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After being rewarded by system, fifty selected Japanese songs were drilled into Li Yalin’s mind. Among them, there are some familiar to him, and some he has never heard of, but no matter which song, it can be called classics.

At least Li Yalin knows he earns big this time!

With fifty selected ‘original’ songs, would it be easy for him to start a school idol?

It’s a pity that the styles of these fifty selected songs are very different, from male voices, female voices, and even group choruses, so he still need to carefully consider before using these songs.

Of course it wasn’t a problem for him.

“Club president, what club activities are we going to do next?”

Haven’t seen their club president for two days, as members of the gaming club, Aoba and Nene feel a bit at a loss. Although they really enjoyed playing games in the clubroom every day, this club… not just playing games, right?

Normally, shouldn’t they do club activities?

Aoba can’t help but asked him once she saw him.

Why she has to remind the club president about club activities?

“Club activities?”

Li Yalin appeared in the gaming club for a long time after completing the task from the system, but being questioned as soon as he appeared made him hesitated for a while.

Club activities of gaming club?

How does he know what activity to carry out!

After all, his original intention of setting up the gaming club was just to complete the task. Now that Generation XTH has been completed and the game fest has also ended, so the existence of this club is of no more significance.

But in the final analysis, Li Yalin was not alone. There are also two cute girls members in the club, so he can’t just ignore them all the time.

They also helped a lot at the game fest, right?

Hmm… club activity…

“Our next club activity is to find school idol!”

After hesitating for a while, Li Yalin finally said his answer, but what he said made Aoba dumbfounded.

“Looking for school idol?”

Aoba doesn’t know what to say about the goal of their club activity. What is the relationship between school idol and gaming club?

Could it be that the club president next game will be related to school idol?

“Yes! We’ll be looking for school idol!”

Li Yalin nodded heavily toward the dazed Aoba, but immediately afterwards, he leaned forward and began to carefully discern the girl in front of him.

A beautiful face, although she looks young and immature, she has the potential to be an idol.

Not only Aoba, but Nene is also a pretty cute girl. Isn’t this a great opportunity to launch them as a female duos?

After all, this pair of CP looks cute, doesn’t it?

“Aoba, wanna become a school idol?”


Aoba had confused look by his suddeon question.

Become a school idol?


Is this the latest joke of this year?

“No no no no! How could I be a school idol! Impossible! Absolutely impossible!”

Li Yalin feels that Aoba really has the potential to become an idol. She was a cute girls. Cuteness is justice, and cuteness is the truth.

It’s a pity that after realizing that Li Yalin really intends to make her into a school idol, Aoba’s little head shook with a rattle. Her series of denials did not give Li Yalin a chance to persuade her.

No way, Aoba doesn’t think she can become an idol.

It didn’t come as a surprise, don’t look at her friendly attitude when facing acquaintances. She is a lovely and cheerful girl, but she always get nervous in front of strangers.

If she were to be on stage, she may freeze into a log immediately.

“Nene didn’t want to either.”

Aoba refuses, of course Nene would be the same. Although she seems to be interested in school idol, she would rather be with Aoba than to become an idol.

They are really a good pair of CP!

Although he lamented so in his heart, it still made him regretful being rejected two times.

His plan meet a stumbling block at the very beginning, can he really achieve his goal?

“Club president… why are you looking for school idol?”

Li Yalin was rejected because Aoba was not good with crowds, but she was very curious about his plan to find school idol.

Is it for his new game, or for other reasons?

Aoba would like to know the answer to this question.

“Of course it’s for our school.”

Although Aoba and Nene joined the gaming club, they didn’t know why he create this club. Li Yalin didn’t say it before, but now, he thought of explaining it to them.

After all, he should have talked about this a long time ago.

“I see… no wonder Uomi student president spares no effort to promote gaming club.”

After listening to Li Yalin’s explanation, Aoba and Nene finally understood the cause and effect. In fact, they were still wondering before. Although the game made by their club president has achieved very impressive results, the publicity in the school is too much, right?

Thanks to the publicity, some friends in their class are asking about the gaming club.

It now appears that it was actually to save the school.

“Club president… although I can’t become a school idol, I will do my best to help you!”

Aoba was very moved after learning the truth. She did not expect that Eiryou High School was facing such a crisis. The club president and students president, who work hard to save the school, were so selfless!

In contrast, she who did nothing at all was really too small.

Although she doesn’t know what she can do, she is still willing to provide the club president with help within her capacity!

No matter what!

Of course don’t want to become a school idol, Aoba had no such courage anyway.

“Nene too!”

After Aoba expressed her opinion, Nene also raised her hand at the same time. Although she was not as touched like Aoba, but her friends said so, she certainly couldn’t leave herself behind.

“I’ll ask you two then.”

Li Yalin couldn’t help smiling facing the two lovely and beautiful members.
Although it was a shame he can’t make them into a school idol, their supports make him very happy.

So… let’s start working hard!

Eiryou High School’s school idol, let me discover you!


Hold on, before looking for school idol, he need to find more assistance. Just Aoba and Nene wouldn’t be enough.

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