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“Not bad. If this continues, I believe we can officially start recording in a few days.”

Kohinata Yukari has made rapid progress. Her voice is already sweet. With the help of a professional like Li Yalin, the effect of pronunciation training is very significant.

According to this progress, the recording of the new song is much smoother than expected.

“It’s because club presidents taught me well.”

Kohinata Yukari is also very happy with her progress, and she is also very grateful for Li Yalin’s help.

In the past few days, the two of them have practiced together almost every day. The more they get along, the more she can feel his power.

Clearly is one grade lower than her, but he looks like a professional in the industry. The vocalization skills he taught her really played a big role.

“But… Kohinata senpai, although your singing skills have improved a lot, there is still a lack of emotional engagement. This is an issue we need to solve next.”

After the good side, they need to talk about the bad side. Passing the singing skills does not mean she passed the emotional engagement. This is also the direction that Li Yalin thinks Kohinata Yukari needs to pay attention to.

永远はただの一秒から is a love song duet. There is no problem with Li Yalin. He has the ability to comprehend and understand the song, but Kohinata Yukari had it worse.

He always feel that there is so little tacit understanding between lovers.

“Emotional engagement…”

Listening to Li Yalin’s mention of emotional engagement, Kohinata Yukari also faltered. She has never been in love, and she doesn’t know how it feels to be in love. It’s completely understandable that she cannot be fully comprehend them.

In this case, she wan’t sure how to solve this problem.

“Otherwise … club president, can you help me?”

Seeing her lost in thought, Li Yalin didn’t continue to speak either. These things can only be understood by her, and he can just put forward an opinion.

He can’t help much after all.

However, what he didn’t expect was that after much thought, Kohinata Yukari chose to ask him for help.


What can he help with emotional engagement?

“How do you need me to help you?”

Looking at Kohinata Yukari in surprise, Li Yalin didn’t think he could provide any help in this regard.

“I have never been in love… I mean, I am very new to love. If I can, I want to know what it is about.”

“This… I haven’t been in a relationship either.”

As soon as Kohinata Yukari said this, Li Yalin scratched his head. She had never been in love, and as otaku he was not much better. Otherwise, he would not have been single for 30 years.

How can he be help in this?

“Then… let’s try?”


Kohinata Yukari’s next sentence makes Li Yalin completely shocked. Try? try what? Trying to fall in love?

This is… a confession?

Holy shit, isn’t she too bold?

“No… don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean dating, I mean… Let me try the feeling of being in love, let me find inspiration!”

Looking at Li Yalin’s shocked appearance, how does Kohinata Yukari not know that he misunderstood her.

In an instant, her face turned red, and she waved her hands in a hurry, but the more she explained, the less clear what she meant.

Try the feeling of falling in love, isn’t that just dating?

“Cough… so it was like that, then let’s try it a little bit to find out how it feels?”

To be honest, hearing this sentence from such a beautiful girl like Kohinata Yukari, it is impossible for Li Yalin to remain unmoved, but he reacted quickly and he knew that this was a misunderstanding.

Find the feeling of love?

Yes, no problem, wrap it on me!

It just feels… why is it so awkward?

It shouldn’t be a problem, right?

Whether it was a problem or not, let’s try it first.


Perhaps it was because she realized how bold she was just now, the blush on Kohinata Yukari’s face still did not disappear, but for Li Yalin’s statement, she nodded slightly and did not refuse.

This is what she thought.

“Then what should we do?”

She said that she wanted to try the feeling of love, but Kohinata Yukari didn’t know anything about it, and she can only ask Li Yalin for help.

But the problem is that Li Yalin is also a layman in terms of feelings. He was at a loss when she suddenly asked what to do.

“How about … going home together after school?”

Li Yalin and Kohinata Yukari spent their practice time in school, and went home after practice.

Now that they want to try the feeling of love, in Li Yalin’s cognition, this should be the most basic.

Doesn’t it often appear in anime, couples go home together after school or something, it should be like that!

“Go home together? Ok! That’s decided!”

After finally coming up with proposal, Kohinata Yukari also nodded in agreement. It was the first experience in her life to go home with the boy.


Although it sounds wonderful to go home together. Reality is another story, after what just happens, they just walking side by side together, nothing more.

The most important thing is, both of them didn’t know what they should do on the way home, so on the way, they are quite silent.

What kind of love attempt is this, damn it!

After passing an intersection, the next step should be separation. Li Yalin turned left and Kohinata Yukari turned right. After all, their homes are not in the same direction.

But this experiment didn’t show any results at all. It really makes people frustated!

“Then club president… see you tomorrow.”

It can be seen that Kohinata Yukari was also a little bit disappointed, because she did not feel any feeling at all, and this love attempt was a failure.

Seeing her saying farewell in disappointment, Li Yalin was also a little helpless.

“Kohinata senpai!”

The moment Kohinata Yukari turned around, Li Yalin subconsciously called her to stop, he had a gut feeling that he shouldn’t allowed her leave just like that.

“Club president?”

Called by Li Yalin, Kohinata Yukari immediately turned around, but her face was full of doubts.

“Well… my house runs a coffee shop. It’s early anyway. Would you like to come to my house for a cup of coffee?”

Unexpectedly, Li Yalin sent an invitation to Kohinata Yukari. Although he don’t know if this is correct, it’s also common to invite the girl one’s like to one house.

“Will I disturb the club president?”

Probably this is the first time she was invited home by a boy. Although it is a coffee shop, Kohinata Yukari’s face is still red.

However, she seems to have guessed Li Yalin’s intentions, and naturally it was impossible for her to refuse.

“Of course not, on the contrary, it’s my honor.”

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