Cafe 174

“It sounds good! It sounds really good! Especially the male voice, his singing melted me!”

“In the infinite loop, the melody is really wonderful, it’s amazing!”

“Look for a high-definition lossless version!”

“Who is the singer in the video? Please introduce!”

Under the blurred video, netizens posted comments one after another, some praising them, and some asking for songs. In short, the popularity of this video keep rising, and would soon be trending.

After reading these comments, Li Yalin’s thoughts are consistent with Uomi. This is indeed the best time. Taking advantage of this wave of heat, the fame of him and Kohinata Yukari should be quickly established.

Should we do it?

Since we are doing it, we should do our best!

“Is it really okay? Although the school idol recruitment event was very popular at the beginning, in fact, this activity plan has been completely scraped.”

Li Yalin has already prepared the first work for the school idol, and the next step is to do recording with Kohinata Yukari and wait for it to be released.

As for the platform for publishing works, Li Yalin also made a decision, which is the largest video website in the empire – ANC Video Network.

He will not only publish works on the ANC video network, but also participate school idol recruitment event.

It’s just that Uomi expressed different opinions about his idea.

It is true that the works of Li Yalin and Kohinata Yukari are trending on the internet, but they are limited to the district. After all, there’s a language barrier, she never thought of opening up to all country from the beginning.

It’s enough to be famous in the district, to be popular all over the country, that kind of thing is simply unimaginable.

The most important thing is that, in the event topic of the largest video website, the school idol recruitment event has been in decline.

Just think about it. Now the works in the music world are not satisfactory. What kind of outstanding works a school students can produce?

It just self-entertaining at best. It would be hard to pull viewers.

When the ANC video network started this topic, it can be said to have caused a sensation across the country and caused a wave of heated discussions. But when months have passed. What about the school idols who submitted the paper?

Uomi is very concerned about the school idol project, and naturally also paid attention to the event topic, which is very disappointing. The best-performing work in this topic has only a million hits.

Compared to those videos that have tens of millions of clicks at every turn, it is not even a fraction of others.

So, she is not optimistic about Li Yalin’s plan.

“No, I don’t think so. This activity just didn’t tap the potential. Once a good work is released, netizens will definitely flock to it.”

Unlike Uomi, Li Yalin is very serious about this plan.

Of course, it’s not that he really the school idol recruitment event was a good idea. The reason for this decision is more because of the tasks released by the system.

Daily task: Save light music club (2).
Task content: Participate in school idol recruitment event on the ANC website and launch a video with more than 10 million hits.
Task reward: Proficient level bass option.
Task tips: It is related to follow-up tasks, please take it seriously.

Not long ago, the system released the daily task of saving light music club (2). Although he had guitar and piano in hand, he didn’t mind learning bass. And since the system prompts told him to take it seriously, Li Yalin felt that he should put some effort into it.

It won’t be easy to launch a video with more than 10 million clicks. Just look at the idol videos with hundreds of thousands of clicks on average and it can be seen how difficult it is.

Of course, Li Yalin is very confident in his work. Even with language problem, some audiences will not buy it, but music knows no borders. He believes that as long as it is an excellent work, it will definitely attracts many people!

“Well, since you have decided, then we’ll do as you said.”

Seeing Li Yalin’s self-confident, Uomi didn’t know how to refute him. Although she was still not optimistic in her heart, she still expressed her support.

It decided, let’s do our best to finish it!

Yes, it is time to work hard!

The problem of recording songs is not that big. After find a professional recording studio, you can get perfect sound quality works as long as you spend money.

Though for some reason, whenever Li Yalin goes to Kohinata Yukari, she always blush inexplicably, but that does not hinder the recording of the song.

Rather, the recording of the final version is quite perfect. After a few retake, Kohinata Yukari has performed superbly and perfectly blended the two singing voices.

During the recording, Li Yalin couldn’t help but complimented her several times. She is indeed a natural idol. It feels really great!

It’s a pity that, facing Li Yalin’s praise, Kohinata Yukari turned and ran away blushing, which made him bewildered.

But no matter what, everything is ready now.

With the song ready, what about the video?

Shooting a MV?

To tell the truth, Li Yalin and Kohinata Yukari is a pair of handsome men’s and beauty combination. As long as they stand together, it will make people feel that they are very match. Doing MV is naturally a matter of course.

But Li Yalin had no idea on how to shoot MV and doesn’t know where to start.

Should they invite someone for the shoot?

After thinking about it carefully, Li Yalin finally rejected this decision. Although this can be done, he still wants to launch this work with his own hands.

That’s right, through his own hands!

The MV doesn’t have to be a real person, isn’t manga able to achieve the same effect?

More importantly, that is also what Li Yalin does best!

With the support of adept level manga option, Li Yalin quickly determined the manga image of the male and female. Anyway, he can use his own and Kohinata Yukari as a reference.

As for the storyboard, he also referred to some shots of the original MV, supplemented with his own ideas and creativity, and it did not take too long for a brand new anime MV was released!

Calling it anime MV, in fact, it is just a static manga non-stop shooting. With Li Yalin’s current level, he can do this easily.

But there’s no need to pay attention to such minor details, as long as the work is good-looking and attractive, it is enough.

The work produced by Li Yalin fully meets the above conditions!

So after everything has been finished, what to do next?

Publish works directly!

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