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Chiaki and Uchida, three little loli, are invited to sit down, and Li Yalin asks Cocoa to help serve coffee and some pastries. These are even his treats.

After the little guys were settled, he returned to Kohinata Yukari seat.

“Sorry for the wait.”

“It doesn’t matter, it seems quite interesting, I had no idea that you can think of such a rejection method.”

The coffee shop is so big. As long as one pay attention, what happen to Li Yalin is as plain as daylight. That’s why she chuckled right now.

“No way, I have never thought of accepting apprentices.”

Shook his head helplessly. Li Yalin still feels dumbfounded about this apprenticeship matter.

It’s completely inexplicable to him.

“Onii-chan, it’s almost time to start.”

Chatted with Kohinata Yukari for a while, Cocoa walked over from the bar to remind him that the time was almost up and it was time for his performance.

It has become a habit of Li Yalin to play daily. Anyway, it can attract customers and improve his piano proficiency. Killing two birds with one stone.

But today, Li Yalin’s suddenly flashed with inspiration, an idea came into his mind.

He hasn’t forgotten that he invited Kohinata Yukari to come today is to understand the feeling of love, it would just be a waste of time if it just ends with a cup of coffee.

Trying to understand the feeling of love for the new song, it started with music so why not use music to influence Kohinata senpai?

This method seems to be really feasible.

Since getting the Japanese encyclopaedia, Li Yalin has carefully screened the fifty songs and selected the works that are suitable for him to collaborate with Kohinata Yukari at this stage.

永远はただの一秒から is their first work, of course he has an idea for second one.

Kokuhaku Yokou Renshuu, there are two versions of this song. The first version is a girl’s perspective, which describes the girl’s confession, and the second version, Another Story, composes a song from the schoolboy’s perspective. Love overture before the confession.

Because of this two-player version, Li Yalin thinks that if he and Kohinata Yukari sing one song each, it will definitely have a great effect.

Then, taking this opportunity, how about playing this confession song for Kohinata Yukari?

This… it seems feasible!

After thinking for a moment, Li Yalin made his decision.

Then, let’s start!

For regular customers of Rabbit House, enjoying a beautiful piece of piano every day has become an indispensable habit of their daily life, but today, their favorite pianist is not sitting in front of the piano like usual.


“He won’t play the piano today?”

With the microphone and stereo taken out, the customers started discussing in a low voice, not understanding what was going on.

Regarding the microphones and speakers used for singing, Li Yalin bought them some time ago. After all, he had revived the light music club, so he has to be prepare the necessary equipment.

By the way, since he is not short of money. In order to purchase these equipment, he has paid a lot of money, and the school has not reimbursed him.

No way, the light music club has just restarted and it hasn’t made any results yet. No matter how much Uomi is doing business for private purposes, it was impossible to approve such a large amount of fees, so this audio equipment can only be temporarily paid for by Li Yalin.

Since he bought it himself, he must keep these devices for his own use. He thought it would take a while to be used, but it was used surprisingly fast.

But since he bought it for use, isn’t it the best stage to show right now?

Adjust the microphone, and then testing the sound again, it had no problems whatsoever so he can start at any time.

“Before today’s piano performance, I want to sing a song for everyone. It was made specifically for a girl. I hope she likes it, and I hope everyone likes it too.”

With so many performance experiences, Li Yalin would not have stage fright in front of audiences. He can talk and laugh even in front of so many eyes.

The customers in the store were immediately surprised by his words. Although everyone knows that this young and handsome boy is very talented, his piano performance can already be compared to a professional pianist.

Singing a song he composed himself?

He can also write songs?

Is his song good?

Some people look forward to it, and some shook their heads. There are few classic songs in this world, and not all songs can be accepted by the public. Especially in the eyes of many people, playing guitar and drums is synonymous with rock and roll lunatic. Their ears will ring after hearing it.

Will this boy who is about to play the guitar also make that kind of harsh rock music?

Li Yalin can see that expressions of the customers. He knows what the music world is like in this world.

He did not intend to change the status quo of the music scene, but in this coffee shop, he can bring customers an auditory feast!

“Kokuhaku Yokou Renshuu, give it to her and give it to everyone.”

Slightly bowed towards the customers, Li Yalin’s last gaze fell on Kohinata Yukari.

Listen Kohinata senpai, this is a song for you, I hope it can inspire you!

Plucked the strings, and after a moment of intro, a gentle male voice sounded.

“I’m sorry if it’s sudden but I’ve liked you for a long time.”

The song that Li Yalin sang at the moment can be divided into several versions, and what he is singing now is Sakata’s version, which is also his favorite version.

The rhythm is slow, slower than the original version, but more gentle and delicate.

He is not so much singing, as he is borrowing the guitar in his hand to convey the confession of love to the girl he love.

“Are you hearing the loud, fast beating of my heart, I wonder?”

At the beginning, customers were still wondering whether Li Yalin’s so-called original songs were good or bad, but now everyone was already addicted to that sweet first love.

Recalling the first love back then, the mood was probably something like the lyrics said, filled with apprehension and yearning.

Facing one crush, does he/she have someone he/she likes?

The expected love confession, what kind of expression should oneself make?

“It was a confession rehearsal, I am serious but can’t ask you out.”

“There is someone you like?”

“What face should I make right now.”

In the coffee shop full of people, only the melodious and tactful confession rehearsal is flowing around.

A singing voice that can hit the heartstrings directly and forever touched people’s heart!

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