Cafe 172

“So onii-chan can sing so well.”

It was a matter of course. After singing two songs one after another, Cocoa rushed to Li Yalin first, her big eyes full of worship.

This feeling is quite enjoyable.

“That’s for sure, Cocoa, I can teach you if you want.”

As a siscon, being worshipped by his imouto made him light-hearted.

It’s a pity, Chino would definitely not be able to say this, otherwise he won’t have any regret in his life!

“Then… onii-chan and that Kohinata senpai, are you a couple?”


Before Li Yalin floated to the sky, Cocoa’s next sentence directly made him fall to the ground, and it was still the kind of face facing the ground.

“Couple? Kohinata senpai and me? How is that possible?”

Kohinata Yukari is Nanyako’s CP, how could he broke them apart? Although he really like the beautiful senpai who is gentle like water, he don’t think they can become lovers.

Regarding this question, Li Yalin shook his head subconsciously.

“Not a couple? But you were singing a love song just now, and onii-chan also confessed to Kohinata senpai, that super nice confession song.”

Seeing Li Yalin’s denial, Cocoa’s eyes widened immediately. Being able to sing such a beautiful love song. They are simply a perfect couple, they should be lovers.

What’s more, onii-chan also took the initiative to confess. Seeing the look of Kohinata senpai, she seems to have accepted it.

How come they are not lovers?

“You think too much, Kohinata senpai and I are just partners in a club. Singing those two songs is just to launch club works, we are not in a relationship.”

Waved his hand, Li Yalin explained somewhat dumbfounded.

It’s just a duet song, why it creates such a big misunderstanding?

“Is it really…”

Obviously, she didn’t get the answer she wanted, which made Cocoa a little disappointed. It’s a shame that the perfect couple are not even lovers.

“Don’t think too much.”

Looking at Cocoa’s disappointed expression, Li Yalin patted her little head a bit annoyed and amused at the same time. What the hell is this little girl thinking about every day? Just go to capture Chino, do you need to worry about onii-chan’s relationship issues?

“The song is very nice.”

Going back to the table of Chiaki and her two little friends, Chiaki gave a positive affirmation of the performance just now. Although she was not as exaggerated as Cocoa, it is already a commendable praise.

After all, things that can be recognized by Chiaki are really rare.

As for Uchida and Yoshino, these two little loli are too embarrassed to open their mouths since this is their first meeting, but judging by their appearance, looks like they also like those two songs.

This feeling isn’t so bad.


Li Yalin just chatted with Chiaki and the others. Before he could say a few more words, the copper bell at the door rang and another customer came in.

As a coffee shop, it’s normal to have customers coming in, but this time the customers are still people Li Yalin knows.

At least Li Yalin couldn’t help but his eyes widened after seeing the people that come.

No way, he really can’t help but be surprised.

There are two customers who entered the store. Among them, the twintail girl is undoubtedly Chiaki’s second sister, Haruka’s fool imouto — Kana!

What happens today? Chiaki just came here, and Kana reappeared shortly thereafter. Did the two sisters come in a group to fight boss?

Well, this is not a place worth tsukomi.

What really makes people stunned is the ‘girl’ beside Kana!

A cute face with a pair of watery eyes, coupled with a white dress, this is a loli bishoujo, but the issue is… why does this face feel so familiar? It’s as if they have meet before.

Yes, they did meet before. Although he didn’t recognize it at the beginning, Li Yalin’s body was subconsciously struck.


No, no, no need to type that question mark at all, this is definitely Makoto!

It can be seen that Makoto is very uncomfortable with this woman’s dress on his body, but his intentional or unintentional look of clinging to the skirt gives people a feeling of shock.

Shy girl is absolute the best!


When this shy girl has a little JJ under her skirt, how can one’s be excited?

What other people think of Li Yalin doesn’t know, anyway, he now has an impulse to flip a table.

“Master! Please accept me as your disciple!”

Walking into the store, Makoto was still looking around nervously, until he saw Li Yalin, he finally calmed down, and then trot all the way to him.

This kid… he won’t give up until he achieve his goal?

Does he think he can successfully become my apprentice by crossdressing?

What a joke!

I don’t have any interest in cute girl with dick, damn it!

“I told you, I don’t plan to accept male apprentices.”

Pressing his own temple, Li Yalin really doesn’t know how to tsukomi, what about the spirit of Yamato? Your man’s soul is crying!

“But I am a woman now!”

Li Yalin’s unhesitating refusal undoubtedly brought Makoto a huge blow. He had already put on women’s clothing despite his shame, but why was he still get rejected?

Kana clearly said he’ll get accepted if he do this.

“You don’t think… you can become a girl by putting women’s clothes? If it’s that simple, people still need transsexual surgery?”

Li Yalin won’t be so heartless if Makoto is really a cute little girl, but he had no interest in crossdresser.

No matter how disguised it is, it cannot conceal the fact that he have an additional part below.

The malignant social trends must not rise!

At times like this, don’t hesitate to retort!

“He is… Makoto-kun?.”

The conversation between Li Yalin and Makoto clearly fell into the ears of the three girls on the side. Uchida was obviously shocked by the fact that this beautiful and cute girl turned out to be the fool Makoto-kun.

How can this be?

He obviously looks so cute!

“No! I am not Makoto! I am just a girl who wants to become master’s apprentice! My… my name is Mako!”

Because of his eagerness to become apprentice, Makoto subconsciously ignored the few girls beside him. It was not until Uchida spoke that he finally woke up.

What has he done?

Dressed up as girls in front of Chiaki and the others?

Isn’t he going to be considered a pervert?

Its not right!

This is not the result I want!

Subconsciously deny, and even invented a pseudonym for himself in a hurry, but how could the identity that has been exposed so easily be concealed?

Poor crossdresser, the first crossdressing in his life was unceremoniously dismantled. Would he be able to dress like this in the future?

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