Cafe 187

Li Yalin now fully realized how outrageous gossip can be.

God knows the mentality of those guys who spread the gossip, they don’t know the inside story, they are just messing around.

“So that girl is your relative, no wonder.”

After finally explaining the matter clearly, Maki finally nodded, and Li Yalin was relieved that there will be no more misunderstanding.

“Now you can rest assured, isn’t it Haruka?”

“I… Maki, what are you talking about, it was originally a misunderstanding, okay?”

Li Yalin was clearing up the misunderstanding to Maki and Atsuko, and Haruka has not mixed in at all.

But at the end of the conversation, she was caught off guard when Maki suddenly brought the topic to her.

Seeing her face is red with a furrowed brow, so Haruka is listening to their conversation?

Well, being so close, it would be weird if she didn’t hear them.

“Okay, okay, it’s all a misunderstanding.”

Haruka blushed in exchange for Maki’s chuckle. To be honest, this scene was quite rare, and Li Yalin was also very interested.

What is this?

Is Maki helping him and Haruka match up?

Even if he has never been in a relationship, Li Yalin can’t be so slow that he can’t react to anything. After all, he is not a blockhead.

It’s just that for him, his ideal love partner is an onee-san. For example, the onee-san curator of Gakkou Gurashi world, that is his dish.

If changed to Haruka…

Well, from a factual point of view, Haruka is also an ideal dating object. Yes, if one can have such a girlfriend, it will definitely be a blessing for eight lifetimes.

It was extremely rare to find such a gentle and considerate girlfriend.

But no one knows what Haruka thinks.

Li Yalin does want a girlfriend, but the problem is that he also has his own concerns.

In any case, he doesn’t think it’s time to go out with a girl.

What’s more, he is also very aware of Haruka’s problems at home. When her parents are not around and there are still two imoutos to take care of, is it possible for her to fall in love?

It’s actually very difficult.

Taking everything into considerations, it’s better to maintain the status quo. Anyway, if it’s really his dish, it will be impossible to run away, right?

If he encounter a rival kinda guy, he can just solve it in advance!

Okay, that’s it!

Li Yalin has already thought about how to deal with Haruka’s issue, of course he didn’t show them on the surface. He is happy to watch the fun between Haruka and Maki.

After all, this is also a beautiful scene, isn’t it?

“I didn’t expect that Yalin-kun hide it so well. You must be very happy to live with such a beautiful bishoujo, right?”

Well, it didn’t look pretty for him now.

In the clubroom at noon every day, Li Yalin, Kohinata Yukari, Aoba, and Nene will meet regularly. It has become a habit for everyone to chat and eat a lunch together.

Of course, there is an unrelated person. Uomi, who does not appear every day, but occasionally comes to show her presence.

Today Uomi student president appeared again. Not only that, she also dropped an unprecedented huge material, which immediately shocked the three girls in the classroom.

Everyone know about the rumors this morning. The rumors has spread like wild fire, but Li Yalin did not explain, and everyone didn’t dare to ask him about it.

But now Uomi dropped the bombshell as soon as she came, especially when she act so enthusiastically, Kohinata Yukari’s face changed color in an instant.

Living together?

Gossip and rumors have always been not trustworthy, but the authenticity of these words from Uomi student president is beyond doubt, right?

“Did you go to Makoto?”

Uomi’s words just make things worse, Li Yalin’s forehead has countless # in it.

From her words, she must have gone to the first grade to meet Makoto.

“After all, it is my brother’s cohabitation partner, of course I need to get to know her.”

She put on a serious face when she replied, as if she had really become a sister who cares about her younger brother. If others don’t know, they will believe it.

“I don’t remember I had an extra sister. By the way, Makoto is a child from my distant relatives. She can be considered as my imouto, so don’t make thing up.”

For Uomi, Li Yalin crossed his hands on his chest, with an insensitive expression on his face.

As for the truth, he also briefly explained it, of course, not for Uomi, but for Kohinata Yukari and others.

He didn’t care if outsiders misunderstood, but he must expain it clearly to the people he was close with.

“It turned out to be imouto from a distant relative.”

At the beginning, everyone really thought what Uomi said was true, that Li Yalin was living with his girlfriend.

Everyone finally understood everything after learning the truth. Especially Kohinata Yukari, she let out a long breath, as if being relieved.

“Oh? According to you, Kowata-san should be my imouto? That’s bad, I didn’t prepare a gift for my imouto.”

Clearly has already seen Makoto and should have known it long ago, but Uomi act like she just learned the news, with a face of failure.

“Hehe, it’s like you are my sister when you say that. We are not related, okay?”

“Who said that? I am clearly your sister! Call me sister!”

Li Yalin responded to her with roll his eyes, but Uomi immediately fought back. By the way, is she has an obsession with younger brother?

The conversation between Uomi and Li Yalin is already a daily routine for the two of them. They are used to act like this when there are no outsiders.

But in front of Aoba and the others, this seems to be the first time. These girls have no idea that Uomi and Li Yalin have such a relationship.

“Uomi student president… and club president are siblings?”

There are gossips every day, especially today. This morning, the club president harassed the lower-grade girl, and then spread the rumors of cohabitation, and then clarified the relationship between distant relatives, but at the end, there was another big news.

With so much news coming out all at once, Aoba only felt that her brain cells were not enough.

“Of course, I’m Yalin’s sister!”

She suddenly slung on Li Yalin’s arm. Now Uomi directly omitted some of the words.

After she did this, false thing would become real.

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