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Kohinata Yukari is a born idol, she was outstanding both internal and external, which Li Yalin will not doubt at all.

However, from the perspective of Kohinata Yukari, she does not have so much confidence. Whether it was the song or her partner, it has brought great pressure on her.

Sometimes, being too good can be a headache.

So before officially recording the song, he can only develop the singing skills of Kohinata senpai.

“Yalin-kun, are you… busy recently?”

As Li Yalin’s next table, Haruka still pays attention to her only male friend, and his recent busyness is also seen by her.

No way, he would rush out of the classroom every time between classes, and he would not be seen during the lunch break. It would be okay if it was just one day, but several days is too strange.

What is Yalin-kun up to?

If it’s something within her power, she might be able to help.

“I am very busy. I just revived the light music club, but apart from the third grade Kohinata senpai, no newcomers joined. In order to attract newcomers, we have been preparing our work during this time.”

Li Yalin has nothing to hide from her. After all, the restart of light music club is no secret. As long as the new song is recorded, Uomi will definitely made a big promotion.

Haruka will know later even if he didn’t say it now.

“Light music club? Then… is there anything I can help?”

Regarding the news about the light music club revival, Haruka knows a little bit about it, but she doesn’t know the inside story.

Seeing that Li Yalin is busy for this, although she does not know what she can do, she is still willing to help.

This is Haruka, the gentle and considerate Haruka.

“Help… if Haruka joined the light music club and become a school idol with us, that would be a great help.”


After hearing that Haruka wanted to help, Li Yalin smiled at once, now light music club does not need help. The only thing missing is the school idol member.

At this stage, there is a shortage of manpower and he can only do it by himself, but if Haruka joined… she and Kohinata Yukari, two goddesses of the second and third grades, are grouped together. Wouldn’t those stinky boys in adolescence cry out?

That scene is very interesting when you think about it, isn’t it?

Li Yalin thought so, but Haruka heard it cant help but stunned.

School idol?


She had no problem if it’s just helping, but she really can’t do anything if she has to become a school idol. After all, there are still two imoutos waiting to be fed. If she becomes a school idol, wouldn’t they become hungry every day?

But it would be too rude if she refused him after she said all that, so this made Haruka very entangled.

“Well, I am just kidding, I also understand the situation in your home. Your imoutos is your biggest concern. At this point, the two of us are comrades in the same trench!”

Seeing Haruka’s tangled look, of course Li Yalin understand her thoughts.

Haruka is dedicated to her imouto. At this point, Li Yalin feels that he and her share a common language. After all, he is a siscon.

“Un… But if you need help, you can ask me just like the last game fest.”

Seeing Li Yalin being so considerate, Haruka was also relieved. To be honest, she is really not good at rejecting friends.

Though she couldn’t help him, she still cared a little, and promptly told Li Yalin again, she hoped that she could provide him with help within her capacity.

“Of course, I won’t be polite to Haruka.”

Smiling at Haruka, Li Yalin certainly accepted her offer. Although it was still uncertain, who knows if Haruka’s help will be needed in the future.

What’s more, this is the kindness expressed by Haruka, how could he be so stupid to refuse her.

“By the way, Chiaki, she recently… well, when Yalin-kun have time, do you want to come to my house to play?”

Looking at Li Yalin in front of her, Haruka seemed to suddenly think of something and mentioned Chiaki, but after saying half the words, she changed her words into an invitation.

Probably this is the first time she actively invited a schoolboy to play at home. She must be shy looking at her blushing face.

“Okay, when I finish this work, I will definitely come to visit.”

Invited by Haruka to play at home, apart from girls, Li Yalin is definitely the fist boy, even he knows it.

Although it was a bit unexpected, this feeling… is really not bad!

Haruka has invited, how could he not go!

It’s a pity that he was really busy lately, and he can only go to Minami house to play after finishing the new song.

Why did Haruka take the initiative to invite Li Yalin to the house?

In fact, all this starts with his game Generation XTH.

Although the video game industry is in the early stages of development, it is very popular among netizens, and students are the main force in the game. Even among elementary school students, there are indispensable game players.

In the class of Chiaki’s school, there are several children who like video games. The emergence of Generation XTH naturally arouses their attention.

But for this game, their praises and criticisms are different. Some people like it, while others don’t. For this reason, a debate broke out.

Chiaki has always ignored the disputes in the class, because it has nothing to do with her, and she also thinks the useless quarrel is very stupid.

But on the contrary, after much argument, the flames of war burned in her body, and only then did she really know the content of this dispute.

Generation XTH?

Computer games?

Chiaki doesn’t pay much attention to video games. She is not good at playing computers, and has no knowledge of video games.

But Generation XTH is the only game she knows.

After all, her Haruka onee-sama has cosplayed the character in that game. It was impossible for her not to pay attention.

Speaking of Generation XTH, she naturally thought of the schoolboy who looked like her father. He hasn’t visit her home since the last time.

Sitting in his laps is still very comfortable, so… when will he come again?

Regarding this matter, Chiaki mentioned it twice in front of Haruka, and Haruka also remembered it in her heart.

It’s precisely because of this that she take the initiative to invite him.

Even if there is no time, Li Yalin will have to make time for Haruka’s appointment. Although it was a bit hectic recently, it should be fine in a few days.

Li Yalin thought so, but what he didn’t expect was that before he took the time to come, the third sister of the Minami family took the initiative to find him!

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