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Li Yalin chose to launch the concealment magecraft by himself, not because he has much confidence, but for research.

After all, he doesn’t know whether his spiritual power can be used as magic power.

But it shouldn’t be a problem to use spiritual power to urge the skills to start magecraft. Anyway, it should be okay to at least try it, right?

Although Li Yalin has never actually used magecraft, Kowata Makoto didn’t doubt him based on his previous knowledge of witches.

“Okay, come, Yalin bother, I will prepare the materials now.”

For Li Yalin, Makoto has been accustomed to calling him Yalin brother. Although there is no kinship between the two, there is still Chino in between.

Makoto is Chino’s cousin, and Li Yalin is Chino’s onii-chan. It is reasonable to call him Yalin brother.

And it looks like she didn’t really mind calling him that way.

“I really want to use magecraft.”

Li Yalin wanted to start the concealment magecraft, and the girls in the family soon learned that they hadn’t seen the real magecraft except Makoto riding a broomstick once. They finally had a chance this time, of course they don’t want to miss it.

Not to mention Cocoa and Rize, even Chino is very curious about it.

After Makoto had prepared the materials, everyone gathered in the backyard and watched carefully and seriously.

“These are the materials that started magecraft?”

Looking at the four candles in front of them, three pieces of white paper and three straws, the expressions of the girls are very wonderful.

According to their thoughts, magecraft is a mysterious spell beyond human imagination. To activate magecraft, naturally have to use many weird materials.

For example, black dog blood, crow feathers, and weird plants. Shouldn’t those materials used by witches?

This candle, white paper and straw, is completely different from what they imagined!

It might have been a magic triks!

“When launching this concealment magecraft, what is more needed is the condensing of the magic power of the caster. The materials are only an aid, and there is no need for exaggerated things.”

Seeing everyone’s disappointed expressions, how could Makoto not know what the girls thought.

Because of some film and television works of fiction, perhaps the kind of bloody spell formation in a dark room with a skeleton in the left hand and blood in the right hand is the true witch in people’s minds.

But the witch in reality is not so exaggerated!


All misunderstandings about the witch!

“Okay, let me take a look at the activation conditions of this magecraft first.”

For the witch and magecraft, Li Yalin also has a little knowledge. It is not clear whether this concealment magecraft can be successfully launched. He has no time to explain to everyone.

Looking at Makoto’s magic book, he was reading the text carefully.

Just like Makoto said, the key to the magecraft operation is magic power, followed by the activation of the operation, which requires the complementarity of magic array and materials.

Then the next key is to successfully copy the magic array in the book.

To be honest, if it were not because of Li Yalin’s manga ability, he might not be able to copy the magic array. It’s too complicated and too mysterious. If there is a slight error, the drawing will fail.

Thanks to the experience of drawing manga, he was able to draw the magic array smoothly. After drawing three sheets of white paper continuously, he was slightly relieved.

This is a very critical first step, and it did not fail.


Although Li Yalin is not a professional magician, his magic array is not bad at all. As a genuine witch, Makoto is ashamed.

In comparison, the magic array she drew is too ugly. The most basic circles are not drawn properly, there is no comparability between the two.

For this reason, Makoto expressed a sincere sigh for Li Yalin’s strength.

She couldn’t compare with this alone.

“The next step is the key.”

Makoto’s sigh did not shake Li Yalin, because he knew that drawing a magic array only represented a good start, and whether it really succeeded depends on the next operation.

Place one of the magic arrays on the ground and light candles at the four corners respectively. Next is to condense the magic power!


Concentrating quietly, Li Yalin took a deep breath, holding a piece of white paper with a magic array in each hand, transmitting power through his own spirit.


This is the feeling!

How to use his own spiritual power, Li Yalin already has this experience. He had occasionally practice the two skills of flame and guardian shield. Following this feeling, he found that his spiritual power was quickly transmited on top of the two blank papers.

That means… it look promising?

Now that there is a chance, go ahead!

With the surging of spiritual power, the two white papers were quickly covered by spiritual power. Just after reaching the critical point, two flames emerged from the magic array on the white paper.

Those two blank papers started to ignite spontaneously!

That’s it!

The spontaneous combustion of the white paper in his hand did not scare Li Yalin, because according to the magic book, this is a normal phenomenon of the operation of the spell.

Without any hesitation, Li Yalin threw the spontaneously burning white paper on the ground. When the burning white paper touched the magic array on the ground, a peculiar halo appeared quietly.

Very smooth!

Last step!

The three straws are actually not real straws, but candle wicks that only witches can use. Although they look very similar to straws, they are quite good casting materials, basically every witch had them in stock.

The timing of the use of this candle wick is very important, it must wait until the moment when the halo really disappears.

At this point, Li Yalin is very sure about it.

Use candle wicks!

Along with the input of the candle wick, a fire suddenly burst out on the magic array on the ground, but the fire did not last for a long time. It took about three or four seconds, and it disappeared completely.


At the moment the flame disappeared, Li Yalin’s face showed a smile. Although he was a little uneasy at the beginning, whether his spiritual power can replace magic power, but now it seems that all worries are unnecessary.

He can also use the magecraft used by the witches!

There is absolutely no problem!

But the cost… it’s a bit too much.

“It’s done?”

Li Yalin frowned, but the girls looked at each other.

The flames and halo just now is good to deceive people, but that’s it, not as exaggerated as everyone thought.

How does it feel… like a magic tricks?

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