Cafe 16

“So you are Li Yalin sensei! I am so sorry for bothering you!”

This beautiful OL bishoujo dress is not like a student but she seems to be inexperienced. Her reaction is very interesting when she see Lin Yalin, she bow her head down as if being shocked.

He is not some kind of important figure, does she need to react like that?

Maybe… is this a fanatic fangirl?

Watching the girl carefully, Li Yalin kept his mind wondering. The other party could know his true identity must have some backing. Without that, she could not investigate his real address.

Rich and powerful ojou-sama?

Doesn’t look like it. If it’s really ojou-sama, why wear an OL outfit?

Even with Li Yalin’s observation, he can be sure that the OL suit on her is definitely not too expensive, like something an ordinary working class would wear.

What’s going on?

“That… I’m Elite publisher’s newcomer editor Otosuna Mihari, pleased to meet you sensei!”

While Li Yalin keep pondering. The girl on the opposite side finally realized that she seems not introduced herself yet.

Although it was a little late, she quickly remedied it. It’s just… she really in state of panic.

“So it’s Otosuna editor, nice to meet you.”

She turned out to be a publisher’s editor, which was somewhat beyond Li Yalin’s expectation. Although he had long known that uploading Cat Eye’s would attract the attention of the magazine. But an editor directly came to find him was not within his expectations.

In his opinion, when Cat Eye getting more popular, he should first receive a call from the magazine, this is the standard routine.

But now an editor come to the door directly, and the other party claims to be the editor of Elite publisher and not the editor of Weekly Young Fiery.

Elite publisher and Weekly Young Fiery is closely connected but they do not interfere with each other. In this case, the publisher’s editor come personally is really unexpected.

Maybe the publisher fancy the potential of this original work and ready to publish tankōbon directly? If this is the case, then Li Yalin really feels like making a big profit.

But… it’s just a newcomer editor, even if they are optimistic about Cat Eye, it is definitely limited. After all, if they really think highly of this book, they should have send a senior editor instead of this newcomer.

To say the least, if they really don’t attach importance to Cat Eye, why the publishers painstakingly try to find his address? Can they just makes a phone call?

Calling him is much easier than investigating a person who only left a bank card with his name, right?

With the girl introduce herself as Elite Publisher’s newcomer editor Otosuna Mihari, Li Yalin’s mind become active. Although he is not very good at dealing with pretty girls, but if it is this nervous newcomer editor then he can still manage.

Let’s find the real situation first.

“Otosuna editor special visit, is there anything to discuss with me?”

Probably because Otosuna Mihari was too nervous, Li Yalin become very calm. First, he invited the girl to sit at the table and let Chino help brew a cup of coffee before continuing the conversation with a smile.

“Thank you very much, it’s actually like this… “

As Li Yalin has seen, Otosuna Mihari is indeed very nervous. This is her first job after entering the publisher and also her first job. The most important thing is that this is her first contact with mangaka.

Although Li Yalin has just uploaded two manga chapter, it has caused quite a lot of waves. Not only it’s popular with readers, but it also stirred the industry. After all, such a refined style and novel plots have never appeared in the manga world. The emergence of Cat Eye may represent an innovation in the manga world.

Before coming, Otosuna Mihari received many tips from the chief editor. While on the road, she repeatedly outline her words, thinking about how to talk after meeting Li Yalin.

It’s a pity that when she actually faced Li Yalin, her brain was almost blank and all the previously plan become useless.

If Li Yalin’s temperament is not so steady, she may become more awkward.

Yalin sensei is not only very young but also a very gentle person.

Holding a hot coffee cup in her hand, Otosuna Mihari couldn’t help but came up with such thought that she could calm down thanks to Yalin sensei.

If it’s like this, she should be able to complete the task given by chief editor.

Thinking like this in her heart, Otosuna Mihari want to explain her intentions, but at this critical moment, a very awkward event occurred.

“Gururu… “

This is a belly growling sound and a very big belly growling. As for the source of this sound… Li Yalin and Chino looked at each other and then fixed their eyes on Otosuna Mihari’s belly.

That’s right, this is definitely Otosuna Mihari’s stomach growling. Such a loud sound, no one can ignore it even if they want to.

“I… “

Otosuna Mihari received the task when she was about to leave work in the afternoon. She hurried came her while feeling really tired and hungry. She didn’t feel it when she’s nervous. But when she’s relaxed, her body naturally relaxed. This caused ger tummy to scream.

This is something normal. But at such an awkward moment, Otosuna Mihari just said half the words, now she is unsure on how to continue?

Otosuna Mihari’s pretty face turned red at once. Her speech stopped abruptly and her whole body seemed to be petrified and solidified on the chair.

“Sorry for the long wait… we have a customer?”

When Otosuna Mihari was petrified, Rize come back after ended her call to her family. She then saw there is more people in the store and thought it was a customer.

“This is the editor of Elite publisher, Otosuna Mihari. Now that Rize-san is ready, let’s go to the barbecue restaurant. It seems Otosuna editor haven’t eaten dinner yet. How about going together and have a chat while we are eating?”

Rize appearance easied the awkward atmosphere to some extent, and Li Yalin also saw that it would become more awkward if he didn’t say anything.

After shaking his head and briefly introducing them, he then fixed his eyes on Otosuna Mihari.

In this case, they can use the dining table to solve the awkwardness. After all, it is the best place to shorten the distance between people.

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