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“In my opinion, Minami Haruka-san is a very good candidate for school idol. Her recent popularity seems to be pretty good too, she had a lot of admirers.”

Apart from Aoba and Nene, who is Li Yalin’s next aid choice?

The answer to this question is very simple, no one other than Uomi student president.

After all, she is the real initiator.

Hearing Li Yalin’s intentions, Uomi also fell into deep thinking. The school idol plan is relaunched. How can they break the current awkward status quo?

She never thought much about this issue before, but now it was suddenly mentioned, it’s really hard to come up with candidates.

So in the end, Uomi can only think of Haruka, the most popular girl at the moment.

“Forget about Haruka. Her family situation is a bit special so she can’t be a school idol.”

Regarding Uomi’s proposal, Li Yalin denied it without much thought. He knew exactly what happened to Haruka’s family, she won’t agree to become a school idol.

“Oh? You address her name directly? Your relationship seems to be much closer.”

Li Yalin did not hesitate to deny it, but in return Uomi’s playful eyes.

Before at the game fest, he still call her Minami-san, but now he actually call her Haruka directly.

What this means, of course Uomi has this account in mind.

“This isn’t the focus of our discussion today, right?”

Helplessly looking at Uomi, Li Yalin was quite speechless to the crooked mind of this student president-sama. They are discussing about idol candidates right now, this is not the time to care about how he address other!


Against his retort, Uomi didn’t continue to speak at all. Instead, she stared at him closely, he couldn’t see the thoughts in her eyes.

It was said that the eyes are the windows of the soul, but Uomi student president’s soulless eyes can cover all thoughts.

What kind of stunt is this!

I will call the police if you keep staring at me like that!


Uomi stared at Li Yalin closely, causing the atmosphere to be very dignified for a while. On this awkward occasion, Aoba suddenly raised her hand timidly.

“If it’s a school idol, I do have a candidate to introduce.”

“Oh? Aoba, you found a suitable candidate?”

After hearing Aoba’s words, Li Yalin’s face lit up at once. He turned his gaze to Aoba, ignoring Uomi’s stare.

He did not expect that Aoba would unexpectedly brought him an unexpected surprise.

“Um… Kohinata Yukari-san, who is in my class, seems to have been in a magazine before. Isn’t that an idol-like job? She is also very beautiful and popular with the boys. I think she is very suitable to be school idol.”

Although she doesn’t know if the person she introduced is really suitable, Aoba still speaks according to her own feelings.

“Kohinata Yukari senpai? She is indeed the most popular girl in the third grade. If it is her, she does have the qualifications to become an idol.”

Aoba’s voice just fell off, and Uomi also picked up the subject. It was obvious that she was quite familiar with Kohinata Yukari-san.

In fact, if Haruka is the goddess recognized by the second grade schoolboys, then Kohinata Yukari is the princess in the minds of the third grade schoolboys.

She has a tall figure and a beautiful appearance, not only from a famous family, but also with a gentle personality.

You will have no regrets in life if you can get such a girl.

Unfortunately, although Kohinata Yukari-san has a good personality, she has always maintained a corresponding distance from the schoolboys, and has no thought of dating at all. This also sinks the hearts of countless boys.

She is really very similar to Haruka in this point.

“A third grader? Do you think that Kohinata Yukari senpai will agree to become a school idol?”

Hearing the name Kohinata Yukari, Li Yalin felt a little familiar, as if he had heard it somewhere, but he couldn’t remember it clearly.

But there is one important point that everyone needs to face.

Even if Kohinata Yukari is really suitable to become a school idol, she is also a third-year student. Unlike the first-year and second-year students, third-year students have to face the pressure of graduation.

Whether going to university or get a job, one had to spend considerable energy. In this case, is it possible for Kohinata Yukari senpai to join the light music club?

From a practical point of view, this is really unlikely, so Li Yalin is more willing to put his goals in the first and second grades.

First grade is the best, second grade is also good, but third graders…

Too much issues.

“You are right…”

Li Yalin said the biggest issue. The girls fell silent, especially Aoba and Nene. They are also third-year students, and they know how much the pressure is.

“It’s useless to think so much now. Instead of guessing, we should go and meet Kohinata Yukari senpai!”

After a while, Uomi broke the silence. She is a ‘doer’ type of a person and will take action immediately when she had something in mind.

Anyway, whether they succeed or not, they just need to meet her in person, so why bother here?

“Makes sense.”

Uomi’s proposal was approved by Li Yalin. Indeed, there is no use in guessing here. It was better to meet the real person directly.

Student president proposes, club president approved, naturally no one will object.

So after school, Li Yalin and Uomi went directly to block the door of the third grade, and finally met the legendary Kohinata Yukari senpai.

Very beautiful!

This is Li Yalin’s first impression after seeing Kohinata Yukari.

With beautiful face and tall figure, coupled with her long golden hair, it’s no wonder that she will become the goddess in the hearts of third-grade schoolboys.


What’s this familiar feeling?

An ojou-sama with gentle disposition, Kohinata Yukari…



He knews her!

He meet with some he knew again!

After seeing Kohinata Yukari, Li Yalin finally remembered that this Kohinata Yukari is also a main character in the anime he has seen.

Of course, even though he recognized the identity of the other party, Li Yalin didn’t make a fuss. It should be said that it didn’t surprises him anymore if he meet someone he knews in this world.

And it’s still a world with various changes in the plot.

For example, Kohinata Yukari, according to the original plot, she seems to have become a local idol in the second grade. But now, she is an ordinary senior high school student at Eiryou High School.

So… the original local idol, turned into being invited to become a school idol?

The story of ordinary female high school students want to become school idol, it does sounds pretty good.

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