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“Minamoto? Okay, I know.”

Makoto’s answer almost made Li Yalin laugh, boy, after you awaken the true soul of crossdressing, see if you still have the courage to speak about your soul of Yamato.

But now…

Picking up the pen, Li Yalin drew on the signature board at a very fast speed. Not long after, a classic Minamoto image appeared in front of everyone.

Unlike the Minamoto in the game, this Minamoto is in the battlefield action, which gives people a sense of mighty masculinity.

After finishing the drawing, Li Yalin also specially wrote ‘the soul of Yamato’.

And then signed his name at the end.

“Minamoto! It was Minamoto!”

Witnessing Minamoto’s appearance, Makoto’s eyes were already round.

That’s right! This is his idol, his Minamoto-sama!

This is great!

“Li Yalin! You are really that Li Yalin-sama!”

When he saw Li Yalin’s signature, Makoto’s eyes widened, because the game is not like manga, Li Yalin did not hide his real name, and his name is all on the post-production list.

Anyway, the average game player will not pay attention to who made the game, so there is no need to hide it.

But in Makoto’s eyes, it’s different. He is one of the few gamers who pay attention to the production list. Before this, he was even more shocked that this game was produced by one person.

Now that he sees his name, how can he not get excited?

Family heirloom!

This is heirloom!

Although he was dubious at first, Makoto was completely convinced now.

When he tremblingly took the signature board in Li Yalin’s hand, he had no idea what to say at the moment.

Damn it, he even suspected Li Yalin-sama before, it’s really sinful!

On the contrary, Li Yalin-sama didn’t even care about the previous complaints. He even painted himself a portrait of Minamoto!

At this moment, Makoto’s heart was extremely complicated, and in the end, he couldn’t say a word.


Minamoto on the signature board was completed in front of everyone. Uchida and Yoshino looked at each other, and both saw the shock in each other’s eyes.

Although Uchida doesn’t like Generation XTH, and Yoshino has no interest in games, it still made them feel envious that Makoto got his drawing.

So Chiaki really knows the producer of Generation XTH.

“Since everyone is here already, I invite you to have a cup of coffee.”

A picture and a signature shocked these little guys, Li Yalin also thought it was very interesting. But it’s better to keep a low profile within the store. There are so many customers around watching.

He beckoned to Chiaki, and while the table is not full, he invite these little guys for a drink.

After all, they are all anime characters he once liked.

Li Yalin was planning to greet these little guys for a drink, but then before Chiaki and the others could follow, Makoto was the first to stop in front of everyone.

Holding the signature board in his arms tightly, he then bowed ninety degree toward Li Yalin.

“Master! Please accept me as disciple!”

What the hell?

Makoto’s sudden apprenticeship made Li Yalin shocked, Chiaki and Uchida were also dumbfounded.

He want to become his disciple?

Paying respect to his teacher?

“Accept you as a disciple? Why would I accept you as my disciple?”

After a short period of stupor, Li Yalin laughed. This plot is not something he expect. The unawakened crossdresser want to worship him as teacher? What can he teach him? Help him awaken the soul of crossdressing?

Your daddy’s Yamato soul will cry!

“I want to follow master to learn to make games!”

Li Yalin laughed, but Makoto’s face was very serious. It could be seen that he really wanted to worship Li Yalin as teacher.

But… learn to make games?

This joke is not funny at all.

Generation XTH can be produced because Li Yalin has system. Perhaps he could hep him with drawing. But he was totally a layman in making game.

Besides, even if he really knows how to make games, it is impossible to accept such a pupil as his apprentice.

“Sorry, I have no plans to accept disciples.”

Without any hesitation, Li Yalin directly rejected Makoto’s request. He want to avoid accepting disciples.

“Why? Can you tell me why? I really like games and I want to learn from master!”

Being rejected so unhesitatingly is undoubtedly a huge blow to Makoto. He obviously so sincere, why can’t he?

Is it age?

Or other reason?

These can be overcome!

He want to become his disciples!

He will do anything to be his apprentice!

“Well… it’s like this, I didn’t plan to accept a male apprentice, so can you understand?”

Seeing him this desperate, he had to say something, what should he say to reject him?

Can only leave him no hope.

You want to become my apprentice, right? It’s a pity that I don’t want male apprentices. How can I accept apprentices if the gender is incompatible?

Boy, give it up!

“Not going to… accept male apprentices?”

Crit, critial hit!

The relentless refusal made Makoto instantly hopeless. If it was for other reasons, he might be able to overcome it, but how can he change his gender?


Makoto has no hope at all…

The ruthless refusal made Makoto lower his head. After a while, without a word, he turned and ran out of Rabbit House.

“Did I go too far?”

Seeing Makoto turned and escaped under his own blow, Li Yalin scratched the back of his head subconsciously and turned his gaze to Chiaki. He was also speechless.

It seems… he was too much.

“Don’t bother about that idiot, that guy is inattentive, he will be fine after a while.”

Feeling Li Yalin’s gaze, Chiaki shook her head slightly. Although she was surprised by the remark that he did not accept male apprentices, it was only a little surprised.

As to whether Makoto was hit or not, it was not within her consideration.

It’s a fool after all.

“All right, come on, sit here.”

Seeing that Chiaki had said so, Li Yalin didn’t think about it anymore. Anyway, he can’t take back what he had said.

He and Makoto just meet for the first time, there is no way he will accept him as his disciple. It was unrealistic.

Forget it.

Without thinking too much of Makoto’s departure, Li Yalin brought Chiaki, Uchida, and Yoshino to the inner side, not far from the table of Kohinata Yukari.

After all, they are all acquaintances, so they can communicate and chat better in this way.

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