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“May I ask the two came to see me for…”

You will know the famous Uomi student president as long as you are a student of Eiryou High School, as well as Li Yalin who also become a hot topic within Eiryou High School recently, the school magazine also frequently published photos and reports about him.

But what the two of them wanted from her, as an ordinary female high school student, Kohinata Yukari only felt very puzzled.

“Hello Kohinata Yukari senpai, do you have time? We want to chat with you.”

After seeing Kohinata Yukari, Li Yalin knew that she is definitely an excellent idol candidate.

It’s just whether the other party is willing to become a school idol, this requires further communication and understanding, so now is the time for him and Uomi to persuade her!

“School idol?”

Inviting Kohinata Yukari to the student council, Uomi spoke, and briefly described her and Li Yalin’s thoughts.

And looking at Kohinata Yukari across from them, she was lost in thought.

“I’m sorry, although I want to help, but I don’t seem to have much time for idol activities.”

In order to convince the other party, Uomi showed the current situation of Eiryou High School after saying her intention. As a member of Eiryou High School, she hoped that Kohinata Yukari could help her.

It’s a pity that after much talking, Kohinata Yukari still apologized and refused after long consideration.

“So Kohinata senpai is worried about entering a higher education?”

The senior students are very busy, which is completely understandable, and Uomi is also prepared to persuade her in this regard.

As the students president, her eloquence is certainly not a problem. Even though she usually doesn’t have the slightest integrity, her ability is beyond doubt.

“If it’s about entering a higher education, we can ask the school to help give the green light.”

Special circumstances are treated specially. If the school idol project can be successful, Uomi is not only confident that the school can give the green light, but it will not be a problem even if it is a higher education.

She believe that many students cannot refuse this condition.

“Hmm… actually like this. I plan to study in the capital after graduation and plan to learn Chinese before graduation, so…”

Uomi can give Kohinata Yukari the green light, but the problem is that she can’t get through some back doors.

It was true that the education system in the Japan district is self-contained. Borrowing the face of Eiryou High School, entering a higher education is certainly not a problem.

But Kohinata Yukari didn’t even plan to go to a university in the district. Instead, she planned to leave the district and study at the university in the imperial capital of China. There is a place where students from all over the country meet, so a small district high school does not have that much face there.

So this is very awkward.

Yes, Kohinata Yukari’s answer made Uomi very awkward. No matter how much she spoke, she is only a students president of a small school. The back door within the scope of her authority can be opened at will, but she can’t do anything if it exceeds her scope.

What else she can do when she says she wants to study in the capital?

Although the district was incorporated into the empire and major colleges and universities have offered Chinese courses, it’s still very difficult to speak fluent Mandarin.

Kohinata Yukari wants to go to the capital, mastering proficiency in Mandarin is the foundation of the basics. She wants to spend a year to study, it is perfectly normal.

Is this the dead end?

“I see, can I know why Kohinata senpai want to study in the capital? Or… Kohinata senpai, mind telling us about your life goals and ideals?”

While Uomi felt frustrated by Kohinata Yukari’s answer, Li Yalin suddenly asked questions.
Because at this moment, he suddenly had a flash of inspiration and wanted to verify something.

“My life goals and ideals?”

Li Yalin’s sudden question stunned Kohinata Yukari. Although she don’t know why the famous kouhai in front of her asked this question, she still answered after a while.

“My ideal is probably to revive my hometown.”

Kohinata Yukari grew up in Nagarekawa city, which is a very ordinary small city. Although it’s not big, it’s her favorite hometown.

Unfortunately, with the passage of time, her originally populous hometown has gradually fallen into decline and depression.

Most young people now yearn for those prosperous cities. They want to chase their future and dreams. However, when they go, few people will come back, leaving only the elderly and immature children.

If this continues, when the elderly pass away and the children grow up and leave, Nagarekawa city will completely become a ghost city with no one on the street, and not seeing a few families from afar!

Kohinata Yukari didn’t want her hometown to become a ghost city. She went to the capital to study, just to learn all kinds of knowledge and hope to revive her hometown with her own ability.

She is really an ideal girl.

“You are really amazing Kohinata senpai.”

When Kohinata Yukari finished talking about her ideals and wishes, Li Yalin applauded gently. Although some plots have changed, it have not changed completely.

Nagarekawa city is still the same Nagarekawa city, and Kohinata Yukari is still the same Kohinata Yukari, and her ideal is still that ideal.

“But have you ever thought that even if you go to the capital to study and return to your hometown after five years, can you really revive your hometown?”

Although Kohinata Yukari’s ideals are worthy of admiration, the facts will not change because of ideals.

Can a city that is about to become desolate be revived by one person?


Kohinata Yukari is very aware of the current situation in her hometown. After all, her family was once the largest local family in Nagarekawa city.

It’s a pity that the Kohinata family moved out of Nagarekawa city a long time ago, and never thought of spending huge sums of money to revive their former home.

Because everyone knows Nagarekawa city’s decline will happen sooner or later, and even the most favored woman at home cannot change the family’s resolve.

Therefore, all ideals can only be realized by her, but the question is, can she really succeed?

From a factual point of view, it was really difficult.

But Kohinata Yukari didn’t want to give up.

“To rejuvenate a city, the strength of one person is not enough, but… if one person is not enough, we can mobilize everyone’s strength to work together!”

“Does Kohinata sempai have heard of the fan effect?”

“Currently, the empire is vigorously developing the cultural and entertainment industry, and young people also admired celebrities and idols. In the eyes of those fans, what idols do is right and worthy of emulation.”

“Once Kohinata senpai become a star idol, and then use your reputation to develop Nagarekawa city, what kind of effect it can achieve?”

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