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“This… is there anything wrong?”

Suddenly being watched closely by four girls, Li Yalin took a half step back subconsciously, but he didn’t think of what he said wrong.

“You can write lyrics and music?”

After a while, Uomi student president spoke quietly.

“Didn’t I say it?”

Scratching the back of his head, Li Yalin backed away again. He always had the illusion that this student president-sama wanted to swallow himself.

“Then quickly sing for us!”


Do you want to be so unanimous?

Okay, I’ll just sing it.

With fifty selected songs in his head, Li Yalin certainly won’t have a stage fright, but which song to choose still needs to be considered.

At the moment, the members of the light music club are only him and Kohinata Yukari, so in other words, this song is best performed in a chorus of two.


Couple song?

Seems like he has them.

Without using his own guitar, Li Yalin took the girls all the way to the music classroom. There was no one in the classroom at this time and the piano could be used casually.

Obviously, the four girls who didn’t expect Li Yalin to play the piano were all very surprised.

“The club president can actually play piano?”

Aoba casts her gaze on Uomi. To say who the most familiar to Li Yalin among them, it can be said to be her.

“I am not sure as well.”

Shaking her head, Uomi only knows that Li Yalin is a genius in making games, and as Lilin sensei who draws classic manga, but piano…

Is he also proficient in piano?

What can he not do?

Many girls like boy who can play musical instruments, especially on campus. Being able to master a musical instrument can definitely easily attract the attention of girls.

Li Yalin at this moment is naturally the same.

Seeing him sitting at the piano, the girls’ eyes showed expectation.

“My song… is a duet, but this is my first time singing it. After Kohinata senpai is familiar with it, the two of us will work together.”

Before starting his play, Li Yalin did not forget to remind everyone that he had made up his mind to use this song as the first work of light music club.


Let’s start!

As his fingers bounced lightly on the piano, the gentle sound of music flowed into everyone’s ears. Just hearing the intro, the girls’ bodies became stiff.

This melody…


Adept level’s popular singing method, with his adept level’s piano performance while singing a song, the effect is undoubtedly very shocking.

永遠はただの一秒から this song, Li Yalin has never heard of it before, but never heard of it does not mean that this song is not good.

At least he sang the song now, the gentle and mild singing voice has completely indulged the four girls.

At the end, after finishing the last piano note, he turned his eyes to everyone and found that the four girls didn’t even react at all.

What happened?

How about the song, at least give me some reaction!

Seeing the girls staring at themselves in a daze, Li Yalin cant help muttered in his heart. In all fairness, he liked this song, especially after singing it in person, he has a better understanding and comprehension of this song.

But now it seems…

The effect is not very satisfactory?

This world can’t accept such tender love songs?

“How is it… give me some comment.”

After waiting for a while, he realized that everyone was still in a daze. Li Yalin reluctantly tapped the keyboard to remind everyone to come to their senses.

Was it good or not, should you guys give your opinion?

“So amazing! Club president you are so amazing! Did you compose this song? You are this good at singing?”

The sound of the piano indeed snapped them out of daze, but the next moment after regaining consciousness, Aoba pounced on him.

No way, she is so excited now. She dare to swear that she has never heard such a nice love song, aside from the moving melody, the gentle voice alone thoroughly fascinated her!

It was so nice!

For a long time, Aoba is not very interested in music. Even if she encounters a good song, she just listens to it casually, nothing more.

She had never thought that one day she would be so excited by a song.

“Calm down, calm down!”

Li Yalin also didn’t expect that Aoba would turn into a fanatic fan at this moment. If it weren’t for him to stop her, maybe she would really pounce on him.

Is it so exaggerated?

Isn’t it just a song?

Although he has a deep understanding of this song, he also admits that it is indeed an excellent love song, but… to the extent of making her so excited?

“Nene, can’t you come and help me hold Aoba.”

It’s a pity that Aoba who turned into fangirl did not return to normal so quickly, even if Li Yalin stopped her, she was still very excited.

In this case, as Aoba’s girl friend, Nene should know what she should do?

“Nene too!”


Receiving Li Yalin’s look for help, instead of helping to pull Aoba away, Nene rushed over like Aoba.

Originally, there was only Aoba, and Li Yalin could still stop her. Now coupled with Nene, meant that the two girls were in his arms directly.

Hey hey, you are too close senpais!

“Decided! Yalin-kun will debut! I will be your agent from today!”

It seems to be a bit difficult to expect Aoba and Nene to snap out of it. They don’t look like third grade senpai at all with their childish appearance. This is understandable.

Then student president-sama, can you at least take care of them?

Yes, Uomi is not excited enough to pounce on Li Yalin, but…


Excuse me?

When did I hired an agent (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻!

Messed up!

Completely messed up!

Fortunately, Kohinata Yukari and Li Yalin have not known each other for long. She won’t get too excited after hearing good music.

Otherwise, I am afraid it will not end well.

“Can I really sing this song well…”

Kohinata Yukari did not get too excited, but the problem is that she is now starting to doubt herself.

As an ojou-sama from a famous background, Kohinata Yukari is definitely not unfamiliar with music, and even went to learn specifically. But even so, compared with Li Yalin, she feels that she is too far behind.

It’s like heaven and earth!

With such good song and powerful partner, can she really keep up with it?

Okay, Li Yalin were faced with one more issue.

He thought that after taking out the song, they can go recording and release it in minutes.

But it seems the light music club road to school idol still has long way to go…

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