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“Sure enough, the maintenance is really good, very suitable for use.”

In the surprised gaze of the girls, Kowata Makoto took the broom, first tried the toughness of the shaft, and then put it under her. She finally nodded after a while.

Not bad, this is indeed a good broom.

As someone who knows the inside story, Li Yalin knows the meaning of Kowata Makoto’s actions. Anyway, he has even experienced crossing over a world, seeing a witch didn’t surprise him much.

But in the eyes of the girls, the situation is a little different.

Cocoa is okay. She is now holding Chito wholeheartedly and is absorbing cat energy from Chito. Chino, she was shocked by Kowata Makoto’s words, and can’t think of anything in a short time.

Only Rize, in her eyes, Kowata Makoto is the embodiment of chuuni’s.

Does she really think of herself as a witch?

What is she going to do with that broomstick under her body?

Does she think she can fly on a broomstick?

Well, Kowata Makoto did fly.

Yes, Kowata Makoto is a real witch. Although she is still in the apprenticeship stage, she is still a witch. At least she can fly on a broomstick.

Li Yalin who has seen the anime, can of course imagine this scene, and naturally was very calm. But that does not mean that the girls can be equally calm as him!

“Fly… she fly up?”

The first person who exclaimed was Rize. She had never thought that someone could break away from the law of gravitation and fly from the ground out of thin air.

Magic trick?

No, it is obviously the first time that the other party came to Rabbit House, how could it be possible to use that kind of trick?

In other words… is this really magic?

She is really a witch!


The ceiling of the Rabbit House was not very high. After rising to a certain level, Kowata Makoto stopped and then landed on the ground. After all, she just testing it. This is probably a common problem of witches.

But she didn’t expect how much excitement her little test had brought to everyone. At least after she landed on the ground, three of the four people present were completely dumbfounded.

Rize stare blankly.

Chino froze.

Cocoa is completely muddle headed.

“She’s really flying!”

“You really are a witch!”

Well, the existence of witch should be explained to everyone.

To be reasonable, Li Yalin is also the first time he has seen a witch, and it is also the first time he knows that there is magic in this world. But not knowing it before does not mean that he never thought of it, at least through some plots of the original anime, he can still think of many things.

Although many things have changed in this real world, the general direction should not change.

At least it can be used to fool these little girls.

“So there really are witches… I thought they were all made up stories.”

After some explanation, everyone finally accepted the existence of witch. Although many witches in the story are evil, Kowata Makoto is such a beautiful and cute witch, she doesn’t look like a bad person at all.

Since she is not a bad person, why not accept her?

But even if they accepted it, everyone still sigh with emotion. Unexpectedly, this world is even more miraculous than imagined.

“There are indeed many stories of witches that are made up.”

Regarding Cocoa’s statement, Kowata Makoto nodded affirmatively. There are indeed many stories about witches that are contrived by ordinary people, and it is horrible to put evil labels on witches without authorization and make the world misunderstand them.

Although there are indeed bad witches among the witches, most of them are good people.

“But… how did uncle Kafuu know the witch?”

Everyone has accepted the existence of the witch, but the question immediately raised by Rize has made everyone wonder again.

Indeed, Kafuu’s family is just an ordinary family. If it weren’t for the appearance of Kowata Makoto, it would be impossible to know that there are witches in this world.

So the question is, as an ordinary person, how did Kafuu Takahiro know Kowata Makoto and why he let her live in Kafuu’s house?

“Huh? Didn’t uncle Takahiro tell you? Chino and I are cousin?”

“Eh? Eh!!!”

Well, looks like this need to be explained from the beginning.

Kowata Makoto, born in an ancient family of witches, has been witches for generations, and the same is true for her generation.

According to the rules that witches have inherited since ancient times, a witch who has reached the age of fifteen is counted as an adult and should live independently from home. That is to say, Kowata Makoto, who is just fifteen years old this year, is also leaving home.

However, the world is progressing and the rules are changing little by little. Although traditions cannot be abandoned, proper changes are still okay.

Just like now, Kowata Makoto is indeed counted as being away from home, but living in a relative’s house, which can guarantee safety and can be counted as an independent experience.

The relative’s home chosen by Kowata Makoto’s parents is naturally Kafuu’s house.

It’s not wrong that Kafuu’s family is an ordinary household, no matter it is Tippy or Kafuu Takahiro, they are ordinary people, and they have no relationship with the witch.

But Chino’s mother, Kafuu Takahiro’s wife, is a witch who also comes from an ancient family.

It is for this reason that Kowata Makoto said that she and Chino are cousin.

“Mom is… a witch?”

After Kowata Makoto finished her explanation, although she explained a lot of things, it also made Chino more confused.

Her mother is gone. Although her father has not said where her mother is going, Chino, who has grown up, has learned a lot. In her opinion, the gentle mother in her memory should have passed away.

The reason why there is no Buddhist altar at home is probably because her father doesn’t want to be sad.

But now it seems that things are not that simple at all.

Since mother is a witch, does that mean that mother is not dead?

“Do you know where my mother is? You must know, right?”

For the first time, everyone saw Chino get so excited. She was always calm and mature. But right now, she rushed to Kowata Makoto and grabbed her hands and kept asking.

She always thought that her mother had died, but then learned that there was another hidden story. There is no way Chino can be calm.

But… under this excitement, can Chino really get the answer she wants?

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