Cafe 181

“Onii-chan can also use magecraft? Then onii-chan can also fly?”

Hearing the existence of witch and seeing a witch in the true sense, Cocoa’s curiosity has completely exploded. Now Li Yalin says that he can use magecraft. How can Cocoa calm down?

Subconsciously grabbing Li Yalin’s arm, Cocoa would like to see how he uses magecraft.

It would be great if he could fly.

“I can’t fly.”

It is a pity that Li Yalin is destined to disappoint Cocoa. Although he hopes to fly freely in the sky on a broom like Kowata Makoto, but he really doesn’t have that ability.

“So… what magecraft would you use onii-chan?.”

Unable to get the answer she wanted, Cocoa’s face was a little frustrated, but this little girl will never lack vitality. After a short period of loss, she quickly became excited again.

It doesn’t matter if he can’t fly, she wanted to see the magecraft of onii-chan!

“I can’t show you here. I can use an attacking type magecraft. But the tables and chairs in the store will suffer after I use it.”

Although Cocoa is full of enthusiasm, but Li Yalin didn’t do as she wished. Leaving aside the shield for the time being, this wooden coffee shop might get caught in fire if he used the flame, right?

For the sake of everyone’s personal safety, better be safe than sorry.

“Then let’s demonstrate outside!”

“Well, little girl, our family has just welcomed new members, are you planning to leave her aside?”

Cocoa was obviously unwilling, but Li Yalin didn’t give her a chance to continue. Kowata Makoto just arrived today, she is the main lead, he didn’t want to take the spotlight.

Although everyone is very interested, this can wait for later.

“Uh… then wait for a chance in the future, onii-chan must show me.”

Li Yalin’s refusal disappointed Cocoa, but she didn’t make any mischief. After all, she is a cute imouto, so she must not cause trouble to onii-chan.

After agreeing to show magecraft to everyone in the future, the girls started to get busy for the new members of the family.

Regarding Kowata Makoto’s room, this one was prepared a long time ago, and it looks like she didn’t bring much luggage, so it should be no problem to pack it up.

This should be the case, but what everyone did not expect is that although Kowata Makoto didn’t carry much with her, her real luggage was quite amazing!

“Makoto sister… Did you move all the house here?”

Seeing the employees of the moving company carrying boxes one after another, whether it was Cocoa or Chino, they were speechless.

Who said that less luggage is easier to pack?

This is too ridiculous!

“Girl… have more daily necessities…”

Seeing the stunned appearance of Cocoa and Chino, Kowata Makoto couldn’t help blushing. Although she didn’t feel much when she was tidying up before moving, she also realized that she was overdoing it when she saw the pile of boxes in the entire corridor on the second floor.

“This is no longer the level of daily necessities…”

Cocoa cant help muttered to herself as she watched the boxes piled up almost to the ceiling.

She carried a small suitcase when she just came, basically she didn’t bring anything. In contrast…

No, there is no comparison at all anymore!

“Let’s help organize it together, otherwise with just Makoto alone, sorting it will last till dawn .”

Since they are all a family, it doesn’t matter if they call each other intimately. Everyone has already agreed when they are in the coffee shop.

As the only male member of the family, Li Yalin felt that it was time for him to stand up and help.

“Onii-chan is right, I will also help.”

It is surprising that Kowata Makoto brings so much luggage, but Chino will not show the exaggerated expression like Cocoa.

It’s better to take action than to move the mouth. Kowata Makoto will be really busy till late if she didn’t get any help.

“I’m very sorry for causing trouble to everyone.”

Seeing that everyone is willing to help, Kowata Makoto immediately bowed to everyone very excitedly.

To be honest, before coming to Kafuu’s house, Kowata Makoto was a little bit nervous and uneasy. After all, she was about to join a new family and came to an unfamiliar environment without knowing how to face the new family.

But all her worries have disappeared. She’s happy to be able to join this family and to be recognized by them.

“We are all a family after all, helping each other is a matter of course.”

“By the way, Makoto, I reckon that the coffee shop will be ushered with unexpected situation for a few days. You don’t need to care about it, just ignore it.”

Seeing her bowing in gratitude, Li Yalin waved his hand casually.

Kowata Makoto is a good girl. He knows this well. As a family member who is about to live under the same roof, he is also willing to help.

But he still has to give a warning in advance for some things, otherwise it would be bad if it scares others.


Li Yalin’s words made Kowata Makoto very incomprehensible. Is something going on in the coffee shop? What will happen?

Regarding this question, she soon knew the answer.

Faced with the endless stream of fans, even as a witch, she would be shocked.

Yes, with the popularity of Li Yalin and Kohinata Yukari’s new songs, the number of fans who heard the news is increasing. It would be impossible to reopen the store if this continues.

It cannot be opened at night or afternoon, not even during the day.

They had no choice but to close the shop to the end.

It’s not that Li Yalin doesn’t want to, but it’s really impossible.

For this reason, he also specially apologized to Rinna. She couldn’t continue working since the Rabbit House was closed.

Fortunately, with this time of work experience, Rinna is no longer confused. She decided her goal to her friend Mihari and work hard to become an excellent manga editor, so it doesn’t matter if she can’t work.

Rather, after she stopped working, she was able to devote herself to studying more wholeheartedly and went to Weekly Young GONGON to apply for employment after graduation.

Although as an airhead girl, whether she can become an excellent manga editor is still questionable, but she had determine the goal and direction of her life, which is very commendable.

In this regard, Li Yalin also wishes her a good luck.

He hoped that she can accomplish her goals and achieve her wishes and ideals.

Fight on!

Rinna Fuwa!

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