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As a ghost club of Eiryou High School, the light music club is really invisible like a ghost. Not only does it have no club members, even their former clubroom is occupied by sports club.

It’s really miserable.

But it doesn’t matter, Li Yalin didn’t show much expectation from the beginning. He can just find the club member if it had none, and borrow the gaming club site if it had no clubroom. In short, he just need to revive the light music club to complete his daily tasks.

Uomi can solve this matter easily so there is no obstacle here.

For the school, Uomi doesn’t mind opening a back door for Li Yalin.


Leveling, he’s really going to grind again.

In order to complete the side task, Li Yalin must first grind the two entry-level options to proficient, which is a difficult job.

Fortunately, the method to increase the proficiency of guitar and popular singing options is the same. Playing a song or singing a song can increase the proficiency a little.

In other words, Li Yalin can play guitar and sing by himself, doing this improved both options a little bit, which pleased him.

If it weren’t for this loophole, perhaps he would have to grind hard.

“Onii-chan do you carry… a guitar?”

After school, Li Yalin did not choose to go home immediately, but went to the musical instrument store and bought a guitar.

Although the price is a bit expensive, the quality is quite good, at least it was enough for him at this stage.

And after he returned to Rabbit House with his guitar on his back, it immediately attracted the attention of the girls.

Especially Cocoa, this girls likes to join in the fun the most. Seeing the guitar case behind Li Yalin, her eyes immediately beamed and trot all the way to him.

Obviously, she was quite interested in his guitar.

“Well, I just bought the guitar, I am going to practice it for a while.”

Since Cocoa is so interested, Li Yalin passed the guitar case behind him to her. She was his imouto anyway, he didn’t mind giving her a look.

“It turns out that onii-chan can also play guitar! That’s amazing!”

After taking the guitar case and opening it, Cocoa’s eyes flashed brightly.

It’s a pity that she doesn’t know anything about guitars, even if she flicks the strings back and forth, she can only make a squeaky sound.

Realizing that the sound of her plucking strings is really not good, Cocoa’s mouth suddenly contracted, but soon she recovered and returned the guitar in her hand to Li Yalin.

Those big twinkling eyes seemed to be able to talk, making it clear that she wanted Li Yalin to play a song.

“I’m just a beginner, so I do’t want to show my incompetence. I’ll play for you guys after I have practiced.”

After taking over the guitar, Li Yalin did not play on the spot as Cocoa had hoped. Although he has an entry-level guitar option, his guitar playing skills have reached the level of ordinary guitar lovers, but he feels that it is far from enough.

Yes, in his opinion, even the proficient level will not work. He will only show his skill after reaching adept level!

“Does onii-chan plans to perform guitar in Rabbit House later on?”

At this time, Chino also came over from the bar. Although she was also curious about Li Yalin’s bringing back the guitar, she would not be as excited as Cocoa.

She was just a little puzzled, wondering if Li Yalin would play guitar in the store, just like his piano.

“Well… I’ll talk about it later when I have a chance. This is a job I took, I plan to serve as the light music club president and revive the light music club. The main goal at this stage is to train my guitar skill. I’ll consider showing my skill to you guys later.”

Shaking his head towards Chino, Li Yalin didn’t plan to show his incompetence in front of everyone, not to mention to perform in the store.

“Reviving the light music club? Onii-chan, your recent work is too much, right? Does your body can really take it?”

Hearing him want to revive the light music club, Chino’s pretty eyebrows creased slightly.

She knows that Li Yalin become the gaming club president in Eiryou High School, and wants to help the students president to revive the school.

Not only that, after returning home, he still has to play piano for the customer, and then has to spare time to draw manga, so much work is imposed on him, will he collapse under pressure?

My own onii-chan… he don’t know how to take care of his body!

“No problem, I am not too busy lately anyway, and it’s just leisure entertainment for me.”

Feeling her worries, Li Yalin cant help smiled slightly. Her concerns made him very warm.


Even though he said that to Chino, he really wanted to grind!


Adept options!

As said before, Li Yalin had an obsessive-compulsive disorder. Once he can’t finish a task, he will feel very uncomfortable. This is the case when he’s doing tasks in games before he was transmigrated. The same is true for system tasks after being transmigrated.

To reach the adept level from the entry level, a total of 500 points of proficiency is required. If he play a three-minute song, it will take him at least 1500 minutes, which is 25 hours.

In this way, he can complete this task as long as he keep doing it for a day and a night.

But he’d surely die if he keep playing guitar and sing non-stop, so he will have to find loopholes to take advantage of.

Three-minute song is long, so try to find a shorter song. Anyway, the system only requires him play or sing a song to increase proficiency, and there is no rule for the length of the song.

In other words, those relatively short children’s song and folk song are most in line with Li Yalin’s standards.

But even so, playing guitar and singing five hundred times in a row is enough for him to feel like throwing up. He sings in his own room at night, and during the day when he goes to school, he ran to the rooftop to sing. Even if he was sitting on the toilet, he still tried to play guitar and sing.

After he completed task, he feel like not wanting to touch the guitar anymore, his fingers feel cramped already!

Of course the harvest was quite impressive after paying the price.

After the two options successively reach adept level, he got the system rewards!

Guitar playing attractiveness +3.

Singing attractiveness +3.

Both abilities have reached the professional level, plus the special bonus of proficient level, it can definitely caused the schoolgirl to scream if he come out to play guitar and sing a song!

Of course, what Li Yalin cares more about is the reward for completing the side task, a selection of Japanese songs encyclopaedia (1). What kind of surprises will it bring him?

The system product will certainly not let him down. Facts have also proved that this selection of Japanese songs is really awesome!

It was a big harvest for him!

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