Cafe 167

Inviting Kohinata Yukari to drink coffee in his own coffee shop, although Li Yalin blurted out subconsciously, it was not something he regretted.

He just invited his classmates home to be a guest. He has been to Haruka’s house. Why can’t Kohinata Yukari come to Rabbit House?

It was normal for classmates to visit each other.

In this way, Li Yalin and Kohinata Yukari came to Rabbit House side by side, opened the store door, and was greeted by Cocoa full of vitality: “Welcome!”

“Eh? This one is?”

Unlike the past, this time Li Yalin brought a girl back, and she was a beautiful big sister who looked very gentle at first glance, which immediately caught Cocoa’s attention.

“This is the senpai in my school, Cocoa, you can call her Kohinata senpai.”

It’s the first time for Li Yalin to take a girl home. Even if it was a coffee shop, it’s still make him nervous.

But this is a normal date, and he is not in a relationship yet, so he can quickly set his mindset.

Following Cocoa’s, Li Yalin also introduced Chino and Rize. Unfortunately, Rinna Fuwa has been busy recently. After Chino went home and take over the job, she hurriedly left the shop, otherwise he could also be introduced her to Kohinata Yukari.

“Try it, this is the coffee brewed by the imouto that I am proud of. It’s absolutely top quality!”

In the presence of Kohinata Yukari, Li Yalin is very proud to recommend Chino’s coffee, after all, it was his imouto’s most praised craftsmanship!

“Really delicious.”

Li Yalin’s praise made Chino very shy, she subconsciously blocked her face with the dining plate. However, Kohinata Yukari very politely took a sip from the cup, and immediately give her praise.

Her onee-san atmosphere is like a spring breeze, even the shy Chino quickly open up to her. Although it was a bit awkward at first, the two girls get closer to each other in a short time.

It was indeed Kohinata senpai!

Li Yalin praised Kohinata Yukari’s communication skills, she was really amazing.


“I smell danger.”

Behind the bar, watching Chino and Kohinata Yukari interact with a smile, Cocoa cant help showed a worried expression.

“Smell of danger? You mean Kohinata senpai? She looks like a good senpai.”

Rize is very puzzled hearing Cocoa’s comment, dangerous? Why she didn’t feel it?

Rather, the senpai, who is elegant in every gesture, makes her longing.

Also born as an ojou-sama, Rize didn’t realize that she could be like that senpai.

The so-called full of femininity should be the description of that senpai.

“I said I am in danger! My onee-san’s status is already in jeopardy!”

The danger Cocoa said was that her status as a ‘onee-san’ was in danger, and Rize certainly didn’t feel it.

She had a hunch that if this continuse, Chino will be snatched away by that gentle onee-san senpai!

“Chino still doesn’t seem to admit that you are her onee-san…”

In order to keep her onee-san’s status, Cocoa was thoroughly motivated. But seeing her companion fervor, Rize couldn’t help but slap her forehead.

What you are this worked up…


Just as Chino joined Li Yalin and Kohinata Yukari’s exchanges, with Cocoa’s enthusiasm and Rize helplessness, Rabbit House welcomed several special guests.

The reason why these guests are special is because they are too young.

Elementary school students come to the coffee shop?

When the guests came, both Rize and Cocoa subconsciously said “Welcome”, but when they saw the figures at the door, both of them were shocked.

Apart from following their parents, they really haven’t seen a group of elementary school students come to the coffee shop.


Cocoa and Rize were very confused about the arrival of these little customers. But Li Yalin, who also saw those figures, subconsciously called out one of them.

Though they don’t have much interaction, he couldn’t forget the appearance of Chiaki.

“Sorry, Kohinata senpai, I want to see the situation first.”

He wasn’t sure why Chiaki appeared in Rabbit House, but he can’t just ignore her when she come.

After excusing himself to Kohinata Yukari, he got up and came to Chiaki’s group.

They looks very familiar, should all be Chiaki’s little friends. But unfortunately, he can’t remember them all even if they look familiar, after all, he meet them for the first time in this world.

“Chiaki, why are you here?”

For Chiaki’s arrival, Li Yalin felt very surprised. If Haruka and Kana were with her, it would be excusable, but it was a bit unexpected with just her companions.

“They want to see you.”

Seeing Li Yalin, Chiaki’s half-open eyes widened slightly. She turned around and pointed at the friends behind her, and said the purpose of their visit.

“They want to see me?”

Following Chiaki’s fingers, Li Yalin blinked his eyes twice. He is not a celebrity. Why would Chiaki’s friends come to see him?

“Did you lie to us Chiaki? He looks like a high school student. How can he make a classic game like Generation XTH?”

Before Chiaki could explain, a pretty brunette boy behind her immediately showed an expression of disbelief.

“Believe it or not, he is the producer of Generation XTH.”

Obviously, Chiaki didn’t bother to explain further to the little boy. After rolling her eyes, Chiaki immediately retracted her gaze, completely unwilling to look at him more.

“Really… I still don’t believe it!”

Chiaki’s attitude made the little boy hesitated, he then looking up and down to Li Yalin, but no matter how he looked at it, he didn’t think he was the producer of the game that he couldn’t put down.

In his cognition, the one who can make such a classic game is definitely a middle-aged uncle.

That is consistent with the image of a game producer in his mind.

“Chiaki, can you tell me what is going on?”

The scene before him made Li Yalin a little bit dumbfounded. What’s going on? Chiaki, can you help me explain?

“Simply put, Uchida doesn’t like your game, and that fool likes your game, and the two of them had an argument. I told them I knew you, so they asked me to meet you.”

Yes, Chiaki did give him an explanation, but her explanation is too concise!

It was so concise that it makes people confused!

Fortunately, Li Yalin’s comprehension ability is not bad. After chatting with everyone, he finally figured out the real situation.

But because of this, it makes him speechless.

Why an elementary school students arguing in this nonsense?

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