”

Of course, Uomi knew nothing about Li Yalin’s receiving the system task. Seeing Li Yalin’s silence, she also sighed softly.

In her opinion, the school idol plan is actually a good one. At this moment, the entertainment and culture industry is in the early stage of development. The state supports it, and the people are looking forward to it. Once a high-quality school idol appears, Eiryou High School will became famous all over the country!

Yes, not just the Japan district, but all over the country!

Uomi is very confident, but she’s lacking the necessary materials to accomplish them. She can’t find a suitable candidate.

“It’s too early to give up, Uomi student president.”

Just as Uomi sighed, Li Yalin had already retracted his mind from the system. At this moment, his face was filled with a confident smile.

“To implement the school idol plan, the first step we need to do now is to revive the light music club!”

“You want to revive the light music club?”

Although he looks a bit boastful, Li Yalin is indeed a very handsome boy, especially when he smiles, it can charm the girls.

Though she didn’t show it in front of him, Uomi must admit that her heart beating hard sometimes because of him.

Right now, his confident smile made Uomi’s heart raced at once, but what he said made her eyes widen.

Revive the light music club?

Is that plan really feasible?

“That’s right! Reviving the light music club is just the beginning. Next, we have to select suitable members and form a school idol group.”

“Since it was a school idol, our priority is handsome boy and pretty girl. We’ll also prioritize those with musical instruments expertise. I don’t believe in this big Eiryou High School, we can’t find a few students who can play music!”

Although the current light music club is a ghost club, it does not mean that the school has no students who can play music. And even if there’s none, he can just teach them from scratch!

Li Yalin doesn’t believe with the backing of system, he can’t still create a school idol.

Even if it doesn’t work in the end, he’ll debut alone and complete this task!

Isn’t it just being an idol? Not a big deal!

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