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Although Li Yalin could not name the friends Chiaki brought, in fact, he knew them all.

After Chiaki gave a brief introduction, he immediately matched these children with the image in his mind.

The red-haired loli is Uchida, the black-haired loli is Yoshino, and the little boy who questioned Li Yalin’s identity is a famous crossdresser Makoto, but it seems that his soul for women’s clothing has not yet awakened.

So what happened between these children?

In fact, it started around a few days ago.

Since Generation XTH began to be sold online, many elementary school students can also buy it due to its low price, as is the game lovers in Chiaki’s class.

Makoto and Uchida, both of them can be regarded as game lovers, and both bought the Generation XTH game, but buying the game does not mean that one’s like the game. At least for the fool Uchida, this game is not suitable for her.

The series of mazes are too brainstorming!

Those monsters are so ugly!

Not fun!

Not fun at all!

When chatting with Chiaki and Yoshino between classes, Uchida naturally complained. After all, it was a good friend of hers, which was normal.

But unfortunately, Uchida’s speech was heard by Makoto, and unlike her, Makoto’s love for Generation XTH was simply overwhelming, and he couldn’t tolerate anyone slandering the game.

In this way, war between Uchida and Makoto broke out.

For several days, they were arguing about it, and even quarreled after class.

Not only was the two of them keep quarreling, but Chiaki was also affected.

One or two times is fine, but after a long time, Chiaki can’t endure it.

Clearly are two idiots, why so noisy?

Want to argue about victory or defeat, right? You can argue to the makers of the game then!

Unlike the Team Idiot in front of her, Chiaki said: “I know the producer of Generation XTH.” It directly stopped both from arguing, and as expected, they immediately asked Chiaki to let them meet the producer.

At this point, Chiaki successfully avoided the firepower and turned the attention of the Team Idiot to Li Yalin.

So the scene just appeared.

“So that’s the case, Chiaki, you are giving me troubles.”

Knowing what happens, Li Yalin pressed his temples with a headache. He didn’t know that he was pulled out by Chiaki to attract firepower.

She is really too smart.

But what he didn’t know was that Chiaki brought her friends to Rabbit House because she thought that he could help share the firepower was just one of the reason. In fact, it didn’t really matter to her, she can even ignore Uchida and Makoto if she want.

Chiaki’s real thoughts… only she knows.

“So both of you have anything you want to say to me?”

Although he was pulled out as a shield, he didn’t mind since it was Chiaki, at least in Li Yalin’s view, he didn’t think it was a problem.

As the saying goes, it was impossible to make game that can satisfied everyone. In fact, even the famous Cat Eye is not up to some people taste, let alone Generation XTH.

Uchida doesn’t like it, that’s normal. The quarrel between her and the crossdresser requires only mediation.

He still doesn’t believe it, so he can only take it upon himself. How can he not handle two idiot primary school students?

“No… nothing…”

The first one Li Yalin looked at was Uchida who denied Generation XTH, after all, she was the main culprit.

But after feeling Li Yalin’s gaze, Uchida dodged with a blushing face, completely lacking the courage to look at him.

It’s nothing?

Don’t you not like Generation XTH?

Too embarrassing to open mouth to deny in front of the producer?

Well, this is understandable.

“I don’t believe you are the producer of Generation XTH! Unless you show me proof!”

Unlike Uchida, Makoto is hotheaded. Although he really likes Generation XTH, he doesn’t think Li Yalin is the real producer. Who knows if Chiaki want to fool him with this.

He still didn’t believe it.


After being called out, Li Yalin also hesitated, this evidence…

“Does this count?”

He took out his phone and opened the photo album, and Li Yalin showed some of the photos inside.

It was the day of the game fest, he took photos with Haruka, Uomi and the others, as well as some live photos when the game was sold.

These photos were not all taken by Li Yalin, but Uomi secretly took them and prepared them to be used as the cover of the news club. Later, Li Yalin knew about it and asked her for it.

He didn’t mind it get published in the news, but not sharing him the photos?

“Generation XTH sale site! Are you selling Generation XTH?”

Makoto’s eyes widened as soon as he saw the photo. Although this does not prove that Li Yalin is the producer of this game, it shows that he has a close relationship with this game.

Maybe it was really him?

“If you still don’t believe it, forget it.”

Retrieving the phone, Li Yalin shrugged. This is the end of the story. He didn’t care if the crossdresser didn’t believe him, he can’t really take him to his room and let him see the real evidence.

There are many things in his room, especially the drawings of Cat Eye. If these little guys find out, his other identity will be exposed.

“No… I believe you!”

Unexpectedly, after hesitating for a moment, he raised his head firmly.

He actually believed it?

“Please sign for me!”

He took out a signature board from the bag behind him and handed it to Li Yalin respectfully. This little guy, he came prepared.

The hell?

Did he meet a little fan?

Regardless, Li Yalin didn’t reject the signature board anyway. For the crossdresser’s sake, he’ll give him his autograph.

“Which character you like in Generation XTH?”

After receiving the signature board, Li Yalin did not sign his name immediately, but instead smiled and asked him.

“Character I like? Hmm… I like Minamoto! Because I am a man who inherited the spirit of Yamato from my father!”

Although he don’t know why Li Yalin asked this question, after a moment of thinking, he gave the answer really quickly.

His favorite character in this game is none other than Minamoto. A real man like Yamato is his idol!


The man who inherited the spirit of Yamato?

Aren’t you just a crossdresser?

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