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“Brother Yalin, you are so amazing, you can successfully use magecraft for the first time.”

Chino and Cocoa looked with a blank face, completely ignorant of the effect of this magecraft, but Makoto can see that the magecraft is actually activated.

Because of this, her words also contained 30% admiration and 40% worship, and the rest were all surprises.

She knew that she can’t activated such a large-scale operation, at least berfore her magic power reach the standard, there was no need to consider it.

In contrast, Li Yalin is much better than her.

“That was really lucky.”

In the face of Makoto’s admiration, Li Yalin shake his head slightly. He is not humbled at the moment, but thought that it was really lucky.

Before launching this concealment magecraft, his spirit was full of 17 points, but after using this magecraft, his remaining spirit was only 1 point.

In other words, he will be exhausted after activating the magecraft if he has only 16 spirit points, and get fatigued for a while after the spirit is exhausted.

Even if he didn’t reach 16 spirit points, he woudn’t be able to activate this spell.

It needs so much spiritual power, no wonder Makoto can’t activated it.


Shaking his head, Li Yalin stepped forward to collect the extinguished ashes on the ground. The concealment magecraft was successfully launched, but there is still another process that must be done.

Bringing the girls back to the store, Li Yalin divided the ashes into twenty parts and put them into small amulets prepared in advance.

“Take this thing with you. If you don’t carry it with you, you won’t be able to go back home when you go out.”

Yes, the activation of concealment magecraft does not different people. During this period of time when the spell takes effect, Rabbit House will not be noticed by anyone, even one’s own.

And the ashes residue in these little amulets is the medium produced after the activation. Only with the medium can one find the Rabbit House. Without this medium, don’t even think of finding it.

In this way, Rabbit House seems to be an urban legend in a sense.

“So magical?”

Playing with the amulet handed by Li Yalin, Cocoa’s eyes were full of excitement. Is this inconspicuous little thing the magical items in the legend?

Cocoa has many imaginations and often generates many interesting ideas.

For example… now.

“Shall we give it a try to see if the magecraft is activated?”

Although they know that the concealment magecraft has been activated, but the activation is too inconspicuous, not too convincing, just like fake.

It would be too boring if she didn’t test it, right?

“Oh? You want to test it?”

As far as Li Yalin is concerned, he is also not sure how effective this spell is. Seeing Cocoa’s voluntary, how could he refuse?

Well, since she want to test it, then go and try.

We are missing a test product.

“Okay! I won’t bring the amulet and go to Chiya to play.”

“Wait a minute, you’d better bring one, and give it to Chiya directly. Don’t say too much, just tell her to bring the amulet when she comes to the store.”

Since she is going to experiment, Cocoa naturally has to leave the store first. It just so happens that she and Chiya have an appointment to go to Ama Usa An, so let’s take this opportunity to go testing.

However, before leaving, Li Yalin suddenly stopped her. Chiya is a good friend of Cocoa, and occasionally visits the store to play. Sending her a medium is very suitable for reason.

It’s just that the existence of witch and magecraft is better for Cocoa to conceal it temporarily. Although Chiya is also a good girl, Li Yalin also believes that she will not spread it everywhere, but it is still better to wait until there is a chance in the future to explain.

“Well, promise to complete the task!”

Cocoa is lively and cute, but she is not an idiot. She understand that she can’t talk about the existence of witch and magecraft.

After hearing Li Yalin’s words, she was very playfully offered a military salute. Although it seemed like a joke, her eyes were serious.

Before Li Yalin agreed, even if Chiya was her best friend, she would not reveal a word.

“Come back earlier.”

Smiling and nodding to Cocoa, Li Yalin waved his hand.

After Cocoa went out, Li Yalin also turned his attention to everyone.

“Next, Rabbit House will reopen!”

Yes, Rabbit House is re-opened, but with the effect of concealment magecraft, no one expect guest to come.

The only difference between now and before is that the originally closed wooden windows can finally be opened, allowing sunlight to penetrate into the room again.

Finally getting a bit of light, closing the doors and windows every day like before is simply suffocating.


The re-opened Rabbit House has once again become the little coffee shop that no one cares about before. The scene where the guests were once filled is like a dream.

“Don’t worry, after the craze goes down, I will eliminate the concealment magecraft and everything will be fine.”

Standing at the shop bar counter, Chino’s expression was a bit absent-minded. No wonder, after all, the contrast is indeed a bit huge, so it’s normal to not be able to adapt.

Seeing this, Li Yalin also came to Chino to comfort her.

Seems like the publicity issue of school idol has to be postponed for a while, or in other words, he should find another way to divert the attention of fans.

“It’s okay onii-chan, I am fine. Onii-chan don’t have to worry, don’t change your plan because of us.”

Hearing Li Yalin’s comfort, Chino gently shook her head.

She is very clear about the issue of Eiryou High School, Li Yalin’s school idol debut plan, because Li Yalin has never concealed it from her.

Because of this, Chino is more aware of the importance of the school idol program.

It was enough for her to keep the Rabbit House. She didn’t want to drag onii-chan back because of herself.

She knows how nice and popular onii-chan sings are. In fact, she is more willing to see onii-chan continue to release works and gain more people’s love.

In contrast, it really doesn’t matter whether the business in the store is good or not.

Onii-chan has done so much for herself, and she also want to do something for onii-chan.

“Chino …”

Looking at the well-behaved and sensible imouto in front of him, Li Yalin cant help but to like her even more. It’s really great to have Chino as his imouto!

As for the other imouto…

“Uh…onii-chan, come pick me up, I can’t find my way home…”

Well, looks like he’d better go and get that silly little girl back quickly.

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