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“Li Yalin sensei seems surprised because I looks like a kid?”

As the amount of information is too great, Li Yalin was stunned on the spot after seeing Minano Matome and unable to speak for a long while. After all, in hindsight, he find himself dealing with the girl he know as a manga characters.

But his reaction in Minano Matome view is not the case. Although she know it herself, Minano Matome looks like a loli but she is not a real loli. It is better to say that her loli appearance has caused her a lot of trouble.

Minano Matome won’t feel any surprise if Li Yalin look down on her because of her appearance. She already prepared for this. After all, this situation does not happen once or twice.

That is why this fake loli chief editor has already prepared her speech long ago.

However, Li Yalin’s reaction was somewhat unexpected.

“Minano chief editor… well, Minano chief editor does look young, but work has nothing to do with age and appearance so I don’t really care.”

“As for the purpose of Minano chief editor, Otosuna editor has already explained it to me so you don’t need to say anything more in this matter. What I am more concerned about is the strength of the upcoming new magazine and what remuneration I can get. If the price is right, I do not mind publishing my work in your magazine.”

Minano Matome appearance did surprise Li Yalin but not surprised by her appearance. In fact, after Li Yalin determined Minano Matome’s identity, he know that this fake loli chief editor is not as simple as she look, she is actually a very capable person.

If it were her, he didn’t mind publishing his manga to her magazine.

Since this has been decided, Li Yalin’s next consideration is naturally the issue of remuneration. Don’t forget that he still has one hundred million debts. Perhaps this is a good opportunity.

“Remuneration… sensei please rest assured that we will never be stingy about remuneration.”

Li Yalin’s reaction surprised Minano Matome. Blankly looked at him for a few seconds before recovering. She reached out and took out the file bag that she carried, which contained the contract she had drawn up.

“It seems Minano chief editor is well prepared.”

Even the contract were drawn up, Minano Matome seems to be well prepared which proves that she really want Li Yalin. It is about the life and death of this new magazine, of course she had to spend a lot of money to dig people.

The salary given by Minano Matome can definitely be described as generous.

After the publication of the magazine, Li Yalin’s single original artwork was paid for 50,000 Japan currency. This is almost the same price as the main mangaka of Weekly Young Fiery. The main mangaka of Weekly Young Fiery can represent the entire Japan district, and even the highest level of the entire China Empire.

Of course, mangaka makes money not only by the remuneration of manuscripts, but the most important thing is the royalty share of tankōbon. According to the rules of this world, it is basically maintained around 5% -15%. The more top-level the mangaka, the higher the share of royalty.

Generally speaking, it is very difficult for new mangaka to get tankōbon. Even if the tankōbon were issued, getting 5% of the royalties is already a good result. On this contract, Minano Matome not only promised to launch Cat Eye tankōbon as soon as possible. Even the share of royalty directly gave Li Yalin a high price of 15%.

This is the highest price in the industry. With such a high price to attract a newcomer, everyone will think Minano Matome is crazy.

This not limited to royalty share of tankōbon. The others that related to this, such as anime and even a game adaptation, Minano Matome also gave the highest price within the scope of her responsibilities and completely treated Li Yalin as a top mangaka in the industry.

Not everyone can have this courage!

“According to the rules, the magazine mangaka can also get a certain amount of signing fee. But our new issue has just been launched and in shortage of capital chains so we did not write this in the contract. We can supplemented them later after the new issue has truly stabilized.”

“In addition, this is only the price of Li Yalin sensei’s first work. If sensei can produce another excellent works in the future and continue to sign contracts with our magazine, we will further increase the price of sensei.”

“If Li Yalin has other opinions. We can discuss them all.”

The contract not only includes Li Yalin’s remuneration but also the obligations he needs to pay after signing the contract. Regulations such as the timely submission of the manuscript or suspension of publication needs to be notified a week in advance, nothing complicated.

The obligation is quite loose so Li Yalin can see Minano Matome sincerity.

Especially after reading the contract, Minano Matome also give a quick supplement. Is there anything more he can say in this matter?

“Minano chief editor is so optimistic about Cat’s Eye? You aren’t afraid of losing money?”

Putting down the contract in his hand, Li Yalin shook his head slightly. This action made Otosuna Mihari next to him very nervous, for fear that he would not agree.

He asked Minano Matome such question without much thinking.

Yes, Li Yalin really doesn’t know why Minano Matome has such a great confidence in Cat’s Eye. He has only uploaded two manga chapter so far. Even if there is a lot of heat on the internet, that does not mean this work would sell well.

Li Yalin is confident in Cat Eye, but Minano Matome is not someone being transmigrated. How can she be so confident in Cat Eye?

Once Li Yalin signed this contract, the magazine has no power to axe the work. This is clearly stated in the contract, which is why the contract restrictions are extremely loose.

If not for Li Yalin to recognized Minano Matome, plus the system released the task. Li Yalin may have thought this a trap for him.

“I believe in my own vision and intuition. I also believe that Cat’s Eye is a manga that can be a hot topic.”

At this time, Minano Matome’s face had no expression, but her eyes had been fixed on Li Yalin’s body. Without much hesitation, she answered word by word with confident.

“Vision and intuition, huh… I am not sure if it is the right choice to work under such chief editor like you, but… Minano chief editor, please take care of me in the future.”

After pondering Minano Matome’s answer, Li Yalin finally shake his head slightly. What can he say after all this?

He extended his right hand forward, and hope that they can have a happy cooperation in the future!

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