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“Our fathers are friends with each other at best. What is your intention to make the fake come true?”

Uomi chest looks flat, but in fact, her chest is quite hidden since she was well dressed. In short, when Uomi clung to him like this, Li Yalin feel some ripples in his heart.

Of course, even if he is not calm in his heart, his face still needs to be calm.

Yes, he can’t show himself being defeated by Uomi in front of the girls.

Of course, the student president-sama will certainly not be so easy to deal with.

“Do you want to abandon me Yalin?”

Here comes the actor Uomi!

The strongest counterattack from student president-sama appeared!

“When did I want you?”

Facing the actor, Li Yalin fought back unwillingly.

“You are so ruthless!”

When her tactic fails, Uomi immediately scowl with a cold eyes.

“You think this is a cliché romance drama?”

Rolling his eyes, Li Yalin retorted back.

“This is obviously true!”


“Forget it, let’s talk business.”

Hey, isn’t that what we’re talking about right now?

With Uomi’s acting skills, Li Yalin thought she was going to come up with another killer move, so he was bracing himself. But then halfway through the conversation, she suddenly shift the topics.


Isn’t that what we are doing right now?

It is said that woman can change their face anytime.

She obviously staged some kind of cliché romance drama, but in the next moment, Uomi changed back to a serious student president appearance.

“On our first wave of propaganda campaign, we have reached the perfect expectations. The combination of Yalin-kun and Kohinata senpai has caused a huge response on the internet.”

“I think it’s time to start the second wave of publicity plans.”

The second wave of publicity plans Uomi talked about was the release of two singles by Kokuhaku Yokou Renshuu, which were recorded early and can be uploaded to the internet at any time.

Of course, the launch of the new work cannot be too fast. Li Yalin has also discussed with Uomi before that they should upload the second work at the best time.


“I have objections.”

Although he want to tsukomi Uomi’s changing face mode, Li Yalin definitely has to say a few words about the launch of the second step plan.

“Although according to the plan, it is indeed a good time to release the second project, but I also have a special situation that needs to be resolved, so I think it is better to postpone the release of the work.”

The situation in the store is very troublesome. If it weren’t for the concealment magic, maybe the threshold will be broken by fans. If the popularity is raised at this time, the problems in the store will never be solved.

“This is a problem…”

Li Yalin never said them before since he didn’t want to add a psychological burden to everyone, but he must expain them now.

After hearing about the Rabbit House, Uomi frowned. It is important to promote the school, but this has affected the lives of Li Yalin and his family, which is not what she wants to see.

In order to save the school, she can spend some careful thinking on Li Yalin and ask him to help herself. This does not mean that she will do whatever it takes to accomplish her goal.

After all, she is actually a gentle girl, even if she shown her haraguro occasionally, it is just to make fun of people, nothing more.

Now that there is a problem, they must find a solution.

“In this case, postpone the release of the work, wait until the popularity drops.”

After some thoughts, Uomi finally made up her mind. Although it was somewhat of a pity, she will not regret her decision.


Uomi can be so caring, Li Yalin is also a little relieved, this apologies is both to Uomi, and to Kohinata Yukari.

In any case, they have spent a lot of effort on the new work, and now it is delayed because of him, how to say all his fault.

“It’s ok.”

Kohinata Yukari is still the gentle senpai, she can understand Li Yalin’s mood and is willing to consider him.

She’s really a sweet girl.

In Li Yalin’s mind, only a girl like Kohinata Yukari can compare with Haruka.

Rather, the two are completely equal in their gentleness.

In comparison, Uomi’s student president-sama is just…

“You can’t just say sorry. In the final analysis, this is all your fault. In order to make up for your fault, you will come and go with me for the student exchange meeting after school this afternoon!”

“Hah? The student exchange meeting between the two schools? What’s that?”

Suddenly there was an exchange meeting from Uomi. Li Yalin was dazed. As the vice student president of the student council, why didn’t he hear anything about it?

“You are still my right-hand man! What are you doing as the vice student president?”

Uomi was furious seeing him dazed, just like how incompetent her vice student president is.

But then again, as Li Yalin acting for two club presidents, it seems that he really has no time to take care of the affairs of the student council. Mori Nozomi-san and Aoba Toori-san are there. There is nothing for him, right?

Li Yalin is quite confident on this point.

“All in all, you must attend this exchange meeting!”

No matter how upright Li Yalin is, the Uomi student president’s decision cannot be rejected, at least Li Yalin can’t refuse.

Since there is no way to refuse, let’s take a look at the student exchange meeting between the two schools.

For some reason, Uomi suddenly short-tempered. Anyway, he was asked to participate without explanation, so he goes to Mori-san to clear thing up.

It turned out that this was a private meeting of student councils between Eiryou High School and Ousai Academy. The content was about school development and publicity. After all, the problem of gradual decline in enrollment is not limited to Eiryou High School, as an ally, appropriate communication is undoubtedly the best choice.

It turned out to be Ousai Academy!

After learning the truth, Li Yalin finally understood. In fact, regardless of whether there is today’s story or not, Uomi will let him participate in this exchange meeting.

Because he is the key element of the school idol project recently launched by Eiryou High School. With such an excellent example on hand, many topics can be exchanged.

This Uomi student president, even deliberately didn’t say anything, and got angry like a child?

But then again, Ousai Academy, huh. That is to say, he’s about to see the dirty joke student president Uomi meets with her equal, the ojou-sama who likes to play hard jokes, and the secretary who is as talented as the student president?

This sounds like… really exciting.

He must go to Ousai Academy to see it!

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