Cafe 175

“Tell me, that video of singing love songs in a cafe is you and the third grade Kohinata senpai, right?”

The videos circulating in Rabbit House are getting popular. During the recording of songs and MV videos by Li Yalin and Kohinata Yukari, the number of clicks on that video has reached more than 1.5 million, which can be said to have caused quite a stir.

In this case, it is not difficult to understand that Maki will find Li Yalin.

“Well, it’s us.”

It can be seen that Maki is not completely sure. After all, the video is indeed very vague. If it weren’t for her being familiar with Li Yalin, plus having been to Rabbit House herself, she wouldn’t have asked about it.

Li Yalin didn’t intend to hide this matter and directly admit it.

After all, she would definitely know in the future even if he didn’t say it.

“It’s really you.”

Getting the affirmative answer, Maki immediately showed an unbelievable expression. Although she was skeptical before, she didn’t expect Li Yalin to admit it so readily.

It was really him?

“Well… it was not us?”

Seeing Maki’s unbelievable expression, Li Yalin couldn’t help being playful. If he denied it now, what expression would Maki show?

As a member of the idiot group, it was so interesting to tease Maki.

“Maybe it wasn’t you guys?”

First admitted, then denied, this made Maki completely unable to determine the true. Although she think that the male and female in the video are Li Yalin and Kohinata Yukari, but looking at his current expression… is it really not them?

“What do you think?”

“Haruka! He bullied me!”

Well, Maki didn’t give Li Yalin a chance to continue teasing her, and directly asking for help.

Although she is an idiot, she is also quite aware that the only person who can help her against Li Yalin is Haruka.

“What are you talking about?”

Haruka is still the Haruka who is not good with internet. She didn’t pay any attention at all to the recent hot video on the internet. She can’t figure out what happened when she got pulled by Maki.

“It’s this video! You should be able to tell if it’s Yalin!”

Maki can only turn to Haruka for help when Li Yalin didn’t give a definite answer. In her opinion, Haruka can definitely see the truth!

“This… it seems to be Yalin-kun. This song… it sounds very nice.”

Haruka’s face show a little surprise when she saw the video for the first time. Although a little fuzzy, she was different from Maki. She recognized the male lead in the video at a glance.

Just this song…

Which girl was the confession song for?

For some reason, Haruka really wants to know who the girl Li Yalin sang the confession song for.

This thought arose in her mind.

“Of course it sounds good. Haruka doesn’t know. Now many people on the internet are crazy about this, even some people want to hear the song directly from the main character in the video. Anyway, it is crazy.”

“Kohinata senpai…”

After Kokuhaku Yokou Renshuu song finished, next is Li Yalin and Kohinata Yukari duet.

Haruka couldn’t hear a word from Maki, all her attention now has been focused on the video.

It turns out… it’s Kohinata senpai.

Haruka knows that Kohinata Yukari has joined the light music club, and also knows that the two of them have walked very close recently, even during the break between classes.

So it was like that…

“Haruka? Are you listening to me?”

Maki was still talking endlessly, but Haruka was obviously lost in her own world, which made her frown.

What happen to Haruka?

What is she in a daze?

Even if these two songs are very good, it shouldn’t be so exaggerated, right?

“Huh? I’m listening.”

Hearing Maki, Haruka finally recovered, but at this time, her face was already full of complicated expressions.

“Congratulations Yalin-kun.”

“Huh? Congratulations?”

Turning his head, Haruka’s congratulations make Li Yalin very inexplicable. Congratulations? What can I congratulate myself?

Is she talking about this video?

“The two songs in the video are works prepared by our light music club. I wanted to try them out in the store, but I didn’t expect to be secretly filmed.”

This video is not Li Yalin’s work. Of course, he has to shake his head to explain. After all, this kind of crude video getting so popular is not something to be congratulated.

“The real original version I have already released on ANC, but only 永远はただの一秒から which I collaborated with Kohinata senpai.”

The rough version in the Maki phone is in the past tense, and Li Yalin will not pay any attention anymore. All his attention now is focused on the original video he released.

Take out his phone and open the webpage, Li Yalin will show the real version.

One night has passed, what kind of results will this video achieve?

After uploading it last night, Li Yalin didn’t take a second look. Although he was confident in himself, but to be honest, he still feel nervous.

Now he finally opened the webpage again.

Number of plays: 1.253 million.
Followers: 587,000.

The mission is complete!

Seeing that the number of hits reached more than one million overnight, Li Yalin calmed down immediately. Although the number didn’t go through the roof, it is definitely a very good result.

Especially when the video was on the top of the rankings, after entering the video homepage, the number of playbacks increased sharply.

A good work is a good work after all, it can never be buried.

“Is there an original version?”

Li Yalin was calm, but Maki on the side was excited. When watching the rough video, she was already in love with the two songs. Now that there is an original video, she certainly wants to see it.

She snatch away Li Yalin’s phone, and after pressing the play button, the beautiful melody immediately came from the phone.

This is the original version!

It’s sound so nice!

“This is… a work by Yalin-kun and Kohinata senpai?”

Unlike Maki, Haruka is more concerned about what Li Yalin just said.

This is just the work of light music club?

Is that video they just recorded?

Did she misunderstand…


“Of course, otherwise what else can be.”

Although he don’t know why Haruka has this question, Li Yalin naturally gave an affirmative answer.

After all, this is a fact.

“I see…”

Haruka doesn’t know why she cares so much about the relationship between Li Yalin and Kohinata Yukari, but there is one thing she can be sure of.

After learning the truth, her heart suddenly settled down.

It turned out to be just a misunderstanding.

That is really good.

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