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The effect of concealment magecraft is indeed very good. Cocoa has a deep understanding of this. Originally, this girl has a bad sense of direction, and coupled with the magecraft, let alone find a home, come back from Ama Usa An and go around a few more times, she had no idea where she was.

Had it not been for Li Yalin to pick her up in person, she might have been lost somewhere.

Speaking of having a bad sense of direction, it need to be mentioned that not only Cocoa, but Makoto, who just joined this big family also have the same problem.

The two meets together, it is really causing a headache.

As said before, as a fifteen-year-old witch, Makoto needs to live independently according to the rules of the witch, but in modern society, it is not necessary to follow the old rules. Makoto’s parents hope that their daughter can continue her studies, so they let her came to Kafuu’s house to stay.

Before the time was delayed due to various reasons, Makoto failed to catch up with the formal opening of school, but after all the formalities were completed, she would become a student of Eiryou High School as a freshman.

After a long time of familiarity, Cocoa’s degree of losing her way has been greatly reduced, at least during the journey from school to home, she will not get lost in the dimension space.

But Makoto needs someone to take care of her. Thanks to her choice of Eiryou High School, Li Yalin can take care of her a little bit.

“Are you ready?”

“Hmm! Ready!”

After staying at Kafuu’s house for a few days, Makoto can finally go to school. Somehow she wasn’t that excited, her mood was not really great.

Did she go to bed late last night?

Although a little curious, Li Yalin didn’t ask too much. Chino and Cocoa had already gone out, so it was natural for him and Makoto to leave.

“Chito, the housekeeping work is up to you.”

Nodding towards Makoto, Li Yalin greeted Chito before leaving the house.

Don’t think of Chito just a real cat, despite not being able to speak like Tippy, this little guy is quite smart. Not only it understand people’s words, its IQ has reached the average level of normal people.

Look, after hearing Li Yalin’s words, Chito also meowed, lifted its front paws and waved as if saying goodbye to the two.

“Brat! I’m also watching the house!”

Li Yalin greeted Chito, but inadvertently poked Tippy’s lung tube. You know, Chito is a cat, but he turned into a rabbit. He should be counted as a housekeeper, not just the cat, right?

What happened?

You didn’t put this old man in your eyes?

“You taking care of the house? Not sleeping all day is already good, but also want to take care of the house…”

Bickering with Tippy has become one of Li Yalin’s recent pleasures. Well, the war between siscon and granddaughter-con has been in full swing. As long as the timing is right, he will spare no effort to fight Tippy.

Of course, what he said is a fact. Tippy is getting lazier and lazier recently. What he likes most is to sleep in a big tea cup.

In contrast, Chito is much more diligent than him.

So before leaving home, asking Chito instead of Tippy. Nothing wrong with it, right?

“Brat! Do you look down on this old man?”

Since the identity was revealed, Tippy has become more fearless at home. There is no need to hide anything anyway. In front of the girls, he is more than happy to fight Li Yalin.

It’s a pity that as a rabbit, Tippy often loses in all directions, it can only do one counterattack…

Rabbit head mallet!


Seeing Tippy turned into a white shadow, Li Yalin yawned boringly. He have said earlier that using the same trick on the Saint Seiya a second time is useless. Do you have a memory shortage?

Just as Tippy was about to rush in front of him, Li Yalin took a quick step back, and then closed the door with a bang.

Yes, he was standing at the door to greet Chito just now, so his next series of actions resulted in an intimate contact between Tippy’s face and the door panel.

“Ha, goodbye.”

After closing and locking the door, Li Yalin took Makoto out of the house, but along the way, he sees Makoto holding her laughter.

“Anything funny?”

The war between Li Yalin and Tippy is already a daily behavior. He has been used to it for a long time, but watching Makoto smile like that, is this really interesting?

“I just thought that your relationship with Tippy is really good.”

Hearing Li Yalin’s question, Makoto finally stopped, and then shook her head gently, there was a little envy in her words.

Doesn’t it mean that the more noisy the relationship, the better? Isn’t this quarrel between the two a proof of feelings?

“Good relationship? Tippy and I?”

Makoto’s answer made Li Yalin’s forehead covered with black lines. They have a good relationship? This is war, war! The war between siscon and granddaughter-con!

Little imouto, don’t get me wrong!

If Tippy is a beautiful girl, let alone a good relationship, he didn’t mind getting addressed by his name.

But the problem is, that is an old grandfather, and also an old grandfather who turned into a rabbit!

Good relationship?

Are you serious?

“Is not it?”

“Is it?”

“Okay, forgot what I said then.”

Regarding the argument about the war between siscon and granddaughter-con, Makoto obviously can’t compete with Li Yalin. they will never get a result if they just go back and forth.

There are some things better left unsaid.

Looking at Makoto’s wave of hands, but with a look of understanding, the black line on Li Yalin’s forehead has a tendency to increase again.

Looks like he have to find an opportunity to communicate with her so that she can understand the truth!

“Wow, it’s really a school in a big city, there are so many people.”

Although Makoto was born in an ancient family of witches, she had always lived in a relatively remote country before. Naturally, she went to a middle school in a town. Both the teaching staff and the level of teaching are relatively backward.

Coming to a school in a big city for the first time was undoubtedly a novel experience for her. Just seeing the students coming and going at the school gate made her sigh.

It’s no wonder that even if the freshman enrollment rate of Eiryou High School is declining every year, there is still a foundation to follow. In any case, it’s not comparable to the middle schools in small towns.

“Come on, let’s go in first.”

Makoto sighed with emotion, but Li Yalin suddenly pulled her sleeve.

No way, the gate of this school is really not a place to stay for a long time, and he can see a familiar figure from the corner of his eyes.

Being caught would likely cause unnecessary trouble.

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