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“Eh? Why are you so anxious?”

Makoto, who was pulled by Li Yalin, hasn’t reacted yet. Although she had no problem entering the school right away, it shouldn’t be a problem to stand at the door to take a look, right?

Why should they rush in?

However, Makoto did not get a response from Li Yalin, because just as her voice fell, a figure had appeared in front of the two of them.

“Oh, isn’t this my vice student president? Good morning Yalin-kun.”

“Sigh… good morning, Uomi student president.”

The troublesome character has appeared!

Uomi student president is a very nice girl. Apart from her occasional haraguro personality, she also likes to speak vulgar jokes. There are nothing wrong with her. It’s better to say that he gets along with her and feels comfortable most of the time.

However, her occasional haraguro personality is the most troublesome, especially for Li Yalin, it really troubled him.

Just now because he saw Uomi, he didn’t want her to see him went to school with Makoto. But it was a pity that the student president-sama’s gaze was like a torch, even among countless figures, she could accurately spot her target.

Did she install a radar on herself?

She obviously just turned around!

Li Yalin constantly tsukomi her in his mind, on the surface, he still responds to Uomi’s greetings calmly.

She can’t see Makoto!

She can’t see Makoto!

She can’t see Makoto!

Keeping silent, Li Yalin hoped that Uomi could ignore Makoto next to him. So today can be smooth sailing.


“Brother Yalin is the vice student president? Is it the vice student president of the student council?”

My dear imouto! Can’t you not talk too much at this moment?

Makoto is a beautiful girl, and also standing beside Li Yalin. It’s impossible for Uomi to ignore her. Li Yalin prayer just now is nothing but self-hypnosis.

But the problem is, before Uomi could speak, Makoto call him brother Yalin, completely exposing the relationship between the two.

Brother Yalin, how can she call him this way if they are not close?


Uomi smiled and raised the corner of her mouth. Li Yalin had already discovered that she had definitely had some horrible idea in her heart!

“Yes, Yalin-kun is indeed the vice student president of our Eiryou High School student council. By the way, I’m Eiryou High School student council president Uomi.”

Facing Makoto, Uomi had already greeted her.

“You don’t look familiar, are you a freshman? Or a transfer student?”

Has this started to bottom out?

“It turned out to be the students president! My name is Kowata Makoto. I am a freshman who just entered school this year. I have delayed attending school due to some reasons. Today is my first attendance. Please give me advice in the future.”

This is the first time Makoto saw Uomi, so she didn’t know the thoughts of this student president-sama. After hearing the other party’s question, she immediately bowed and introduced herself.

“It turns out to be a freshman. welcome to Eiryou High School. If you encounter any difficulties in the future, you can come to the student council to find me at any time, and I will help you solve it.”

After receiving Makoto’s information, Uomi nodded in satisfaction. Right now, she does look like a student president. At least she won Makoto’s favor after saying this.

“Thank you very much.”

Seeing Uomi and Makoto’s exchanges, Li Yalin couldn’t help but slap his forehead while standing behind.

If this continues, Uomi will definitely cleanup the pure Makoto.

“We don’t have much time. We still need to report to sensei, Makoto, let’s go in first.”

Didn’t intend to let Makoto and Uomi talk any more, Li Yalin promptly interrupted the two.

“Then Uomi student president, we will go in first.”

After saying his goodbye to Uomi, Li Yalin took Makoto into the school. He was anxious to separate Makoto and Uomi, but he forgot another thing.

Due to the popularity of his works on the internet, he has become the most popular in the school, he need to pay attention to his every word and deed. Recently, he has received several anonymous love letters, which made him quite dumbfounded.

So now, at the gate of the school, he openly took a beautiful girl into the campus together, imagining what the consequences would be.

It’s a pity that he didn’t thought of that now.

“Really a good student president.”

Although she don’t know why Li Yalin is so eager to pull herself into the school, Makoto still has a great liking for Uomi. On the way to the sensei office, she still sighed softly.

“Um… Uomi is indeed a good student president, but in a sense… ahem, forget it.”

Is Uomi a good student president?

Yes, she is a good student president. Yes, she is dedicated to the development of the school and is responsible for every student. Not only does she have excellent academic performance, she is also praised by many students in terms of conduct.

This is simply a perfect student president.

But the issue is, aside from the superficiality, as one of the few people who knows Uomi’s true face, how should Li Yalin evaluate her?

Looking at Makoto, it’s better not to spoil her fantasy.

Forget it, let’s put the topic of Uomi aside for now.

After taking Makoto all the way to the first grade faculty office and helping Makoto handle the final admission procedures, Li Yalin finally breathed a sigh of relief and returned to his class.

Next, Makoto’s class teacher will take her to the classroom, so he doesn’t need to worry too much.

But as soon as he returned to his seat and just dropped his bag on the table, Maki and Atsuko immediately greeted him. Not right, to be precise, Atsuko was pulled by Maki and come to him.

What happens?

Seeing Maki’s excited look, Li Yalin cant help distracted for a while.

“Yalin, I heard that you brought your girlfriend to school today?”


Fortunately, he didn’t drink water, otherwise Li Yalin he would spray it all out after hearing Maki’s words.

Bring his girlfriend to school?

What the hell?

“What kind of gossip do you hear? When did I take my girlfriend to school?”

Quite baffled by Maki’s words, Li Yalin rolled his eyes.

What a nonsense, why he didn’t know he have a girlfriend?

Don’t accuse people for no reason!

“Isn’t it? But it has spread to everyone, saying that you abandoned Kohinata senpai and came to school with a beautiful girl in lower grades.”

“Huh? Abandon Kohinata senpai? Why it got connected to Kohinata senpai?”

Yes, the gossip spread is getting more and more outrageous. Li Yalin was stupified. First Makoto and then Kohinata senpai. What the hell is going on?

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