Cafe 173

“My name is Mako, ahhhhh…”

Ran out of the coffee shop with tears, Makoto knew that his life had been completely ruined.

“That’s… Makoto-kun, right?”

Crossdresser ran away. It was clear that he finally mustered up the courage to put on women’s clothing and wanted to become his apprentice, but he encountered such a tragic result. It was a sad situation for him.

Uchida, who could not fully recognize the situation, turned her gaze to Chiaki and Yoshino suspiciously.

She still couldn’t figure out whether the ‘girl’ who just ran out was Makoto-kun she knew.

“This is your doing, right?”

Did not answer Uchida’s doubts, Chiaki’s eyes were already on Kana, who was watching the show.

Makoto will wear women’s clothing must be instigated by Kana. If not, the two of them would not appear together here.

“What are you talking about? I just want to come for a cup of coffee. I don’t know anything.”

Facing the question from her imouto, Kana whistled with a guilty conscience. Although she was lively and cheerful, it was troublesome to get targeted by Chiaki.

“You do not know anything?”

Kana’s denial made Chiaki raise her eyebrows, and she was quite unhappy about this.

To unexpectedly came up with such a bad idea, the Minami family’s face was lost!

“I didn’t know anything!”

Frankly speaking, Kana is quite clear why she was suspected, and because of this, she didn’t want to admit it.

Even though Makoto wearing women’s clothing is indeed because of her instigation.


“It’s okay, it doesn’t matter if she doesn’t admit it, you can go home and explain the situation to Haruka, and Haruka will know what to do.”

The consequences are serious if Chiaki got angry, but Li Yalin does not intend to let the sisters quarrel in the store, otherwise can they still do business?

As for what really happens, he can guess it despite not seeing it with his own eyes.

The only surprise is that the crossdresser would wear women’s clothing in this situation.

In short, Kana is the initiator of all this, and as the culprit, she should indeed be given a lesson.

In other words, it is time for Haruka to shine!

“Well, I know what to do!”

According to Chiaki’s idea, she was going to teach Kana immediately, but with Li Yalin’s reminder on the side, her eyes suddenly lit up.

That’s right!

With Haruka onee-sama, surely will let that fool be taught a deeper lesson!

Go home immediately and file a complaint!

“No! Chiaki, wait for me! I was wrong! I was really wrong!”

Chiaki is gone, taking Uchida and Yoshino and leaving without hesitation, which is totally inconsistent with her character in Kana’s impression.

Reminiscent of Li Yalin’s whisper in Chiaki’s ear just now, even if she is an idiot, Kana should understand that something is wrong.

Rushed out of the coffee shop, she must stop Chiaki before she was sued. She can’t let Haruka know about it.

Otherwise, she would be finished!

This two quarrelsome sisters…

Seeing Kana screaming while running, Li Yalin couldn’t help but shook his head. Isn’t she looking for trouble today?

Buddha bless you.


After shaking his head, Li Yalin suddenly laughed again. This is Minami-ke’s happy daily life. It’s really fun, isn’t it?

Yes, it is really interesting. Not only the Minami’s sisters, but the first recording session with Kohinata Yukari sounds very interesting. If possible, maybe there will be a chance to collaborate again later.

He was right to think so, but the emergence of an unexpected situation made him have to completely dispel this idea.

On the night when Li Yalin and Kohinata Yukari sang in a chorus, a video was uploaded to the internet, which successfully triggered heated discussions among netizens.

The main character in this video is Li Yalin and Kohinata Yukari!

“Who did you ask to make that video? It’s too rough, right? Not only it was blurry, but the song can only be heard vaguely. If not for the moving melody and the lyrics that hit people’s hearts, it won’t be able to stir a big sensation!”

The next morning, Uomi student president came to complain and made Li Yalin very inexplicable.

Make a video? Rough? What she meant by that?

“This video! Don’t say you don’t know yet!”

Seeing Li Yalin’s confusion and puzzlement, Uomi also shook her head helplessly, took out the phone to show the image, and what was played was the singing in the coffee shop yesterday.

Due to the pixels of the mobile phone and the distance, the figure in the picture is blurry, and it can barely be identified as Li Yalin himself.

And the sound, thanks to no one in the coffee shop talking at the time, otherwise, even the sound cannot be recorded completely.

“This is really…”

After watching this video, Li Yalin didn’t know how he was secretly filmed. He had said that filming was prohibited in the store before, but it was still filmed.

“Is this video really not made by you?”

At first, Uomi thought it was Li Yalin’s handwriting, but her guess might be wrong looking at him now, which made her wonder.

“How can it be… this was secretly recorded by a customer.”

Lightly shaking his head, Li Yalin is the kind of person who always do his best. This kind of rough semi-finished product is obviously not something he would do.

“I will negotiate with the original author of this video and ask the author to delete this video.”

Although he don’t know which customer recorded it, such casual uploading obviously violates his and Kohinata Yukari’s portrait rights and music copyright. Even if there is no profit involved, he has the right to order the original author to delete it.

You must know that the protection of copyright in this world is generally strict.

“No… I think it’s a shame to delete the video like this. There are half a million clicks, and it will soon exceed one million. Do you know what this represents?”

Regarding Li Yalin’s statement, Uomi shake her head slightly. She doesn’t think this is a good idea.

“Represents what?”

Listening to what Uomi said, Li Yalin would also like to hear the details.

“It can raise you and Kohinata senpai popularity!”

Make a fist with her left hand and lightly beat the palm of her right hand. Uomi’s eyes are shining brightly.

“I was still worried about how to promote you and Kohinata senpai. Now that someone helps us promoted for free. As long as we implement the follow-up plan as soon as possible, we will be able to succeed!”

Li Yalin and Uomi have thought of many methods in launching the school idol project, but they have not yet implemented it.

And now, the emergence of this unexpected video has overturned their previous plan, making it obsolete.

Just like Uomi said, as long as they continues with the follow-up plan, the combination of Li Yalin and Kohinata Yukari will immediately become popular. Although no one knows to what extent they can achieved, it will definitely succeed!

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