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“I… “

Otosuna Mihari was dumbfounded when Li Yalin said this. Treatment issues… she never considered and this is her biggest blunder!

Yes, before she arrived, she keep thinking on how to persuade Li Yalin. She didn’t even ask the chief editor about the treatment. As a new editor, she was lacking experience in this aspect.

Because of this, Otosuna Mihari did not know how to answer.

“I think, Otosuna editor can arrange for me to meet with your chief editor. Some things require the two of us to meet in person. What do you think?”

As an editor, Otosuna Mihari is indeed dereliction of duty. But one thing is very important – She is a cute girl! So all her mistakes can be forgiven!

At least Li Yalin did not intend to pursue this matter, but instead gave advice to her.

Yes, he is very interested in the new magazine of Elite publisher, and there is one thing he can’t ignore, that is a task just published by the system.

Daily tasks: Save the new magazine.
Task content: Publish ‘Cat Eye’ in the new magazine to ensure the new magazine will not be axed.
Task reward: System Lottery × 1.
System tips: Not taking this task is a fool.

The daily tasks, which look like tasks that can be done frequently is quite new to Li Yalin. As for the content of this task, it is actually very simple. To put it bluntly, agreed to Otosuna Mihari’s request to publish Cat Eye in the new magazine.

And as the system prompts, this is basically a free-sending task. Although he don’t know what reward the System Lottery × 1 is, only a fool would give this up.


Is this considered to be tsukomi by the system?

Well, it’s better not to get tangled in this question.

All in all, Li Yalin must enter the new magazine with the sudden task from the system but it would be a bit too ridiculous if he join without condition.

Putting aside the distribution of benefits, is it possible to just join like this?

Of course impossible!

Want to fight for more benefits, the new editor Otosuna Mihari do not have that power. So Li Yalin needs to look for the chief editor of the new issue, only that person has the real right to speak.

What’s more, Li Yalin really wants to meet that person. According to Otosuna Mihari, the chief editor has been paying attention to Cat Eye’s work since the first day it appeared. It’s also the first time to use personal relationships to cover everything about the author, that means all the information of Li Yalin.

With Cat Eye’s popularity on the internet, everyone is looking for Li Yalin’s contact information that has not been exposed. But the chief editor can find his address through Li Yalin’s identity information, it shown that the other party is considering his potential.

What confuse Li Yalin is that since the chief editor attaches so much importance to him, why send a newcomer like Otosuna Mihari?

He is puzzled about this issue. Maybe he will know the answer if he meet the chief editor in person.

“Meet the chief editor? Of course, no problem! I will contact the chief editor immediately!”

Because she realized her mistake, Otosuna Mihari didn’t feel good about it. Until Li Yalin said he wanted to meet with the chief editor, she woke up from her dream and took out her cell phone.

“Actually, we can make an appointment tomorrow… “

Looking at Otosuna Mihari attitude, it seems she want him to meet with the chief editor immediately. Li Yalin subconsciously want to stop her but before he finish his word, he look at Otosuna Mihari in panic reported to the other side of the phone.

“Yalin sensei, the chief editor said she would here in ten minutes.”

After the phone call, Otosuna Mihari again show up in front of Li Yalin with excited face.

Although she made a mistake, the chief editor is coming soon and will meet Li Yalin sensei’s requirements!

“She was?”

Otosuna Mihari is very excited, but Li Yalin is very keenly aware of the other party’s words. So the chief editor of the new magazine also a girl?

If so, he really looking forward to it.

Newcomer editor Otosuna Mihari is definitely a rare bishoujo in the editor world. Even if the world value after Li Yalin transmigrated is generally good, Otosuna Mihari can be regarded as the best type.

It is for this reason that Li Yalin is more looking forward to the upcoming chief editor. Maybe it’s a beautiful chief editor? Since she is a chief editor, must be a mature onee-san, right?

As the saying goes, the greater the expectation, the greater the disappointment. With Li Yalin’s ‘onee-san chief editor’ full of expectations appears, he didn’t feel comfortable.

He was completely petrified on the spot!

“Hello Li Yalin sensei, I’m Minano Matome, who will soon be the chief editor of Weekly Young GONGON. Nice to meet you.”

“Um… hello… please advise… “

Advise my ass!

Faced with this green-haired girl who is less than one meter five in a plain white dress, Li Yalin has the urge to flip the table!

Where is the mature onee-san chief editor? Why it suddenly became loli chief editor?

What the hell!

In terms of appearance alone, Chino can be regarded as a relatively loli type. At 13 years old, she can be regarded as a junior high school student, it’s absolutely no problem if she said she was a primary school student.

But what about this Minano Matome chief editor? From appearance alone, she can’t be compared to Chino!

Elementary school chief editor?

Is this a prank?

If not for the task given by the system, Li Yalin may have think that Otosuna Mihari and this Minano Matome are playing a trick on him. But now…


Green-haired loli chief editor?

Blonde bishoujo in OL suit? And with AA level chest… This setting…

Mangaka to assistant?

Li Yalin finally reacted. It turns out that whether this loli chief editor Minano Matome or the newcomer editor Otosuna Mihari, they are actually anime characters he knows.

They all appeared in anime works before Li Yalin transmigrated!

In other words, is this a 2D world being put together?

Does this means he will see more 2D characters?

The amount of information is too great, he need time to sort it out!

With the appearance of Minano Matome and Otosuna Mihari, Li Yalin take a step further in his view of this world that shocked him even more.

This world seems more interesting than he imagined…

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