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“I think… I really should ask Uomi for mental damage fee.”

The Rabbit House went out of business for several days, causing the girls in the shop to have nothing to do. Li Yalin, who returned home after school, stopped playing the piano. His busy life was suddenly free.

No way, the song has been recorded, and it become a hot topic on the internet, which made him afraid to release another one.

As for manga, the progress has been ahead of schedule due to his grinding before. Even the story of the second tankōbon has been drawn, so he had no need to worry about the problem of no draft.

As for the Sword Art Online novel, he also took advantage of his spare time to get the first volume. Not only that, he even drew the cover and illustrations, which have been handed over to Mihari, waiting for the final review to be completed before it can be officially released.

In this case, it would be weird if he still busy.

Strangely he didn’t feel them when he was so busy before, but he’s kinda bored when he was free.

This is all because of Uomi, anyway, this pot must be thrown on the student president-sama.

She was in joyous mood recently, the more popular the combination of Li Yalin and Kohinata Yukari, the more it proves that the school idol plan is feasible.

Now she is fully committed to this plan, and she has a good publicity for the school taking advantage of the heat.

She is happy, but how to solve the problem in the store?

Mental loss fee!

Must compensate for mental damage!

“We won’t be able to do business normally if those people don’t leave. How long we have to wait…”

At this moment, Cocoa is lying on the table bored just like Li Yalin, drawing circles along the wood grain on the table. After experiencing the busyness before, it is really boring to relax again.

How long they have to take a break after stopping business?

“Makoto, do you have any good ideas? For example, using an expel magecraft or something?”

Asking Uomi for mental damage is just something Li Yalin blurt out thoughtlessly, but the problem in the store must be resolved.

Although he knew that he can’t just try anything when in a desperate situation, but with a witch like Kowata Makoto, he couldn’t help but imagine that she could come up with a solution.

Among those mysterious magecraft, is there any expel magecraft?

There must be some.

“Expel magecraft? Although there is this kind of magecraft, it drives people away. Even if the shop reopens, there will be no more customers.”

Kowata Makoto already knows how Rabbit House became like this. After experiencing the initial surprise, she can now deal with it completely calmly.

As for the expel magecraft mentioned by Li Yalin, she have it but if she really use it, how will Rabbit House reopen?

Is there a difference between opening a coffee shop without customers?

“You really have it?”

Li Yalin who was desperate, really did not expect that he would get a positive answer by saying casually.

Hurriedly getting up from his chair, he wanted to see what the so-called expel magecraft was.

And maybe he really has to borrow this magecraft.

Taking out a thick magic book from the luggage and turn the pages of the book. Kowata Makoto pointed out three expel magecraft with different effects. The first two are relatively simple and rude, Li Yalin directly ignores it, but the third one makes his eyes lit up.

That is not expel magecraft in the traditional sense, but a concealment magecraft similar to illusion.

As long as the magecraft is activated, the building can be hidden in a short time. It’s not completely invisible, it just eliminates the sense of existence and makes people not pay attention, just like the stone hat in Doraemon.

They can use this!

To be honest, Li Yalin doesn’t really care about the number of customers in the store. What really annoys him is the trouble caused by the fans in the store.

That seriously affected his daily life with the girls.

With this concealment magecraft, no one will find Rabbit House again, so that everyone can return to normal daily life.


As a witch who has just been able to fly with a broomstick, Kowata Makoto is obviously unable to activate the concealment magecraft, which has become a very big problem.

Own magecraft but can’t activated it, what the use then?


Seeing Li Yalin’s disappointed expression, Kowata Makoto’s heart was filled with apology. Her ability was limited, she really had no way to help.

“Makoto, what do you lack to start this magecraft?”

Yes, Kowata Makoto’s lack of ability really disappointed Li Yalin, but it’s too early to give up.

The inability to activate it now does not mean that it will not work in the future. It can be done slowly, step by step. He doesn’t mind waiting for a while for Makoto to learn to use this magecraft.

If she lacks the conditions, he can create it. He really doesn’t believe that a mere concealment magecraft can’t still be activated?

“That… the materials to activate the spell are no problem, I have them. But I don’t have enough magic power needed to activate the spell….”

Suddenly hearing Li Yalin’s question, Kowata Makoto’s face suddenly became flushed.

For a witch, to activate magecraft, in addition to using the necessary materials and spells, it must also be condensed with the magic power of the caster.

If it is an ordinary small magecraft, it may be possible to simply rely on the assistance of materials, but it need enough magic power to launch such a large concealment magecraft.

“Not enough magic power?”

Kowata Makoto’s answer made Li Yalin frowned slightly. If it’s just a lack of conditions, he might be able to create it, but he had no way to help when the magic power is not enough.

Isn’t this too hard?

Is it really impossible?

No… there must be a way!

“To activate the concealment magecraft, besides ensuring that the magic power is abundant, does the caster have any other restrictions?”

After pondering for a moment, Li Yalin finally asked Kowata Makoto such a question.

“No, this concealment magecraft is a relatively basic magecraft, but it has a large range, so it needs to ensure magic power. There are no restrictions on the caster.”

Lightly shaking head, Kowata Makoto answered very quickly this time. After all, the only problem now is the magic power, while the rest are secondary.

Even if she had not been able to properly launch magecraft, she still has confidence in this simple magecraft.

“Okay! In that case, let me start this magecraft!”

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