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“Sorry… I don’t know…”

It’s a pity that Kowata Makoto doesn’t know much about Chino’s mother. In fact, she only recently learned that she has a cousin.

Although Chino was very excited, she could only apologies to her.

“Why is it like this…”

Unable to get the answer she wanted, Chino suddenly lost her strength and her hands slid down, her body softened and almost fell to the ground.

She was too emotional.


Seeing this, Li Yalin quickly hugged Chino into his arms. He was very clear about her mood, and he also understood the stimulation that this huge gap brought to her.

In fact, he didn’t expect the truth to be so twists and turns.

The appearance of the witch, Chino’s life experience, seems like many things happened today.


“Chino, listen to me calmly.”

Regardless of what happens, comforting the imouto in his arms is the top priority for Li Yalin. If this stimulation continues, God knows what kind of blow Chino will get.

“I think that the disappearance of uncle Takahiro should have a deep relationship with aunt. Maybe he left just to find aunt!”

“What we can do now is to guard this house and wait for uncle and aunt to come back. What do you think?”

Regarding whether Kafuu Takahiro’s disappearance is related to Chino’s mother, Li Yalin is not sure, but he feels that there must be a deep connection between the two. Otherwise, with Kafuu Takahiro’s love for his daughter, he will never abandon Chino so casually.

But there is no crucial evidence, and he can’t be completely sure, now that it is just to appease Chino.

He hope she can listen in.

“Onii-chan… Is my dad really looking for mom?”

Being held tightly in the arms by Li Yalin, Chino at this moment was extremely weak. After knowing the truth, the stimulation to her was indeed too great, and she didn’t know what to do now.

“It must be true!”

The arms holding Chino became harder, and Li Yalin’s words came more affirmative.

“If uncle Takahiro never comes back, I will go and find uncle and aunt in the future!”

Looking for Chino’s parents, Li Yalin is not aimless. Although he can’t do it right now, it doesn’t mean he can’t do it in the future.

With the Salvation system, he still can’t find two people?


Perhaps it was Li Yalin’s powerful arms that brought Chino’s warmth, or his firm words that made Chino feel at ease. So after hearing his words, Chino nodded gently, and her mentality gradually calmed down.

Yes, mom and dad will definitely be back.

As onii-chan said… there can be no mistake…

“Boy! How long do you want to hold Chino!”

Holding Chino tightly in his arms, Li Yalin has not let go. This is not because he wants to take advantage of Chino, but he is wondering.

According to nature of system, isn’t this a good time to issue tasks? Just after agreeing to Chino, he felt that the task would appear.

Perhaps, he could find a clue from the task.

But it didn’t intend to issue a task at all even after he tried everything.

What does this mean?

Is the system down?

It’s a pity that, before he can figure it out, Tippy has already yelled angrily, and its bunny head hammer hit him directly in the face.

Yes, a sturdy bunny head hammer, Li Yalin couldn’t avoid it at all. He was thinking about the problem, and didn’t even notice the surrounding situation.


Even if Tippy was a rabbit, this angry blow was quite powerful. At least when he was hit by this head hammer, Li Yalin’s nose was immediately red, and his tears were about to come out from the sourness.

“What the hell are you doing!”

Suddenly attacked by Tippy, his nose became sore, which made Li Yalin quite annoyed.

Didn’t you see me comforting Chino?

It depends on the timing to be jealous! You stupid rabbit!

“What the hell am I doing? Let go of my home Chino!”

Li Yalin is annoyed while Tippy is even more angry. Even it had become a rabbit, its granddaughter-con is not inferior to Li Yalin’s siscon, otherwise the two won’t become enemies.

In Tippy’s eyes, Li Yalin was taking advantage of Chino just now, holding his lovely granddaughter so tightly? Even if you are Chino’s onii-chan, it’s definitely not good!

“You want me to let go? Why should I let go of Chino!”

If changed to normal times, Li Yalin might have let Chino go, but the sour feeling from his nose made him angry, anger surged, and his sanity suddenly drifted away.

Let go of Chino?

Like I would!

You think you can order me around!

Glaring at Tippy, instead of letting go of Chino, Li Yalin’s arms tightened.

“Smelly boy! You are courting death!”

Li Yalin is angry, Tippy’s anger level is not low either, siscon VS granddaughter-con, can this battle be less?

Rabbit head hammer!

At a disagreement, Tippy used the bunny head hammer again, but facing the white shell like a rocket, Li Yalin sneered.

Do you think the same trick is effective to Saint Seiya?


Too naive!

Sweeping the corner of his eye, Li Yalin stared at the broomstick in Kowata Makoto’s hand. At the same moment, he also formulated a series of counterattacks in his mind.

Release Chino, get the broom, aim at the target, and then a home run!

With his current speed, there is no problem in doing this series of actions. In his imagination, Tippy has turned into a meteor and flew out of Rabbit House.



Just as Li Yalin made the plan and prepared to implement it next time, a faster figure flashed forward and took the white cannonball incarnate Tippy into its hand.

So fast?

The opponent’s speed was completed in the blink of an eye, and Li Yalin almost could’t react, but he laughed when he took a closer look.

Kowata Makoto!

“It’s so strange that the familiar can speak.”

Yes, it was Kowata Makoto that stopped Tippy, and her expression at this time was also very strange.

As if she was doing some research, she pulled Tippy up and down, looking left and right, as if this was not an angora rabbit, but a human being in rabbit skin.

In a sense, Tippy is indeed a human being in rabbit skin.

“Tippy can’t speak, it was Chino’s belly talk just now.”

Kowata Makoto was studying Tippy, but Cocoa suddenly began to explain.

This stupid girl, with so many things happening, she thought that Chino had spoken Tippy’s words. How naive she can be?

Without looking at Rize, she has already opened her mouth, obviously knowing what is going on.

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