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“Sorry for hiding it to everyone…”

Regarding the identity of Tippy, it is definitely impossible to hide it anymore. The appearance of Kowata Makoto, the existence of the witch, and the battle between the rabbit and the man, it’s obviously a self-deception if they keep hiding it.

Of course, if it just Cocoa, it might be possible to hide it.

Well, anyway, Chino informed everyone about the identity of Tippy, or more accurately to Rize and Cocoa.

Until this time, Rize and Cocoa finally understood why Chino did so many puzzling things before.

For example, when everyone is swimming, Tippy is blindfolded. Talking about girls’ private topics always drives Tippy out.

It’s fine if it’s a rabbit, but if it’s an old man, all this makes sense.

“How can this be… Tippy is an old man?”

After learning the truth, Cocoa couldn’t believe the truth that she heard. Is it really possible to turn people into cute rabbits?

Hold Tippy in both hands, stretch it and then kneading it, how does it feel like it just a rabbit.

How does this equate Tippy with grandpa?

“Chino didn’t mean to hide this, after all, this thing is really incredible. Rize, Cocoa, don’t take offense.”

Chino sincerely apologized to Rize and Cocoa about hiding Tippy’s identity. As Chino’s onii-chan, Li Yalin certainly had to help persuade.

“No… I can understand it, but Chino’s grandfather… how did Tippy become a rabbit?”

Cocoa’s character is full of vitality when she’s in a good mood, and spiritless when she’s in a bad mood. Although she is shocked by Tippy transformation, it didnt have much impact on her.

So what Li Yalin just said was basically for Rize. After all, she have been with Chino the longest time, and it was normal for her not to accept it in a short time.

Fortunately, Rize didn’t feel awkward because of this. She is now more concerned about the issue of Tippy’s transformation from a human to a rabbit.

It was said that Chino’s grandfather has passed away, so in other words, the so-called passing away is just a cover, and becoming a rabbit is the truth?

But after Chino’s mother disappeared, there was no witch in Kafuu’s family. How did Tippy become a rabbit?

What kind of magic is this?

“This… I am not very clear, I am just a trainee witch.”

When Rize raised this question, her gaze was fixed on Kowata Makoto. She was the only person trained as a witch, and it is estimated that only she could explain it clearly for everyone.

Her idea is correct, but it is a pity that Kowata Makoto is not a mature witch. In fact, she can only fly with a broomstick now.

Tippy’s circumstances is such a profound question, she can’t answer it.

As for Tippy itself, it didn’t know anything. It only knows that when it wakes up one day, it changes from a human body to an angora rabbit. There is no clue other than that.

Not being able to find out the truth is really disappointing.

“It must be a very powerful witch who can quietly use such a long-lasting deforming magecraft.”

In the end, Kowata Makoto made such a summary, but what she said didn’t make much difference.

Of course, even though it was of little use, Li Yalin still keenly heard a term from her mouth.


Yes, Kowata Makoto is talking about magecraft, not magic, which is somewhat different from what Li Yalin had previously imagined.

He knew very well that the magecraft used by the witch could not be an illusion in the traditional sense, but a true magecraft.

In other words, the witch system in this world uses magecraft, so further guessing is that besides magecraft, is there any magic in this world?

Man-made miracles can be called magecraft, miracles that cannot be achieved by magecraft are called magic. This is the difference between magecraft and magic that Li Yalin knows. If magic exists, is there any difference in what he knew from this world?

In addition, since magecraft and witches have appeared, are there other similar powers in this world?

It’s not that there is no such possibility, is it?

“You seem to be… familiar with witches.”

After all, she is a new member who is about to live under the same roof. Kowata Makoto quickly integrates into this big family, communicates with each other, and relaxed in saying some things.

For Li Yalin, Kowata Makoto was more curious, because she felt from the beginning that her identity as a witch did not surprise him.

Rather, he seemed to be very familiar with the witch.

“It’s not that I am familiar with it. I can only say that I have involvement with magecraft.”

Regarding Kowata Makoto’s question, Li Yalin hesitated for a while before answering.

He could have denied it, but after thinking about it carefully, he decided to answer it this way.

Of course, his words immediately attracted everyone’s attention.

“Onii-chan have involvement with magecraft?”

The appearance of a witch was surprising, but now Li Yalin says that he has involvement to magecraft, even the inattentive Cocoa finally showed her surprise.

Even Cocoa was surprised, it can be imagined how shocked Chino and Rize.

“So you know magecraft? Are you magician?”

Kowata Makoto immediately showed a surprised expression hearing his answer. Women who use magecraft are called witches, and men cannot be called magic men. Male magecraft users were called magician.

Since Li Yalin said that he was involved in magecraft, Kowata Makoto subconsciously thought that she had met a companion.

In recent years, the existence of witches has become less and less, and they are also spread all over the world. It’s still relatively rare to encounter companions in the same area.

“Magician… I’m still not one of them, but I can use one or two magecraft.”

Li Yalin know magecraft?

Of course he is not!

But not knowing magecraft does not mean that he cannot use similar abilities.

The WIZ spell skill Flame and the exclusive bloodline skill Guardian Shield are all similar to magecraft abilities, it can even be borrowed to impersonate a magician.

After learning about the existence of witch and magecraft, Li Yalin cannot guarantee he won’t use these skills in this world later. Anything can happens in the future.

Rather than explain it later, it’s better to just take this opportunity to say it all at once. Anyway, with Kowata Makoto in front, the girls can quickly accept it.

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