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Li Yalin’s words were very straightforward and eye-poping.

Yes, although the culture and entertainment of this world are in the initial stage of development, the economic benefits that idols can bring are obvious to all. Look at the idols promoted every day on TV and thousands of fan groups on the internet, it proved the feasibility of the idol path.

“But still, I don’t think I can become an idol star that affects so many fans…”

After hearing Li Yalin’s words, Kohinata Yukari’s eyes lit up. Using idols to revive her town seems very possible.


Can she really become an idol?

Although her figure isn’t that bad, it was not that simple to become an idol, right?

“You have to walk step by step and do thing that you can do. How will you know if you haven’t tried them Kohinata senpai?”

Seeing that Kohinata Yukari was already tempted, Li Yalin quickly added another bait.

“Furthermore, we didn’t plan to make a debut in the entertainment industry right away, we’ll start from school idol activities.”

“We’ll carry out the school idol work for one year, if it succeeds, it will not be a problem for Kohinata senpai to make an official debut and become an idol. And you won’t lose anything even if it really fail.”

“By the way, Kohinata senpai, if you want to learn Chinese, I’ll help you train in daily speaking. Isn’t this better than learning by yourself?”

Yes, as Li Yalin said, she won’t loss anything if they fails in one year.

What’s more, if Kohinata Yukari wants to learn Chinese, he can help her, which is definitely better than learning by herself.

No matter what, she seemed to have no reason to refuse.

“I’ve never thought you are so good at talking?”

Finally, under Li Yalin’s persuasion, Kohinata Yukari successfully joined the light music club. However, after sending her away from the student council, Uomi looked at him in surprise.

She thought that she had failed when she get rejected. But unexpectedly, she was moved with just a few words after Li Yalin came out in person.

This gap is too big, right?

“I’m just explaining the facts to Kohinata senpai, why would you think I am good at talking?”

Rolling his eyes at Uomi, Li Yalin didn’t want to explain more.

Anyway, they got one club member, which is a good sign. Why care about something unnecessary?

Kohinata Yukari joined the light music club is indeed a good start, but adding more club member isn’t as smooth as expected.

Although the poster has been posted on the public notice board, no one cares at all, not even people who curious anout the club want to join.

“There are only two people… this is a failure too…”

Even if he had predicted the result, the facts still shocked him.

Lying on the table in the clubroom temporarily shared by the gaming club and the light music club, he lose all his energy.

“Many people didn’t understand why the light music club were revived. It is definitely not that simple to recruit new people.”

Seeing him get discouraged, Uomi beside him also offered comfort.

But then again, as the students president, she should have a lot of work. Why doesn’t she does her work, but like to stay in their club room?

“Forget it, there’s nothing we can do. I am better off now, it didn’t matter if it just me and Kohinata senpai. Anyway, Aoba and Nene will also help.”

Taking a look at Uomi, Li Yalin was silently tsukomi in his heart. Although her comfort is very helpful, but from a factual point of view, you are an irrelevant person in our club!

“I think… club president and Kohinata-san can participate in some event, or… launch works? As long as it get famous, someone should be interested in light music club.”

Aoba-san is still very concerned about the work of his club president. Unlike Nene who still playing games in front of the computer that worth tsukomi.

“Participating in an event? Is it an idol activities? I don’t have any basis now. Is it really okay?”

For Aoba’s proposal, Kohinata Yukari were a little uneasy. Although she had worked as a magazine model, it was just an accidental cameo, not her job.

She has no idea about idol activities. The reason why she joined the light music club is only because of Li Yalin’s previous persuasion.

Now that she has actually entered the club, she still doesn’t know what she can do.

“Forget about participating in an event, we don’t have any reputation yet so we won’t be able to attracts spectators.”

“But works…”

Aoba’s proposal does moved Li Yalin a bit, not about participating in idol activities, but about launching new works.

“Choose a popular single cover nowadays? It seems viable.”

Seeing him come up with an idea, Uomi was also interested. Regarding the launch of school idol plan, she had considered many good ideas.

Covering classic songs is one of her favorite ideas.

“Cover song?”

Seeing Uomi’s full of interest, Li Yalin cant help blinked.

Did he say they will do cover song?

“If it’s a cover song, Nene can also make some suggestions!”

At some point, Nene in front of the computer also put down her game and joined their discussion.

Everyone seems to be very interested in the upcoming works of light music club. They expressed their opinions and reported the names of their favorite songs.

But the problem is…

“Who said I’m going for cover song?”

Although he didn’t really want to dispel everyone’s enthusiasm, Li Yalin never mentioned about cover singing, right?

Light music club does not create their own original song, is it still called light music club?

In his impression, light music club can create songs in a matter of minutes. After a bit of thinking and testing, and then go to the beach for a few days, won’t the new song come out? Why bother with cover song?

“You want play original song?”

Li Yalin didn’t know how shocked everyone was by what he said, and it was obvious that as a an otaku, he was also misled by anime.

Creating songs is not something that can be created at any time, especially in this world where cultural entertainment has just begun to develop, there are not many classic songs that emerged.

Even many idols who have just debuted will choose to sing classic songs in their debut. There’s no way a school idol will play original song.

At least for now, no one has seen school idol launched original songs.

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