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The song is over, but the coffee shop is still quiet, everyone is reminiscing about the confession song just now.

Looking at the effect… it shouldn’t be that bad, right?

Although he didn’t get applause, Li Yalin felt that the effect of his song should be ok, at least he didn’t see anyone frowning or disgusted.

In fact, this is more than good!

I don’t know who was the first to applaud, but the applause sounded like a chain reaction, the thunderous applause resounded through the coffee shop in an instant.

“It sounds amazing!”

“Please sing again!”

Requests like this appeared one after another, it also proves that the song just now has indeed achieved an exciting effect.

People like it and want to listen to it again.

The magnetic and gentle singing voice can melt people heart. You know, Rabbit House has always been mostly female customers, and women are very emotional.

Perhaps it just his imagination. He always feel that the eyes of today’s customers are a bit wrong.

Especially those younger female customers, the look that want to swallow him is really a bit shocking.

Is there the need to be that exaggerated…

Although he thought that it would definitely cater to most customers after singing the song, but now it seems that he underrated it.

Come again?

He didn’t want to sing this song again!

Did not continue to sing. Li Yalin first signaled everyone to calm down, and then under the watchful eyes of all the customers, he came to Kohinata Yukari.

“Kohinata senpai, how are you feeling now?”

“Ah? Me?”

At this moment, Kohinata Yukari’s expression has reddened into a big apple, and didn’t dare not look directly into Li Yalin’s eyes.

The song Kokuhaku Yokou Renshuu just now sounds like a love confession to her.

The club president sing this song for me?

Is she the girl he wants to confess in his song?

Kohinata Yukari doesn’t want to guess wildly, but she can’t stop the confusion in her heart.

Especially when Li Yalin walked towards her, it’s like there is a fawn bumping around in her heart.

Club president going to confess to her?

Should she agree or not?

Should she give him a respond?

But we know each other too short… Obviously she didn’t plan to find a boyfriend.

But to refuse him…

She really can’t say a word of refusal…

Because of the confusion in her heart, Kohinata Yukari didn’t hear Li Yalin clearly. Li Yalin asked her how she felt, he never thought about confessing at all.

“What I mean is, Kohinata senpai, do you know a little about the feeling of love now?”

Seeing Kohinata Yukari’s flushed face and panic, Li Yalin couldn’t help feeling a little helpless. Didn’t she say she wanted to know what does love feel like? I have worked so hard and she didn’t even give him any feedback.

“The feeeling… of love?”

Although she was still flustered, Li Yalin’s helpless expression gradually makes her come to her senses.

Oh yes, she almost forgot about it.

Is such a complicated thought the feeling of being in love?

She wasn’t so sure, but from the song just now, she seem to understand something.

“How about collaboration? Maybe it can be of help to you?”

Li Yalin didn’t know how inspiring the song Kokuhaku Yokou Renshuu was, let alone how complicated Kohinata Yukari’s mind was at the moment. He just felt that he had done everything he can do. When it comes to feelings, does Kohinata senpai gains something from it?

The most important thing is that, in his opinion, this should be the best time for him to sing with Kohinata Yukari on stage!

They have been singing together a lot in private, but never perform in front of real audience.

How can they call themselves a school idol if they didn’t sing in front of audiences?

Perhaps the full potential of Kohinata Yukari can be discovered with this opportunity.


“永远はただの一秒から, right here, you and me, sing to everyone.”

Start with this?


Just start like this!

The first collaboration between Li Yalin and Kohinata Yukari took place in this small coffee shop. Although it is not a real stage, they still got real audiences.

And this collaboration has undoubtedly brought Li Yalin a huge surprise!

Although he has sung in a chorus many times, he always feels that Kohinata Yukari’s singing lacking in charm, but this time, he doesn’t know why she has changed so much, but the effect is real!

They sang the song that is not inferior to the original version in Li Yalin’s mind!

Can reach this level?

If he knew this early, he would have brought Kohinata Yukari on stage to sing!

It turns out Kohinata senpai is someone who is nervous offstage and relaxed on stage. There is no need to worry at all.


“Club president, it’s already late, I’ll go back first.”

After the end of the song, Kohinata Yukari hurriedly bid farewell to Li Yalin and left, without any room to detain her, which made him very baffled.

Their collaboration is obviously a great success. They should celebrated. If she leaves so hurriedly, does her family still put restriction on her?

Look at the time, it’s already quite late.

So, does Kohinata Yukari’s family really restricted her?

No, she lives alone in a luxury high-rise apartment so her family didn’t have such restriction. The reason she leave in a hurry was only because she didn’t know what expression she should use to face Li Yalin.

After listening to the song Kokuhaku Yokou Renshuu, her heart has been beating violently, and she also felt a sense of inexplicability.

Continue along this feeling, in their collaboration, she found that she had completely understood the meaning of the song, and the feelings that she had been unable to understand before were completely opened up at this moment.

She is like the heroine in the song, facing her lover, hoping that the time between them will begin from this second and go on for eternity.

Is that… love?

After this realization, Kohinata Yukari can’t face Li Yalin anymore so she run away in a hurry. For this female high school student whose love just started to bloom, the stimulation is still too much for her.

But it is a pity that Li Yalin didn’t think much about this matter at all. After all, Kohinata Yukari is a girl with a slight tendency towards yuri, and Nanyako is her real CP.

This is not dullness, it can only be said to be the fault of inertial thinking.

As for when this misunderstanding will be resolved, it need to wait until later. Right now, what Li Yalin needs to face is the aggressive questioning from the girls.

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