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“Such a cute rabbit!”

After looking through the surrounding environment, Kowata Makoto focused her eyes on Tippy on Chino’s head, just like Cocoa could not resist the furry texture, she also gave a soft cry and quickly came to Chino’s side.

“Is this your familiar?”

Tippy’s hairy body is indeed very popular with girls, and it is normal to be liked and enough to stroke Tippy’s head back and forth. But Kowata Makoto next words makes everyone very inexplicable.


Not understanding the meaning of Kowata Makoto’s words at all, Chino was very surprised.

What is familiar?

“Yes, familiar, just like my Chito.”

Kowata Makoto didn’t find any problem in her words at all, but nodded naturally.

And when she said these words, it seemed to be cooperating with her. The black cat that came with her quietly came to her feet and mewed softly, as if showing her own existence.

“So cute!”

What exactly is familiar? Cocoa doesn’t know at all, but this girl has absolutely no resistance to cute things, especially cute animals, it easily won her favor.

Seeing the cute look of the black cat, she immediately exclaimed, and then leaned over and hugged the cat into her arms.

“It’s called Chito?”

While petting the black cat in her arms, Cocoa asked Kowata Makoto.

Under the caress of Cocoa, the black cat named Chito yawned very comfortably.

“So cute!”

Seeing Chito’s humane yawn, Cocoa couldn’t help holding it tighter.

“May I ask what a familiar is…”

Although Cocoa doesn’t care about so many details, but Chino is not that mindless. She knows how special the existence of Tippy is.

Even if she was not clear what Kowata Makoto’s mean by familiar, she always has a hunch that Tippy’s identity seems to be seen through by that girl!

“Familiar… how should I explain it?”

This probably her first time being asked this question. Kowata Makoto didn’t seem to know how to explain it concretely. Her index finger tapped her lips and fell into thoughts.

After a while, she finally thought of something and banged her left hand on the palm of her right hand.

“It’s probably like the messenger of the witch.”

“The witch’s messenger?”

Chino is even more confused after hearing her explanation. Witch? Is it the kind of witch in TV novels?

“Yes, I am the apprentice witch responsible for this area from today. I may cause trouble to you in the future. Take care of me in the future.”

After a light nod, Kowata Makoto bowed to everyone. Unlike her self-introduction before, this time, she also stated her identity.


Seeing Kowata Makoto in front of her, Chino was at a loss. She looked at Li Yalin, then at Rize, and finally at Cocoa, who was holding Chito tightly.

What is happening?


For Kowata Makoto, who claims to be a witch, Rize leaned to Li Yalin and spoke softly.

Although she is not very clear about the identity of the other party, she knows a little about this situation. She claims to be a witch with a familiar. This is probably the so-called chuunibyou.

She had heard it before, but now she finally see it with her own eyes.

“No… I think she should be a real witch…”

Regarding Rize’s statement, Li Yalin bitter smiles slightly shaking his head. Chuunibyou? No, stop joking, the one standing in front of everyone at this moment is a real witch!

Kowata Makoto and Chito, he just said the name sounds so familiar.

Flying witch?

In Li Yalin’s opinion, this is just an ordinary world, but now it seems that it was not as ordinary as he imagined.

Magic also exists in this world!

What kind of expression should he show at this time?


No, in fact there are signs of it, right?

Don’t forget, Tippy’s identity is not a real rabbit, but Chino’s grandfather.

A human become a rabbit, it seems that only magic can explain it, right?

Tippy, magic, witch.

It seems nothing wrong with it.

“How could witch really exist.”

Li Yalin’s answer was beyond Rize’s expectation. In her impression, magic and witches should only exist in fantasy.

Is Yalin sensei also a chuunibyou?

Rize couldn’t help but have such idea in her mind.

“No, the witch does exist, and the witch in front of us is the proof.”

Li Yalin knew she had misunderstood looking at her appearance. Although he could perfuse it, he didn’t do it.

Because he knows that since Kowata Makoto has joined this big family, the existence of magic will be presented to everyone sooner or later. Even if he perfunctory now, Rize will know about it in the future.

Rather than explaining them at that time, it’s better to make it clear now, or it will create a gap and hurt others feelings.


Seeing Li Yalin’s serious appearance, Rize couldn’t help being speechless.

It seems to be true, but can the so-called ‘witch’ in front of them really be the evidence?

“I’ll prove it to you.”

Rize’s reaction is very normal. After all, seeing is believing. Before seeing the facts, anyone will be skeptical.

Then, take out the truth and let Rize witness them!

“Hello, my name is Li Yalin, welcome to our big family.”

When he came over to Kowata Makoto, Li Yalin smiled and welcomed her, and at this moment, he was holding a big broom in his hand.

It was a broom used to clean the backyard. Usually it was not used. Everyone didn’t know why he took this thing to the store.

But when she saw this broom, Kowata Makoto’s eyes lit up.

“This is a very good broom, it seems to be very well maintained.”

The broom is the standard equipment of the witch. In many legends, such a broom is indispensable in the hand of the witch.

Many legends are false, but in this world, many legends about witches are true, at least after the appearance of Kowata Makoto, Li Yalin confirmed this.

As a must-have item for a witch, it is no wonder that Kowata Makoto’s eyes brighten after seeing this broomstick.

“Want to try it? Although it’s not a brand new broom, it should work.”

Handing the broom to Kowata Makoto, Li Yalin still smiled.

“Then I won’t be polite.”

Facing the broom handed by Li Yalin, Kowata Makoto only hesitated for a while and took it, but the interaction between the two made the girls present completely incomprehensible.

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