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Ousai Academy is an old girls’ school that has been established for more than 50 years. In the original plot known to Li Yalin, in order to cope with the impact of declining birth, this school has begun the reform of co-educational schools.

But in this world, although the impact of declining birthrate is still there, the joint school reform has not started. In other words, Ousai Academy is still a girls’ academy that only enrolls girls.

Have to say that when he come to Ousai Academy, he really have a feeling of being in a girls country, the emperor’s harem, and so for.


Ahem, while enjoying this feeling of being surrounded by girls, being the only schoolboy is actually quite awkward.

It’s like a scarce animal being watched by many eyes, it was not a great experience.

For Li Yalin at least, he felt quite uncomfortable.


At the entrance of Ousai Academy, Cocoa and Chiya were waiting there side by side. After seeing Li Yalin, Cocoa immediately raised her little hand and shouted enthusiastically.

“Onii-chan? Yalin-kun, you seem to have a lot of imouto.”

Cocoa’s voice is very loud and was impossible to ignore. Not only that, but even the look in Uomi’s eyes becomes weird.

Why he felt uncomfortable from her statement?

“Cough… imouto, I never have too much.”

There is something in Uomi’s words that he don’t like. But he didn’t intend to take her words to heart, otherwise he would definitely suffer.

Ignoring Uomi, he greeted Cocoa directly.

“Cocoa, Chiya, I’ll leave Makoto to you guys.”

Yes, Li Yalin and Uomi are not the only two who came to Ousai Academy this time, Makoto also came with them.

Why take Makoto, the reason is actually very simple, after all, she has a bad sense of directions, if she go home by herself, God knows where she will get lost.

It just happens that Cocoa and Chiya are both studying in Ousai, so they can take Makoto back with them.

“Hehe, onii-chan, don’t worry and leave it to me!”

Rarely asked by Li Yalin, Cocoa was full of energy this time, thumping her chest lightly with small fists, her expression was full of confidence.

“Uh… I’m a bit more at ease with Chiya.”

Cocoa is very confident, but Li Yalin has no confidence in her. Although she hasn’t lost much of her way recently, perhaps they would produce some kind of chemical effects when they come together, nobody knows.

So, Chiya is the most reassuring.

“Uh… how is this…”

Li Yalin words made Cocoa very disappointed, but Chiya on the side laughed constantly.

Don’t look at Chiya as a Yamato Nadeshiko-type girl, but occasionally reveals a natural guro side. For example, now, Cocoa’s deflated makes her find it very interesting.

“You don’t even introduce them, are you so afraid that I will steal your imouto?”

The conversation with Cocoa did not last long. After teasing her a little bit, Li Yalin immediately tell them to go home as soon as possible, which the student president-sama expressing considerable dissatisfaction.

She coughed a few times just now, and signaled several times in secret, but the results were all treated as air. This must be deliberate without a doubt.

Why did Li Yalin deliberately not introduce both parties?

Uomi felt that he was definitely guarding them!

He was afraid that she would take his imouto!

“Taking them away aside… I’m just afraid you will suddenly pull out a few dirty jokes. I don’t want to lose my integrity in front of my imouto.”

Li Yalin pursed his mouth to Uomi’s dissatisfaction. He really didn’t lie. In his impression, Uomi will always be so lacking in integrity.

She always use dirty jokes. In front of his imouto, can he let himself continue to lose integrity?

Obviously impossible.

“My integrity is well collected! I won’t throw it out casually!”

Li Yalin’s answer made Uomi glare at him immediately, so his impression of her was like that in his heart.

“You think I will believe? How much integrity have you lost in front of me.”

No matter how Uomi glare at him, he won’t budge. In his heart, his student president-sama has no integrity at all.

“Oh by the way, at today’s exchange meeting, Uomi student president, you should exercise some restraint. Anyway, it’s our first exchange, so you have to leave a good impression.”

Before Uomi continued to fight back, Li Yalin seemed to have thought of something and suddenly reminded her.

Although it will be an integrity sale meeting that she will meet her worthy opponent in a while, it’s better to exercise restraint as the first exchange of student councils between the two schools.

“You don’t need to say more about this!”

He wasn’t sure if she was really angry or not. Anyway, she is now puffing her cheeks, and then shaking her head, not paying attention to Li Yalin.

What is this?


No, no, student president-sama, you are really not suitable for the tsundere attribute!


Uomi student president with puffed up cheeks is quite cute.

This was his honest thought.

“Welcome to Ousai Academy, I am Amakusa, student council president of Ousai Academy.”

Li Yalin and Uomi can’t just keep staging comical couple dialogue at the school gate of Ousai Academy all the time. They still had mission to do.

Although there has been a discrepancy with the original plot, the trio of student council in Li Yalin’s impression has not changed.

Ousai Academy student council president Amakusa Shino, with her outstanding appearance coupled with her overall aura, the first time he met her, it felt really extraordinary. If he didn’t know the inside story, Li Yalin would have sighed with admiration.

It’s a pity, what kind of virtue this dirty joke student president is, he knows better than anyone else.

“Although this is not the first time we met, it is the first time to have a formal conversation. I am student president Uomi of Eiryou High School student council. I would like to ask everyone from Ousai Academy for advice.”

As a student council student president, Uomi is not inferior to Amakusa Shino, but…

Act, you guys can just continue to act.

Seeing a serious self-introduction between Uomi and Amakusa Shino, Li Yalin couldn’t help but kept retorting in his heart.

Of course, his attention shifted to Amakusa Shino’s side while he was doing tsukomi in his heart.

Although she haven’t introduced herself yet, but that hourglass figure and exude an ojou-sama aura from her body must be Shichijou Aria. That’s right, the sitting posture is correct and graceful, worthy of a famous background.

It’s a pity that she is a (female) pervert.

And to say that the only normal person in Ousai Academy is undoubtedly the last IQ 180, Hagimura Suzu, who is multilingual, fluent in English, and has no problem with mental arithmetic within 10 digits.

Although she’s normal, her height is really… short.

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    I have a question fi Tsuda is not going to Ousai then why he didn’t in the Uomi’s school?(based on the manga Tsuda’s school choice is only 2:Ousai and Uomi’s school)

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    March 15, 2021 - 4:15 PM · Reply

    This author of the novel really does have harem fetish. So many woman character in Yalin side and yet he doesn’t have guy as friend. Not only that, except for his homerun teacher who were middle looking guy, ikemen handsome guy that appeared once in novel there no any male character in this book…

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