Cafe 17

Otosuna Mihari is very cautious and very anxious. Sitting in the barbecue restaurant very uncomfortable looking around, not knowing what to do.

She didn’t expect that as an editor, the first meeting with mangaka turned into a dinner in a barbecue restaurant.

Looking at Li Yalin sensei and the other two girls whispering, she couldn’t help tightening her body.

How did it become like this?

“Otosuna editor, order whatever you like. Don’t be too polite.”

Otosuna Mihari is in a panic, but Li Yalin has discussed the menu with Chino and Rize. The three of them already know what they want to eat, but Otosuna Mihari still didn’t move.

This nervous look is really interesting. She is clearly an editor the one to occupy dominant position.

Although he was sighing in his heart, Li Yalin’s face remain calm. He smiled and handed the menu to Otosuna Mihari. Since he decided to invite her to dinner, he could not leave the guests aside.

After all, he can be regarded as the host.

“No no, I’m actually not that hungry sensei, you don’t have to mind me… “

Although Li Yalin said he was going to treat guests, Otosuna Mihari’s in flustered mood now. Can she calmly ordered her food?

She keep waving her hands. She really not in the mood to order meal, even though she was really hungry now.

“Well then, let’s follow our preferences.”

Saying you’re not hungry when you already here?

Look surprised at Otosuna Mihari, Li Yalin was speechless in his heart and also realized that she is too nervous now. He know he can’t force her in this situation. Shook his head while taking back the menu, he turned around to call for the waiter.

Leaving aside the nervous editor girl. It’s a meat dish after a long time. Of course, we have to eat a big meal. Something like pork loin rolled in a delicious pork belly. Before they came here, Li Yalin had already investigated it. All were delicious specialties on the table.

Especially Yakitori and Teriyaki in this shop seems to have a secret recipes, and must not be missed. It’s a pity that he is a minor now, plus he brought the girls so it is impossible to drink sake. Only one Calpis per person can be counted as a meal drink.


The barbecue restaurant Li Yalin group come to is a semi-self-service type. You can call a waiter to help barbecuing or experience the fun of barbecue yourself. Since this is the case, Li Yalin is certainly not willing to bother outsiders.

With the sizzling sound of tender beef on the grill, the smell of tasty meat quickly filled the entire small room. Li Yalin is quite confident about his barbecue skills.

After the delicious beef is roasted, it is naturally time to eat.

Chino, Rize and Li Yalin is already very close. When Li Yalin clipped the barbecue to their plate, they while say itadakimasu before eating. But Otosuna Mihari obviously did not expect this result, Li Yalin just clip the barbecue to her and she immediately became bewildered.

“Otosuna editor, the barbecue will not be as delicious when not eaten hot.”

Li Yalin doesn’t want to waste time in this aspect. In his view, delicious food is already on the table and the biggest waste is not to eat them. Since they already here, don’t hold back. It’s the best to just enjoy the delicious food.

“I… Itadakimasu… “

Since Li Yalin already said this, Otosuna Mihari would not be able to refuse. Even with her little experience, she could see Li Yalin intention. She subconsciously picked up the dinner plate with her pretty face flushed red.

This time, she really lost as an adult in front of sensei!

But… the meat grilled by Li Yalin sensei is really delicious…

It is said that the wine table is the best place to get closer to each other. In fact, the dinner table is the same. Even without drinking, they can get more familiar with each other while eating a meal.

Needless to say, Li Yalin and the two girls got along very well after this period of contact.

Although Otosuna Mihari only met for the first time today, she isn’t a girl with a shrewdness. It’s better to say that she was far simpler than he thought. At least, under the Li Yalin lead, she unconsciously merged in this small circle.

After eating, Li Yalin finally learned her purpose from her mouth.

“Elite’s new magazine… so it is.”

As Otosuna Mihari said before, she is indeed a newcomer to Elite publisher. But the editor department of Elite publisher is also divided into many departments, and the division of labor is also different.

Otosuna Mihari belonged to this department, but received a task not long ago to create a brand new magazine under the chief of editor leadership.

There is nothing more to say if it is just a new magazine. But the key problem is that the chief editor of Otosuna Mihari’s department and the chief editor of Elite publisher have made a bet. If the new magazine cannot reach the scheduled sales, not only the new magazine will be axed, even the staff of their departments will be affected.

Disputes within the company are not uncommon and Li Yalin have experience some of it so he is quite calm when hearing these. But Chino and Rize who had not much experience in this were filled with indignation after listening.

Since they are acquainted with Otosuna Mihari naturally they stood on the side of Otosuna Mihari, and began to treat the chief editor as enemy.

Other than shrugging his shoulders, Li Yalin did not express his attitude at all. What he really cared about was Otosuna Mihari’s next words.

According to Otosuna Mihari, her chief editor really values ​​Cat Eye’s manga and believes that as long as Cat Eye is in the new issue, it will surely create sales results that have not been seen before.

So her task this time is to ask Li Yalin to join the new issue and become the signing mangaka of the new issue.

“Please Li Yalin sensei, please give us Cat’s Eye!”

Speaking about business, Otosuna Mihari’s suddenly filled with momentum. She even knelt in front of Li Yalin in this small private room, and directly dogeza to Li Yalin in front of Chino and Rize.

This magnificent invitation really makes people unable to refuse.


“I can give you the Cat’s Eye but Otosuna editor, you didn’t even explained to me what benefit I’ll get from the new magazine.”

Pressing his temple, Li Yalin speechlessly looked at Otosuna Mihari. The girls were indeed very imposing. Her dogeza simply no difference with kowtowed, enough to see her sincerity.

But the problem is, you should tell the benefit in this situation, right?

You didn’t even talk about money, how can I sign a contract with you?

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